7 reasons to have a second child

Your baby has grown up, you have forgotten about all the fears and
Difficulties and thinking about replenishment in the family? We are offering to you
7 reasons why you should start a second


1. You already know how to care for your baby.

You will definitely cope with the second peanut, because you have already learned all
subtleties of child care. You spent a lot of sleepless nights
learned how to feed and swaddle the baby, recognize it
whims on one only crying and potty training – all this already with
you were. Конечно все дети разные, и новый малыш обязательно
will give you a couple of new surprises, but now they don’t
will catch you off guard. You know how to raise a child, you
get rid of fear and meet a new family member with

2. You have a little helper

Even a kid who is only 1.5-2 years old is able to provide mom
simple help. For example, he can entertain a screaming baby.
rattle, hold the bottle, file a clean diaper. Sometimes
older children even sit at home with babies. Однако не стоит
abuse the child’s help and turn it into

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3. The first child will pass the first-born things.

From the older kid you probably have a lot of things.
Dummies and diapers may have been lost, but books have been preserved.
fairy tales, toys, clothes. All this will pass on to the second.
karapuzu, which allows parents to significantly reduce costs. If a
the eldest child is still himself small, then the dowry for baby themes
more secured.

4. Children will be more fun together



The smaller the difference between children, the easier they find the common
tongue. When the baby begins to crawl, he has with his older brother or
Sister will appear their games. You no longer have to explain to your
fuck that now you can’t build a constructor with it, because
busy with household chores. Even if the firstborn is much older,
ему хотя бы иногда, да захочется повозиться с

5. Станете уделять меньше внимания
the eldest

Such an argument looks strange, but in reality it is very important.
moment. Any psychologist will confirm that people who grew up alone
in the family, much more personal problems arising from
increased attention from parents. Someone lives for many years
not your life, trying to meet the expectations of mom and dad;
someone runs away from home or hits the wind, unable to bear

When your second baby is born, some of your attention will shift
on him. The older child will be able to be alone
with yourself and making this or that decision is very valuable!

6. You will feel younger

After the birth of the second baby, it will seem to you that there was not all
previous years. You will again have a baby with whom
you will walk, who will become knit booties and buy
nice things. They say every childbirth prolongs youth
female body, and it is readily believed.

7. You will have more time

When the second peasant is born, you will even wonder why you are so
tired with one baby (as a young mother to cope with the child and
household chores?). Причина простая: чем больше в семье
children, the more literate mom builds her schedule to spend
каждую минуту с пользой
. In addition, after giving birth, you again
take legal leave to care for your child and spend
more time with loved ones.

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