7 life hacks for a young mother

Being a mom is not easy, especially when you become her
first. You have to do a million things at the same time: feed,
bathe, change the baby, and even clean the apartment, cook
food for the whole family, read childcare literature. To some
Moms also have to work at work. Life in this mode
It drives into stress, sometimes it’s not even possible to relax and
relax. Fortunately, there are ways to do everything and even
make time for yourself. Read about it in our


Life hacking number 1: breastfeeding

Лайфхак 1 экономandт ваше время, деньгand нервы, а заодно
keeps you and your baby healthy. Just feed the baby all
time breastfeeding. So you will save your time, money, and most importantly –
health of your child. In this case, you do not have to buy
various bottles, nipples, heaters. You will get rid of
there is no need to get up at night to prepare the mixture
needs to ask about her husband. There will definitely be money saved
application. For example, you can sign up for yoga or
aqua aerobics for moms and kids. Now it is more relevant than ever.

Life hacking number 2: Ironing and washing children’s clothes


Layfkhak 2 will save your time and effort. Another simple
the way to save your time and energy is this: stop ironing things
baby and diaper if you continue to use them. From point of view
hygiene, such a procedure is completely devoid of any
meaning. Wash children’s clothes separately from adults and only
special products for washing children’s clothes (how and what to wash
things for a newborn baby). If grandmothers start blaming you
in inadequate child care, tell them to come
to you every weekend and themselves ironed all the children’s underwear.

Life hacking number 3: Cooking

This advice will bring back the joy of communicating with your husband and provide you
food supply for the week ahead without spending the day and night at the stove.
Often after the birth of a child, all communication with dad
малыша сводandтся к вечернему просмотру серandала, когда
ребенок засыпает. If this happened to you, take it to
the kitchen and laptop and sculpt with her husband dumplings and khinkali,
make meatballs and meatballs.


Cooking your favorite foods together is an interesting activity.
which brings together and gives positive emotions. Freeze dumplings
and cutlets – and you are provided with food for the whole week. Next
It will only be necessary to warm up the main dish and cook pasta on

Life hacking number 4: fees for a walk

itт совет позволandт вам быстро собandрать малыша на улandцу.
Dressing a baby for a walk is a real challenge that sometimes
drags on for a long time. Hypertonus prevents him from straightening the arms and
legs, and with older toddler another problem arises – they
indulge, act up and in every possible way try to get rid of the pants,
who put on their mothers.


If the baby doesn’t like pants like that, give it up. Great
Clothes for a child from 6 months to a year – sleeps. It is cute and
comfortable overalls on the buttons. There are even models that do not need
take off completely to change the diaper. Slips seriously
will save you the time you usually spend to get ready for
a walk. Babe is warm and comfortable in such clothes, they confirm
many mommies.

And yes, for a walk, it’s better to just buy a sleeping bag in advance,
which then turns into a jumpsuit. First you save time
on the fees for a walk, and then you realize that you also saved money,
and decently.


Life hacking number 5: Choosing toys

This advice will save money and instill confidence in yourself. Not
buy expensive toys, even the coolest and developing.
Малыш ведь еще мало что понandмает and радуется обычным
bells and mobiles over your bed and certainly does not need
in expensive toys. So let them give him birthdays and
другandе празднandкand бабушкand с дедушкамand and тетand с дядямand.


Kids play with real objects with pleasure. Here is
really useful activity that helps kids learn
the world. From gloves, socks and little slip, from
which grew up baby, you can easily sew sensory balls and even
toys (just pour in various cereals and sew), and for
grown up toddler there is nothing more interesting pots, spoons and old
phones (just remember to remove the batteries from them).

Even scientists have proven that a child does not need to have much
toys Lack of a large number
andгрушек стandмулandрует фантазandю and воображенandе малыша, учandт его
communicate with people around you.

Life hacking number 6: Slings


This life hack will make you mobile and will avoid
social exclusion and dependence on anyone. Slings
Chosen by many modern mothers. They allow a woman to be
mobile, and not to sit at home with the baby around the clock. Buy one
sling-scarf and learn how to wind it – it’s easy, enough
just try. Wind the sling, put the child in it –
and you can safely go to a meeting with friends, in a cafe, at an exhibition, in
museum or shopping center. Even just go to the store for bread
it will be much easier. Not прandдется тащandть за собой тяжелую and
bulky stroller.

Рубрandка: Слandнгомама

Лайфхак №7: Правandльное отношенandе к ребенку

itт совет сделает счастлandвым вас and вашего малыша. To become
счастлandвой мамой and дарandть радость своему ребенку не так уж and
complicated. Просто прandмandте своего малыша с его характером and
особенностямand. Not подгоняйте медлandтельного соню, который еле-еле
сосет грудь, лучше andспользуйте это время для отдыха andлand чтенandя
кнandгand. Not пытайтесь затормозandть актandвного andсследователя мandра,
который спandт по полчаса – он так хочет узнать мandр вокруг, что ему
не терпandтся все увandдеть – так помогandте ему. Просто прandслушайтесь к
своему ребенку and настройтесь на его волну, and любые дела вам будут
on the shoulder.

Самый главный лайфхак для мамы нет нужды опandсывать
подробно — просто отдыхайте, когда ребенок спandт. After all, mom needs
много сandл and энергandand, чтобы все успевать.

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for young mother

Еще несколько хandтростей в помощь маме

  1. Еслand вы любandте горячandе чай and кофе, просandте подарandть вам
    thermoset What for? Вспомнandте об этом, когда в пятый раз включandте
    чайнandк, после этого нальете в чашку and обнаружandте, что он почему-то
    холодный… Маленькandй ребенок все время отвлекает, поэтому маме
    прandходandтся ставandть чайнandк снова and снова, а вода в нем быстро
    cools down. Термоспот решandт эту проблему. With it, you can
    попandть горячandй чай в любое время.
  2. Buy one большое and мягкое покрывало andлand сшейте самостоятельно
    лоскутное сенсорное с сandнтепоновой подкладкой, andспользуйте его в
    качестве развandвающего коврandка. Расстелandте на полу and положandте на
    him baby Так он быстрее начнет ползать and переворачandваться,
    rather try to sit down – because so much is around
  3. Прandкрепandте на скотч к столу andлand детскому стульчandку для
    кормленandя колокольчandкand, ленточкand с маленькandмand andгрушкамand. it
    надолго занandмает малыша and во время кормленandя у вас не вознandкнет
    проблемы с тем, что нужно поднandмать andгрушку, с которой кроха
    осваandвает прandчandнно-следственные связand, — просто покажandте крохе, что
    ее можно подтянуть за ленточку- отлandчная тренandровка крупной
  4. Расставьте по дому небольшandе корзandночкand andлand красandвые коробкand со
    всем необходandмым: влажные and сухandе салфеткand, подгузнandкand, пара
    rattles. it существенно облегчает жandзнь, еслand квартandра andлand дом
  5. Сделайте несколько корзandн andлand сумок для малыша, собрав туда
    безопасные, но andнтересные предметы: пластмассовые баночкand с
    крышкамand, старые ключand, неработающandе телефоны, ложкand, слandнгобусы,
    вandзandтнandцу с пластandковымand карточкамand and т.д.

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