7 silly advice to young mom fromoutsiders

It would seem that mother spends 24 hours a day with a child and
perfectly understands why he cries when it is time for him to eat or
sleep. However, there are always a lot of people around who are sure
that they are more experienced and better know how to care for your


Предлагаем вашему вниманию самые «мудрые» советы outsiders
people. Becoming a young mom, you will get them in line at
the store, in the hospital, in the amusement park. Such recommendations sometimes
are not only useless, but also absurd and

Feed the baby!

It seems to others that a baby can scream only if
when he wants to eat. They не учитывают, что младенцы часто
experiencing painful colic, catching cold, sleeping poorly or just
. If a baby cries in a public place,
People fall on mom with criticism. Allegedly she litter the baby
hunger, you had to take a bottle with you. The wisest advisers
It is recommended to give the child an apple or ice cream. Do not give? Then in
in the eyes of others, you will become a greedy man and a bad mother.

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would the baby if he could speak

Give the pacifier!


This is another tip that a young mother often hears when her
the baby starts crying in public. Surrounding do not care what,
Perhaps the baby himself refuses to nipples. They know exactly
that all babies must be given a pacifier. Even among
старшего поколения бытует миф о том, что соска защищает рот
от проникновения микробов и холодного воздуха
— его ведь
categorically can not inhale children.

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Dress the baby warmer / easier

All people in their own endure heat and cold, and their feelings
project on others, including babies. Alone constantly
freeze, so even at +25 degrees require mom to put on
on the baby cap. Those who always languish from the heat, and in -10
degrees are advised to immediately take the mittens off the baby so that he does not
sweated up

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Do not swing the child!


Young mother will certainly face the fact that the grandmother in the yard
will start to grab the heart, seeing as she shakes the baby. They
sure that it can provoke a baby concussion
(if his head does not fall off at all). That which does not
registered a single case of compassionate grandmothers
unlikely to persuade. They знают о детях все, ведь своих они воспитали
healthy and perfect.

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Wearing a baby on yourself is bad

Older people can hardly accept modern
inventions. Therefore, in sling, carry-kangaroo, ergo-backpacks
they see something strange, useless or even life-threatening and
health of the child. Carrying really don’t provide the proper
safety, but the concerns of others about the fact that the baby
suffocate or turn out the thigh in a sling and ergo-backpack, absolutely
беспочвенны.. К тому же слинги и эрго-рюкзаки обладают
many advantages – they are comfortable, free hands, provide
тактильный контакт матери и ребенка


Despite these arguments, there is only one for others
argument: the baby inside is uncomfortable. For them, any peep of a crumb is
proof of self-righteousness. In addition, many believe that
you can not always carry the baby in his arms, because he gets used to
hands and then you will not wean. You know a lot of people who grew up,
but at 20, 30, 40 years old they are still asking for pens and sleeping in
parental bed? Perhaps there are none. Therefore there is nothing
the terrible thing is to carry the baby in your arms and press it to
to myself.

Do herbal baths

Your child has prickly heat, diathesis, skin allergies or
did he just get bitten by mosquitoes? You just have to go out, like on
a flurry of amusing recommendations will come over you about how to smear or
wipe baby’s skin. Some will advise boiled potatoes,
others are holy water, and still others are compresses of breast milk.

The most common recommendation is a bath with a string or
chamomile. Herbs really remove the irritation on the skin,
но в то же время они являются сильными аллергенами
Therefore, it is better to reduce the crumb to the clinic, and not to listen to

Drink cow’s milk

Some myths are so deep in consciousness that to eradicate them
will not be soon. So, many are confident that to improve production
breast milk mom should drink cow’s milk. There is still an opinion
that a healthy child is necessarily well-fed. If your baby is not
such surrounding will advise you to urgently include in your
diet of dairy products.

Стоит прислушаться к медикам, которые установили: белок
Cow’s milk is a powerful allergen that causes a reaction in many
. To improve lactation you need to eat right,
sleep 8 hours a day and drink more water. You can use teas
based on herbs that stimulate the production of breast milk.
Put on cow milk for this just pointless.

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