7 small female secrets that are not worthtell her husband

What are women silent about? What little secrets they hide from their
husbands and why they need it. So, 7 things that men do not
you need to know about us …

Family trust is, of course, good. But women should have
little secrets about which men, for their peace of mind
:) , better not to know.

So, we present you a list of seven things that are not worth
tell your beloved husband.

женские секреты

1. How much is your handbag really worth?

Your husband probably knows that grandiose discounts up to 90% are
very rarely, and as a rule, only on “black friday”. He of course
doesn’t even know who Vivienne Westwood is, but rest assured –
your sparkling eyes and predatory smile will tell him much more about
the cost of the bag, rather than the name of the famous designer. And let your husband
realizes that the bag is not cheap. But here
насколько недешево, ему все-таки лучше не знать
;) . And then, as if later I did not have to go broke even on
sedative – well, why these extra expenses!

2. How much wine did you drink at a meeting with your friends?

One glass? Or a couple of three? Or a little more, or even
a lot more? In the end, your meetings with friends are
so rare that such little things should not cause much
interest from your spouse. After all, the rest of the time you
an exemplary wife and a caring mom, surely you cannot afford
yourself to relax a little? Can you ?! Then why all these: “Where
Have you been? ”and“ What did you drink? ”, I do not understand!

женщина с бокалом вина

3. How do you look with a green mask on your face

You and your husband live together and, of course, he often saw you
take care of your face, body and hair, and there is nothing in it
terrible. Moreover, your husband saw you without makeup, with sleep
eyes, shaggy, a cold, with a nose burned in the sun and
even with these horrible auto tanning spots. Its hard
scare off film wraps or a stupid hat that
you don when dye your hair. But here зеленая глиняная маска —
this is too much. You do not want husband’s friends among themselves,
giggling, they called you Shrek or Hulk? Then don’t forget to wash it off.
mask before you leave the bathroom.

женщина с зеленой маской на лице


4. What your mom thinks about him

Relations with relatives is a delicate matter. Not worth discussing and
complaining to mom about her husband, and about her husband about mom, it’s risky. They
will never forget what you said, and this can lead to
lasting conflict. So if your mom decided to wash
bones to your husband and expresses a clear discontent of him
behavior or salary, then try to temper her ardor, calm
and in any case do not pass her words to her husband. Conflict is better
to prevent than to reap its fruits.

Thin world is always better than a good quarrel.

5. What do you think of his mom?

You can have any relationship with your mother-in-law. She can
annoy you with your advice, moralizing, endless
requirements, try to set your husband against you or
принимать слишком активное участие в вашей семейной жизни.
But for your husband, mother is holy. Is always!

It was she who gave birth to her, raised her and raised her. She loved him
sat by his bed when he was sick, smeared the broken green
knees. It was she who comforted him during his first failure in love, when
his classmate threw him to help him survive the first
hangover and otpaivala brine after a stormy student parties,
it was she who put condoms in his pockets so that he would not
did things before he met the one and only. And precisely
thanks to her, he grew up the person you could
to love

Remember this when you want to tell your husband everything
what you think of his mom and don’t force your husband to choose between
by you and his mom. Because it will suffer first.
queue is your husband.

6. How many kilograms do you plan to lose weight

женщина хочет похудеть

Many men hate to talk about women’s diets.
First, they do not see the logic in them and do not understand why you
Want to go on a diet tomorrow, and lose weight today? They
surprised that you complain about the extra weight and size of your priests, and in
at the same time you eat a huge piece of chocolate cake for the night.
Secondly, men are not able to “just regret” or cheer
you. They на подсознательном уровне, инстинктивно ищут способы
solutions to any problem. So be prepared for the fact that if
during the diet, you will give yourself even a small slack in the form
tiny dessert – your husband will immediately remind you that you
gathered to lose weight. Needless to say that you are clear
обидитесь и вот уже семейный конфликт неизбежен.

If you are going to go on a diet – sit on it silently! When
there will be results then boast.

7. How much money is in your nest egg

Women’s stash – an exclusively female case! Every reasonable
women should be a small “stash”. You can procrastinate
contingency money in case your child
will tear the sneakers, and to paycheck another week to buy a new one
dresses or blouses, on vacation, on the very handbag or just on
�”Rainy day” as a safety cushion.

NO, we do not suggest that you keep money from your husband, financial
the question in the family is often painful without it. Husband for sure
aware that you are postponing a little bit. But if you don’t want
so that both of you regularly fit into these savings, you should not constantly
tell how much you’ve saved. Postponed and forget about these
money as long as they do not have real need.

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