7 things not to do with a child

Ideal people do not exist. Some have harmful
habits, others do not always keep their promise,
still others are overly emotional. What to say like
to behave in the company of adults – the personal choice of each
person However, after replenishment in the family, parents have
the duty to bring up not only the child, but also themselves


Mother for the baby – the most dear, beloved person and at the same time
main role model. Being next to her day and night,
the little one involuntarily copies her behavior, words and way of life.
Especially quickly the kids adopt all the bad things that they are looking at
adults. Do not want to make mistakes in education? Then you
7 tips from psychologists about what should not be done will be useful
talk with the baby.

7 “no” in raising a child

Ban number 1. Do not ignore the rules

Все родители внушают своим детям правила security — не
cross the red light
use electrical appliances, turn off the lights, leaving the room. Everybody
you should follow the instructions yourself, because the kid takes its cue from
parents. If you forget to turn off the iron or close the input
the door, in the head of the child will be postponed, which is so possible When he
grow up, he will continue to take light of his own

Ban number 2. Don’t lie

Every mother wants the child to hide nothing from her,
therefore he often repeats to him: “It is not good to cheat, you must
tell me the truth! ” That the kid was honest with you, he
must feel sincerity on your part. Don’t lie никому в
the presence of a child, and most importantly – do not be fooled by him.
Small children can easily recognize a lie, feel fine
fake notes in the voice.

You can trust a person who constantly lies and
dodge? Hardly. Same with the baby. Only baby, in
Unlike an adult, still strongly influenced by others.
Watching his mom lie, the prat thinks it’s normal.
behavior, and soon follow a bad example.

Ban number 3. Do not sit long in social networks

Modern gadgets make our life comfortable, but sometimes
absorb too much free time. Even an adult
it’s easy to lose control, especially when it comes to children. If kids
will constantly observe how their parents communicate in social
networks, watching different videos, playing online games, they will also start
actively interested in virtual reality. If you want to,
so that your child does not become addicted to electronic devices, less often
Turn on the TV and computer. Walk more with your child on
fresh air, read him books, take him to different circles and
sport sections.

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Ban number 4. Do not smoke

Notations about the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol are useless,
if parents smoke in the presence of children. Some of course
hide their bad habits. However, even if you smoke in secret,
you should not hope that the child will believe in the sincerity of your
stories about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Kids are not all
understand, not everyone can explain in words, but subconsciously always
feel insincerity. In addition, you can not hide the smell

Ban number 5. Do not use swear words


Learning this world, every child copies adults, including
repeats their expressions. If the baby will hear from you at least once
expletive, he will certainly remember it, and then he will voice it in the most
the wrong moment. Children do not immediately realize that they can
say out loud, and that – it is impossible. If you want to, чтобы речь ребенка
was competent, control what you say with him.
Try as much as possible to protect him from profanity.

Ban number 6. Do not quarrel with her husband

In every family there are conflicts and misunderstandings, and to avoid them
only a few succeed. However, all parents must learn that
can not sort things out with a child. Based on observations of
adults form a behavior pattern with the opposite
by the floor. In addition, the parents for the child are the closest people
which he associates with safety and comfort. If they
begin to quarrel, the baby gets scared, because in that case it starts
collapse its vitality sustainability.

Ban number 7. Do not criticize loved ones for a child

In the presence of a small child it is important for adults to carefully
follow your conversations. Children can hear everything perfectly, and not
only words, but also intonation. However, the baby is not yet capable
be critical of the new information. If he hears from mom
something negative about dad, grandmother, kindergarten teacher
или учительнице, его система доверия и security будет нарушена.
Чем сильнее он любит этих people, тем большую травму вы нанесете ему
by their careless statements about them.

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