7 things that are afraid of all moms, but in vain

7 things in raising a child that cause fear, doubt
anxiety and worries in young moms. Myths about what’s useful, and
which is bad for the baby. And in some cases it is very harmful to listen
advice from other moms on the upbringing and development of children.

When a baby enters the family, to the surface immediately
a lot of problems pops up that earlier carefree parents
even could not conceive. Together with the child in our life does not come
only the habit of stopping in the store by the shelf with toys but
and new experiences and fears. Most often, these experiences do not have
nothing to do with grace and carefree tenderness, quite the contrary –
we are attacked by anxious feelings. As the child grows, fears
accumulate, grow and grow stronger. And instead of delight, joy and
affection mom, bending over the cradle, experiencing unaccountable
anxiety. At the same time, most fears have no real
the basics. Dispel baseless parenting experiences so that they
no longer interfere with enjoying every minute spent with

страхи родителей

1. Horror! He is chewing a shoe!

Previously, the apartment seemed to you quite clean and safe. AND
even if she was not as neat as we would like,
no one saw a serious problem in this. Periodically, it went
vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning was solemnly held once a week, and
all: you can live in a house. But a child was born, and suddenly
It turned out that in each room there is a minimum of 322 traumatic
of the subject, the apartment is simply flooded with dangerous microbes, sharp
objects and inflammable materials, pets
constitute an unmanaged spontaneous threat, and because of the abundance
dust and dirt under the bed will soon spontaneously originate new
life forms. AND все это безобразие малыш упорно тащит в рот, включая
dust and tail of Vaska the cat. Many mothers in such cases leave
last effort to fight mud trying to sanitize everything
around, including the cat. AND совершенно зря! It turns out
modern science believes that the child is right, but we are not.

ANDммунолог и микробиолог Мэри Рюбуш, написавшая книгу «Why
Dirt is good “(” Why dirt is useful “), indicates that
according to recent studies, the intake of bacteria
from the environment stimulates the immune system, tempers the body, it
prevention of allergies and autoimmune diseases. Therefore not worth it
lose consciousness at the sight of a child licking
non-disinfected chair leg or cat’s ear. Take it easy and

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2. Horror! I will teach him the hands!

Although in the world there are no children who in adulthood
prefer to sit in the hands of parents, the myth about “not peeling”
for some reason terribly tenacious. Parents who seek to grow out of
baby strong, independent personality, often trying to diaper
to accustom the child to independence. Instead of taking
crying baby in their arms, they, reluctantly, leave him
whimper in the crib. They just do not know how harmful
leave the child to cope with negative

According to the English psychotherapist Sue Gerhard in the book “How
love forms the brain of a child “, so do not
follows and talks about the dangers of such an approach. Emotional
and bodily contact with parents is necessary for the baby for normal
development of the nervous system, proper operation of the left hemisphere of the brain
and the formation of a healthy psyche. Children who were taken only
to feed and change the diaper, at a later age
more difficult to cope with cognitive tasks and less likely to experience
positive emotions. Therefore, boldly carry babies in their arms – so
you are no less concerned about his intellectual development and about
general health. It is literally in your hands. Especially since
sitting on your hands until the age of majority the children are definitely not
will want to.

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3. Horror! I do everything wrong!

With babies it is customary to do a lot of different things: bathe in
Foam cap, playing “magpie-crow”, clean the first
teeth silicone brush, brush the top of the head with a soft brush … Moms
do a full set of procedures in a disciplined manner, while
suddenly a terrible thought doesn’t come to me: what if I do everything
wrong? Suddenly, playing “magpie-crow” must be completely different,
а пенопластовый чепчик должен быть другой констhandsции? No wonder
so many experts around. AND все — привет невроз и долгий серфинг
on specialized sites and in search of the truth, mothers dive in
the Internet, where during the first 7 minutes the symptoms are found five
diseases that their baby probably suffers, and eleven
ways to play the notorious “magpie”. AND самое интересное, что
people sitting “on the other side of the Internet” seem cool to them
experts in the field of parenting, and they themselves – complete
mediocrity. AND в голову даже не приходит мысль, что купание, уход
and playing with children is largely a cultural issue. features and not
life and death. The style of the cap does not affect health

We are a unique generation of parents, we are not
we trust ourselves as far as we trust the specialists from
the internet.



4. Horror! I play the wrong thing with the baby!

Surprisingly, but the fact: the child of the first years of life does not need
clever expert animator. The one he needs most –
it is you. Even if you have a bad mood. Many parents
absolutely no idea how to play with children. They are ready
learn from the books how to do koo-ku and horned goat, and
when trying to sing a lullaby unsurely moo something about gray
top. AND это не проблема! Baby doesn’t care how
the way it entertains, the main thing that you are doing it. ANDменно
your smile, the clumsy “horned goat” and the voice singing something
unintelligible, are the most pleasant things for a son or
daughters. Your voice, your smell, your funny comments in an attempt
curb rompers the child perceives as the most
the natural and best course of things. Be proud. So that you can safely
set aside doubts and be yourself, baby loves you in any

5. Horror! He will never learn to walk, poop into a pot,
eat yourself!

Favorite occupation of modern moms – age searches on the Internet
child development norms. Apparently, in the study of age norms
there is some excitement, otherwise why parents are so fanatical of them
study, and then thoroughly studying them and having memorized, they lead
lively conversations at playgrounds with moms “competitors”,
figuring out when Vasya had his first tooth cut out, and Peter began to ask
on the pot. AND не дай Бог, если их ребенок в чем-то будет отставать
from peers! �“And we have already learned how to build a pyramid! And you?
Disassemble the car? Daddy ?! And while it’s yours … But we already have 5 teeth! ”
AND бессмысленно говорить о том, что возрастные нормы – это не строго
limited rigid framework, and any child is a unique personality
with individual features. Fortunately, all this excitement
are forgotten quickly: in a few months you will not be able
say with confidence when your little one has learned to roll over
on the stomach, and when I first crawled.

6. Horror! He will have colic!

Colic is the main “scarecrow” for any mother. Not only that
the baby itself is mysterious, so it happens also
strange bouts of unceasing roar. If nobody understands
why a child cries for more than three hours, he is diagnosed
�”Colic” and advise a lot of folk remedies. Stories about how
babies cry day and night, can permanently deprive parents
peace of mind, even if nothing like this happens to their child.
They are trying to water the baby with all sorts of medicines, starting with
means of traditional medicine and ending with pharmaceutical preparations.
The main thing in this situation – do not panic! Modern
medicine is fully capable of solving the problem of colic without resorting to
radical methods.

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7. Horror! He will drop the wardrobe!

Beating all heavy objects with nails to the floor will not be superfluous.

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