7 ways to teach a child to a healthy wayof life

While the child is still small, you can form him
tastes and habits that in adolescence will not give him
addicted to junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. Just take
our recommendation.

здоровый ребенок

1. Do not seduce a child with chips and

There are products that a child needs to be introduced to.
maybe later. It’s better if you don’t have them in the fridge at all.
If during the day you read a lecture to the kid about the dangers of chips, and in the evening he
sees how you rustle a forbidden bag and drink coke, hardly
whether the baby will trust your words.

2. Use beautiful utensils and original serving,
to ensure a healthy appetite

Children like junk food not only because it is tasty and
smells good. She also looks attractive. Even if you already
introduced the baby to fast food, you can still change it
food preferences. Купите красивую, яркую детскую посуду
and make out dishes for the child in an original way. Don’t worry it’s not
will take a lot of time. Enough and half a minute to decorate beautifully
a plate of oatmeal, laid out on top pieces of fruit and berries.
It will turn out bright, interesting – the child will definitely like it. After
this he will rush to dinner in anticipation of what a surprise to him
cook this time.

An important point: if the child wants to decorate the porridge himself, put it on
her “attractive face” of berries, give him that opportunity. Such a dish
he will eat with even more appetite.

3. Teach your kid to sport.

Watch the child – he probably has something
abilities. It can be dancing, gymnastics, football, swimming, and
maybe karate. Take the child to the sports section and give him
choose what he wants. If the crumb seriously takes a great interest in sports,
you do not have to worry about the possible appearance of bad habits.
While the child is small, for him physical activity is excellent.
the ability to unleash your abilities and throw out the overflowing
his energy.

4. Walk in the fresh air more often.

Do not sit in the sandbox, namely walk. Go to the parks, on
the embankment, into the forest – wherever the child can meet
birds and insects, and maybe even animals. Inoculate chad
love of nature. Collect autumn colored leaves, and
in the spring, plant flowers together – in the country or at least in the pot at home.
Tell your kid about interesting natural phenomena. So you teach
love him life and the world, and still help him to develop
imagination. The child will grow up open, sensitive, inquisitive.

5. Do not let your baby get bored

Of course, all children love cartoons, but try to do so
so that your child does not have time to be bored – and he will be less
spend time staring at the TV or computer. To
the kid grew active and sociable, teach him to play, start new ones
dating, make friends. If he has different options for
leisure, he does not want to spend the whole day on computer games.
The child will be drawn to live communication, will want to get new
knowledge and spend time actively.

6. Create a healthy food cult

If possible, buy your baby vegetables, fruits, milk and cottage cheese
not in a shop, but in a village with grandmothers. Even better if there is
relatives who can provide your family with natural
products directly from the garden. Perhaps you have a cottage where you yourself
grow fruits and vegetables. Yes, and you can always get acquainted with
some grandmother in the market and buy products only from her,
or once a week to go to a village nearby for fresh milk and

7. Do not set a bad example.

Parents for a child are his ideals. If mom and dad smoke,
drink, swear, gain weight, lie on the couch all day,
do not read or develop anything, most likely the child will accept
этот стиль of life за норму. There is another option – having matured, child
just disappointed in mom and dad, they stop being for him
role models.

If you want to make your son or daughter bright,
a healthy future, your task is to make his childhood happy. it
impossible without healthy, active and loving parents. Therefore,
if you have already thought about what you need to adjust
some habits and life priorities, now is the time
to begin. After all, now it is important not only for you, but also for

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