8 commandments of time management for youngmothers

There is a perception that a young mommy – is driven
life, forever breathless woman with a tortured look, without
make-up and manicure and always with disheveled hair. She is
always has no time, always wants to sleep and never behind him
not caring. And if this unfortunate is not yet one child, but two
or (oh, horror!) three, then she looks like a large monkey with many children
from the popular Soviet cartoon.

kak vse uspet` s det`mi

In fact, not everything is so scary. There is a huge amount
Mummies, among whom there are many children, who have not only succeeded
take care of children, but also find time for self-care, cooking
dinners of three courses and the surprise of the guests cleanliness in the apartment.
Some even work at home, do handicrafts or go
to the gym. And they are helped by neither the nanny, nor the mother-in-law or the mother, but
the most common time management. It is his laws that make it possible
devote enough time and daily activities, and rest with

1. Clear planning

The golden rule of time management is clear and
structured planning of all daily activities. Start a
diary or family calendar, use bright stickers
for reminders, download on your smartphone an application for
planning, create a special audit trail – select
what is convenient and familiar to you. Carry your to-do list
or hang it in a visible place. Very motivating tagging
completed tasks tick.


Plan as large as possible: break the general cleaning into
several rooms and arrange for the days of the week, the purchase of products
leave on saturday or other day convenient for you. Plan
weekends, holidays, holidays, visits to the doctor.

Совет: предварительно проведите день, тщательно
recording how many minutes you spend on any business. Don’t miss
nothing, count not only the time spent on
preparing breakfast or walking with the baby, but also for how long
stayed on the Internet, looking in social networks for a minute,
how many have chatted with a neighbor on the landing. Already on this
stage “time sinks” will be revealed, and you will start with them

2. Prioritization

How many do not try, and absolutely everything will not succeed. To in
the end of the day not to lament that favorite film to watch
I had time, but the floors were not washed, my mother-in-law will come tomorrow, and there will be
shameful – prioritize sensibly. You can mark them in
planning list with special icons or colors,
numbered in order of importance or underline those that
require speedy execution. Conditionally divide priorities into three

  1. For myself.
  2. For husband, children, other family members.
  3. For outsiders (work and other areas of life).

And do not be surprised that the head of the pyramid is not family and children, but
exactly you. Psychologists have long proved that only
happy, healthy and sleepy mom can make their loved ones
Finally love yourself. Your sacrifice
nobody needs it and it looks just pointless. Who, if not my mother,
charge households positively, tune in to a wave of relaxation and
enjoying home comfort after a hard day’s work? And how many
family will wait for you from a positive if you are barely standing

3. Gadgets to help

Useful inventions such as an automatic washing machine
multicooker, microwave, nipple and bottle sterilizer,
подогреватель для бутылочек, блендер, пароварка и многие
others not only allow you to keep up with the times, but also
significantly save time. Of course it’s nice to know what I am
good mom, washing baby clothes with pens, but believe me, your
meaningless work will not appreciate. Buy a good hypoallergenic
Powder and wash on a manual mode in a washing machine.
Time saved can be spent on games or developmental activities.
with baby.

Do not be afraid to experiment and acquire new useful things:
from the potato peeler to the swing chair. First and the electric kettle
seemed to someone to be useless, and now it’s hard to imagine without him
the most modestly equipped technically kitchen.

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4. Electronic assistant

Another gadget that you want to highlight separately – radio or
video nanny She is пригодится, если у вас большая квартира или частный
house. You can turn on the device and quietly do homework.
chores, putting the parent unit in your pocket. Many babysitters have a lot
useful additional functions – sensors of breath and movement,
night light, thermometer, lullabies, control from the parent unit,
night mode. It’s hard not to trust a child so perfect.
to the mechanism.

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5. Online shops

Online shopping is another incredibly useful for modern
housewives thing. While the children are sleeping, you can leisurely do
выбор, сравнив prices и выбрав заинтересовавшие вас stock and courier
bring products literally to your doorstep. You can order
everything from diapers to interior items. Just imagine,
how much time and effort you will save by giving up the fussy
hustle in the market or in the supermarket, traffic jams there and
back. Free time to devote yourself, beloved – lie
in the bubble bath, read your favorite novel, just lie down for 15 minutes
with eyes closed.

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6. To walk – do not sleep!

Do not walk with your child in the afternoons or other times when
he’s sleeping. On the one hand, it’s nice to take a walk with a stroller, in which
baby is sweetly sniffing, but awake baby will be at home
insistently demand your attention. And at this time, if the crumb
asleep, you would have successfully completed several household chores. Yes, and for
health of the child is more beneficial active stay in the fresh
the air.

7. Multitasking

как все успеть с ребенком

Entering into the daily routine, every evening
analyze the records and plan the combination of tasks. If a
to think, many tasks can be performed simultaneously:

  • On the way to the clinic there is an excellent household goods store.
    chemistry, go to it when you go to see a doctor, and
    Get the things you need. Separately, to go to the store is no longer
    have to.
  • If a с утра предстоит какая-то поездка, за день до этого
    plan more time for cooking dinner and cook double
    volume Then, after the trip, you will not have to cook dinner in a hurry.
    It will only warm up.
  • When talking on the phone, pick up a damp cloth and wipe
  • While the dinner is being cooked, you can, for example, iron the laundry. And baby in
    this time will be next to my mother in a lounge chair on
    electric swings, etc.

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8. Ask for help

Time management is a really great way out.
tightening the swamps of life. But there are in the life of every woman such
situations where even the time management forces do not remain.
Ask for help – mother, husband, mother-in-law, girlfriend or sister. Although
for a couple of hours, leave the child with the nanny and go to the salon
beauty or enjoy your shopping. If a родственников
there is no one nearby and the nanny cannot hire
the city of the same mummies of little children, like you, make friends with them
and help each other out on difficult days.

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Maternity is the most beautiful work in the world.
No matter how intense and tedious the first months after
the birth of the baby, they will fly by unnoticed and will remain only cute and
touching memories.

How to do everything with a small child

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