7 useful purchases that will teach the babybrush your teeth

Children are different, and when it comes time to learn
brush your teeth, some eagerly learn new skills and even themselves
grab the toothbrush, starting to imitate the elders. However, there are
those who love to prank. Daily cleaning for them
teeth turns into a real hard labor. Parents apply different
approaches – persuade, insist, demand, try to bribe
baby promise sweets or a trip to the park to teach him to
hygiene, but nothing helps. The child continues categorically
refuse to use toothbrush and toothpaste
patience adults. What to do in this case?


It is widely believed that milk teeth do not care
will fall out, which means there is nothing terrible about missing them
purge. However, dentists insist on the opposite.
Уже когда у крохи прорежется первый зубик,
за ним нужно начинать ухаживать
, также уделяя внимание и
gums. To do this, there is a soft silicone brush-fingertip,
which an adult person puts on his finger. So you can brush your tooth
gently, feeling all the movement. When a child turns two
year, it is time to teach him to self hygiene. If he
will begin to protest, you just need to add an element of the game. This
simple reception will turn brushing your teeth into an interesting occupation, from
which baby will start to enjoy.

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Без этого предмета поbrush your teeth просто невозможно. For
child need to pick up a colored brush with a funny nozzle or with
image of the character of some cartoon.
you can even find glowing or sound models, as well as equipped
a timer These are not just brushes, but toys – what you need for


However, the choice can not be guided only by design. TO
Children’s brush set strict requirements:

  • the handle must be wide enough so that the baby can squeeze it
    in your cam;
  • optimal head size corresponds to two teeth
  • bristles – soft and synthetic (natural dries longer, and
    at high humidity harmful bacteria multiply rapidly.

Before buying, parents should go to the children’s reception.
to the dentist. He will explain in more detail what hygienic
accessories are needed by the baby, will select the optimal size of the villi,
so that they brush their teeth, but do not injure immature gums.

Baby toothbrushes complete with sand часами

Baby toothbrushes complete with sand

Лучше купить ребенку сразу две или три зубные щетки разных форм
and flowers. TOроха будет их чередовать, изобретая новые игры, поэтому
they do not have time to bother him. Be sure to take the baby with you to
score. Let him show you which brushes he likes best.
So you will not lose your choice, and the child will feel like an adult.
and responsible. Then he will definitely have to use


This is an equally important element of oral hygiene than a brush.
Pasta should also like the baby, especially now you can choose
any design, properties, flavorings. Just before
purchase do not forget to consult with the doctor. Let him
осмотрит зубки baby He may need medical paste.
Some guys are prone to allergies, they are contraindicated
artificial colors and fragrances. This факт тоже важно
take account of.


To pick the right toothpaste for a child, first
queue pay attention to the expiration date and composition. In good
the means for cleaning the teeth should not have the following components:

  • triclosan and chlorhexidine – these substances have powerful
    antibacterial properties, therefore, remove not only harmful,
    but also beneficial bacteria from the mouth;
  • Sodium benzonate is an artificial preservative;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate – used to create foam,
    irritates the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips;
  • saccharin – this sweetener in large doses becomes
    unsafe for health.

When choosing a toothpaste for your baby, it is important to consider her
вкусовые качества и запах
. Obviously, menthol,
which adults often use, the baby will spit out immediately. therefore
children’s toothpastes are specially made with fruit and sweet
tastes. The problem is that some people simply eat them, and
not bringing the cleaning to the end. It does not harm the body,
Since the composition of pastes for kids is harmless. However, to paste
used for its intended purpose, stop your choice on dairy
to taste. If such a paste will be in a colored tube with bright
drawings, she will also like the crumbs.

Just starting to care for their teeth, kids still do not know how.
rinse your mouth. This child also needs to be taught, and with each
convenient opportunity – while bathing, washing, washing hands. Baby
take a long time to get used to the process and learn
do not swallow the water, and spit.

Young dentist’s kit


If a child demonstrates his character and refuses
repeat behind the parents in the bathroom as they brush their teeth, provide
he has the illusion of independence. In the pharmacy or children’s store you can
pick up a toy dentist set. Let the kid practice
brush plastic teeth. He definitely won’t refuse to play. Later
Ask a toddler to clean the teeth of his toys, but not
plush, and made of solid materials. Very soon
the process of brushing your teeth so enthralls the child that he wants
try to care for themselves.

Favorite toy


Why does a child so hard refuse to go to the bathroom to
поbrush your teeth? Maybe it’s just too boring for him.
occupation. Let the crumb take with her favorite toy. She will be
sit close and watch what the child is doing carefully
whether he cleans his teeth. If the baby is very attached to the toy and not
breaks up with her even in a dream, this method will work.

Board of achievement


Any, even the most insignificant achievement of a little man,
even just effort, should be encouraged. Only so the child will believe
in their own strength and will find an incentive to continue further in the same vein.
Create a house at home, on which you will solemnly be with your family
hang a star or stick a sticker every time a child
brush your teeth. Continue until the baby is bored.



If the child is stubborn, use this quality in his character in
your goals and arrange the competition. TOупите малышу яркие песочные
hours measuring 2 minutes. Предложите ему успеть поbrush your teeth,
until all the sand is poured. Boring and uninteresting occupation
immediately turn into an interesting pastime. 2 minutes –
оптимальное время: его достаточно, чтобы хорошо поbrush your teeth, но
not enough to get bored with this process.

Glass under the toothbrushes from the designer


There is another trick with game elements that can make
ребенка brush your teeth, еще и получая от этого удовольствие. Collect
with it a colored glass for toothbrushes from parts
designer LEGO. Put your craft in the bathroom – and
the child himself wants to go there more often to look at the subject
own labor. Toothbrush, находясь в ярком самодельном
cup, too, will immediately become more attractive. Kid
probably will want to take it to brush their teeth.

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приучить ребенка brush your teeth

Huge selection of baby toothbrushes, toothpastes,
rinses, gels for cleaning milk teeth and much more
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oral cavity

Советы родителям, как научить ребенка brush your teeth

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