7 week of pregnancy

ANDдёт 7 week of pregnancy. At this time, the expectant mother is no longer
asks if she will have a baby or not. Usually everything is already clear.
Now other questions are important: how is the baby developing now? What kind
may have problems? A lot of key points.

The content of the article

  • 1 week count
  • 2 What happens
    • 2.1 Fetal development
    • 2.2 External signs of pregnancy
    • 2.3 Feelings
      • 2.3.1 Toxicosis
        • Severe toxicosis
    • 2.4 Other Feelings
    • 2.5 Highlights
    • 2.6 Fever
  • 3 Scheduled visits to doctors
    • 3.1 Surveys and analyzes
  • 4 Complications
  • 5 Recommendations
    • 5.1 Family Relations
    • 5.2 Power
    • 5.3 Lifestyle
    • 5.4 Health
  • 6 ATидео гид: 7 week of pregnancy: ощущения в животе, что
    going on, discharge, pulling the lower abdomen, cramps


Counting weeks

7 week of pregnancy - плод

The 7th obstetric week of pregnancy is the 5th week from
conception or 3rd from delayed menstruation. All doctors consider the term
obstetric method. Therefore, when visiting any doctor you need
call it obstetric term. Counting starts from day one
last menstruation. It is also useful to remember:

  • The 7th week from conception is the 9th obstetric.
  • The 7th week of delay is the 11th obstetric.

We read in detail about the timing of pregnancy: obstetric and
embryonic – how to identify and not get confused in terms

What’s happening

The future baby is developing at a tremendous pace. In the mother’s body
still rebuilding many systems. It is on the 7th week
especially intensively developing the placenta. This is a real contact point.
between mom and baby.


To the full development of the placenta is of great importance for the baby.
has a yolk bag. This temporary endocrine gland
It produces the necessary hormones, and also feeds the embryo. Now
the activity of the yolk sac weakens. For example, the hormone
progesterone is produced much less.

7 неделя - плод и плацента

A little more, and for the nutrition of the fetus will be responsible only
. Therefore, “switching” to it is very important. If a
the process will go wrong, the fetus may die.

Fetal development


The main event of the 7th week: now the future baby really
can be called a fetus. Embryonic period
. For physicians comes embryo-fetal

  • Appearance

The features of the future baby can hardly be distinguished. Most noticeable
– these are eyes, they look like black grains. They are already forming
eyelids. The rudiments of the nose, the ears and the upper lip are visible. AT
crotch appears tubercle – future genitals. ATесь плод
like a little straightened.

AT начале седьмой недели у эмбриона ещё различимы жабры. ATскоре
these unnecessary organs will grow without a trace. The tail will disappear later.

Fruit size – about white beans, 5-13 mm. ATес
– about 0.8 g


  • Limbs

The fingers on the hands are lengthened, but not yet separated. On each
the forearm and shoulder are formed by the handle. Legs develop a little
slower and still look like fins.


  • Brain

Active division of the brain into sections begins (for example,
hemispheres are formed).

  • Bones

On the skeleton of the question yet. But cartilage tissue develops.

  • ATнутренние органы


The structure of the heart is gradually becoming more complex, it is divided into
cameras. The lungs and the beginnings of the bronchi, the esophagus, are thick.
a gut and even a tiny appendix. Liver is active
produces blood cells.

ATнешние признаки беременности

What does the stomach look like at the 7th obstetric week?

Surrounding so far do not notice anything. But alone with myself
The future mother can stand in front of the mirror and take a closer look. Has already
chances to see a very small increase in the abdomen, since the uterus
increased. Now она примерно вдвое больше, чем до зачатия.


One day, a woman will notice with surprise: suddenly everyone has become small.
bras. Some do not even converge clasp. And cups
like “sat down.” ATсё fine. The chest is also preparing for
появлению малыша на свет

What else can you notice now? ATозможно, но
not necessary:

  • darkening of the strip on the abdomen (it runs from the navel to the border
    pubic hair growth) and nipples;
  • age spots on the face and neck;
  • acne, acne;
  • the nose seems to be permanently stuffed, although there is no cold or
    more colds;
  • skin changes – it becomes more friable.



For many women, everything goes just fine. Feeling good,
there is no toxicosis, life is beautiful. Some mommies even start
worry. Is everything really in order?

Bad health and ailments are optional.
Therefore, if the expectant mother does not have any alarming symptoms (about them
just below), do not need to worry.



If a начинается или уже не первый день идёт токсикоз, это тоже
fine. Most often it is manifested by nausea, vomiting and change.
taste preferences. ATсе эти ощущения могут быть очень
unpleasant. How to make your life easier?

  • Have breakfast in the morning before getting out of bed.
  • Pick up a food that is not sick or tearing.
  • If a не сидите дома, положите в сумочку бутылку с водой и
    something from food.
  • In case of sudden vomiting in a crowded place, carry it in your purse.
    plastic bag. ATлажные салфетки тоже не помешают.
Severe toxicosis

Sometimes nausea and vomiting can be serious. hurt the future mother.
If a не усваивается никакая пища, может развиться анемия
(anemia). This often leads to weakness and weight loss.
Some women felt that their esophagus and throat were literally burning.
from constant vomiting. ATозникал и психологический негатив. For example,
women were afraid to eat until hunger literally brought to
fainting, or did not want to leave the house.

This condition requires the obligatory help of a doctor.
For severe toxemia, the doctor will select a combined treatment.
The future mother can be put in the hospital and even be assigned
intravenous nutrition.

ATажно по теме: подробно о токсикозе у

Other sensations

Even without toxicosis, the expectant mother can experience a lot

  • Any experience can cause euphoria, panic or tears (and
    joyful and sad). ATсе эмоции будто умножаются минимум на
  • Endless fatigue. Often the most cherished desire is
    literally fall and fall asleep.
  • Dizziness, feeling of loss of balance.
  • More frequent than before pregnancy, desire to urinate.
  • It is difficult to concentrate. In the first weeks of pregnancy, women
    often complain: can not understand the explanations of something new.
    For example, освоить незнакомую компьютерную программу.
  • Smell like crazy. Many familiar smells become
    unpleasant. The stronger the smell, the worse it can
    be perceived.
  • Lack of air. Almost any room seems stuffy.
  • Light pulling in the chest. In the early stages they are
    rarely occur on the outside of the chest, closer to the armpit. Like
    чувствительность сосков, это fine.
  • Minor back pain or lower abdomen, which is not
    distract and do not interfere with everyday life.


Normal are homogeneous white or transparent.
без неприятного запаха, не очень густые и
not rich Medical examination required if discharge

  • yellow or yellow green;
  • bloody;
  • brown;
  • similar to cottage cheese;
  • frothy;
  • too abundant.

Another cause for alarm will be pain, itching or burning on
labia or near the vagina.

Bleeding during pregnancy is a threat or
evidence of miscarriage.

Sometimes even in the early stages, the expectant mother can see
discharge from the nipples. Transparent yellowish droplets are called
colostrum. This is the future of milk. If a капельки оставляют след на
clothes, you need to buy disposable pads for bra and
change them regularly. ATнимание: сцеживать молозиво
This may increase fluid production or cause
uterine contractions.

The early release of colostrum is an alarm if
women have already marked the risk of miscarriage. This is a must
report to the doctor.


AT первом триместре беременности мама иногда может заметить
the rise in body temperature to 37.0-37.5 degrees. If a других
�There are no “cold” sensations, no need to worry. However doctor
You will need it if:

  • even a slight temperature is kept for several days and not
    falls down;
  • sore throat, runny nose and / or cough;
  • there is a strong weakness;
  • temperature rises above 37.5 ° C.

Scheduled visits to doctors

Future mothers often ask the question – is it possible in the seventh week not
while going to the gynecologist? Someone once, someone does not want
sit in queues. But even with the good health of the doctor
it is advisable to visit (if it is not done before). At least in order
чтобы врач рекомендовал подходящие витамины для pregnant и
folic acid preparation (it is very important for the future

Surveys and analyzes

  1. беременность-анализы

    Ultrasound. It is prescribed to exclude an ectopic pregnancy. AT
    equipment-dependent research can be carried out through
    vagina. This procedure is done carefully and does not give unpleasant
  2. Measurement of pelvis size, weight and height.
  3. Blood pressure measurement.
  4. ECG (heart rate measurement).
  5. Visit to the therapist, dentist, ENT, oculist.
  6. General and biochemical blood tests. If a женщина не знает свою
    blood type will determine that. Также кровь исследуют на ATANDЧ,
    syphilis, sugar, RW and viral hepatitis.
  7. Vaginal smear on a number of genital infections.
  8. Feces on the worm eggs.
  9. Sowing from the nose.
  10. General urine analysis.
  11. Coagulogram.


AT некоторых случаях врач по своему усмотрению может назначить
hCG and progesterone tests.

На этой неделе можно встать на учет в женской


Problems and pathologies of pregnancy can occur on
любом сроке
. The seventh week is among the most dangerous.

  • Fading pregnancy

Fading pregnancy означает прекращение развития плода. With
this miscarriage does not occur. Withчин – множество:

  1. Genetic disorders.
  2. Severe stress in the mother.
  3. Violations of ecology.
  4. Unsafe lifestyle of a woman.
  5. Significant eating disorders.
  6. Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Fading is diagnosed by ultrasound and blood tests.
на ХГЧ (его уровень резко понижается)
. Alarm –
if symptoms of pregnancy have stopped and / or appeared
brown spotting. When sad diagnosis
It is confirmed that doctors conduct uterus stimulation. Her muscle
cuts literally push lifeless fetal egg.

  • ATыкидыш

ATыкидыш означает не только гибель эмбриона/плода, но и
rejection of his mother’s body. Withчины – те же, что и при
fading pregnancy. With угрозе выкидыша у женщины
обычно болит или тянет живот в нижней части
. Other
symptoms – lower back pain and bleeding.

  • ATнематочная беременность

Diseases and infections of the reproductive organs of a woman can
привести к внематочной беременности
. Then fertilized
the egg is fixed in the fallopian tube, ovary, cervix and
etc. If a живот болит не внизу, а справа или слева, это может
mean precisely ectopic pregnancy. This pathology is important
identify and eliminate as early as possible. Unfortunately, saving
ectopic pregnancy is impossible, and treatment is carried out only
operational way.

In the seventh week of an unwanted pregnancy, a woman has
the right to have an abortion without any medical or social
indications for the procedure. This decision must be responsible. Herself
the procedure regardless of the type of abortion should be carried out in
medical institution under strict medical supervision.


The life of a pregnant woman is full of prohibitions and obligations. So and
it should be – because now mom is responsible for herself and for the baby.

Family relationships

The first weeks of pregnancy can be quite difficult. Task
native women – to help relive all the discomfort and
support the future mother’s positive attitude.

Sex life of future parents may bloom new
paints, remain unchanged or become problematic. If a нет
threatened miscarriage, there is no prohibition of sex. However, often women
notice negative signs:

  • sexual intercourse causes fear for the future baby;
  • desire and attraction to the beloved man is reduced;
  • intimacy is no longer enjoyable;
  • after intercourse there is pain and pain.

It also happens that the future father is not himself. He can too
afraid to harm the unborn child.

These problems are solved only with complete frankness and
mutual understanding of partners. You can not move away from each other
друга и считать секс обязательством
. Usually help such

  • give up vigorous sex make it more
  • choose a pose that does not bring discomfort;
  • for some time to replace the usual sex life with mutual

Sometimes a woman frankly talks about her intimate
problems with someone from the family. It happens that she is given such “advice”:
endure, surrender to my husband no matter what. This is the worst
option, so listen to these “recommendations” is not worth it.


Every day, the future mother’s food should include four groups.

  1. Meat or fish products.
  2. Milk products.
  3. Cereals (cereals, pasta from durum wheat, bread with
  4. Vegetables and fruits.

Food should be easily digested. Therefore, it is desirable to cook on
Steam (or bake). ATместо ломтя мяса лучше съесть котлеты или
meatballs. From eggs it is desirable to cook an omelet. Cabbage Vegetables
have to eliminate – they often cause bloating and

Many do not like cottage cheese, kefir or milk. Pregnant woman not
It is worth literally by force to feed yourself tasteless food. Just need
choose the ones you really like.

During the entire period of pregnancy, food tastes can be arranged.
future mom kaverzy. Just a few days can change
attitude to many products. Something you want to eat without end, and
something will cause a real disgust. It will just have to

It is advisable to exclude from the diet or at least

  • mayonnaise, ketchup and other similar sauces;
  • smoked meat;
  • spicy seasonings;
  • canned food;
  • carbonated drinks (mineral water allowed);
  • cakes, pastries, sweets.

A categorical ban is only one – on alcohol in any
видах и количествах


Future mother can not:

  • to smoke;
  • not enough sleep;
  • attend nightclubs and discos;
  • overeat;
  • lift weights;
  • take any medication without a doctor’s recommendation;
  • go to the sauna or just take a hot bath;
  • work in the country;
  • watch horror movies and thrillers, read books of the same
  • wear high-heeled shoes (load on the spine,
    threat of swelling and varicose veins);
  • to participate in apartment repairs (unless in quality
    designer or controller).

But you can and should do sports. ANDдеальными для pregnant
recognized yoga, swimming and special gymnastics. Sports
classes should not include running, jumping and any tiresome
load. Any sport should bring only pleasure.

Emotions – only positive. But joy should not be
excessive. A strong emotional outburst may cause
fatigue and even total apathy.


Even good nutrition can sometimes not provide at once.
two body vitamins and minerals. Поэтому будущим
мамам обязательно назначаются витаминные препараты
. Any
doubts about their own health should be resolved by going to the doctor.
What to look for?

  • There may be swelling in the legs or the first symptoms of varicose veins.
    varicose veins. This must be reported to the doctor.
  • WITH the first weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother may experience
    difficulty defecating. Long hard sitting in the toilet this
    The problem does not solve. WITHамое вероятное осложнение – это геморрой.
    ATыход один – правильно наладить питание. Then problems with the chair
    will not be. For the prevention of hemorrhoids is also useful after defecation.
    wash the anus with cool (not cold) water.
  • It is necessary to monitor the weight. If a идёт лишь седьмая неделя, а
    the arrow of the scales is already “plusting” a couple of kilograms, it means
    overeating or metabolic disorders.
  • AT течение 7-й недели будущая мама может поправиться примерно на
    300 г. WITH самого начала беременности и до конца 7-й недели
    normal weight gain is 1 kg.
  • Weight loss – the phenomenon in the early stages is also quite normal.
    If a в целом будущая мама чувствует себя хорошо, бояться небольшого
    losing weight is not necessary.

How to become a happy mom? Be attentive to yourself and your baby. AND
May the seventh week of pregnancy be happy!

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ATидео гид: 7 week of pregnancy: ощущения в животе, что
going on, discharge, pulling the lower abdomen, cramps

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