7 household appliances necessary for any mother

A small child is not only a miracle, but also a concern,
troubles and generally exhausting work … That’s why all the young mothers
dream of having another pair of hands or in days
it was more than 24 hours … And they also dream to sleep and at least a little
time to devote yourself and your hobby. And simply, sometimes very
I want to relax and sit at the TV, and not to stand a whole
evening to wash dishes, ironing or preparing a second
dinner …


Fortunately, modern household appliances save time
on housekeeping. So, your attention is provided
magnificent seven household appliances that make life easier for everyone



In a large family, washing dishes becomes a problem: who cares?
wash a mountain of plates and bowls? Of course, only mothers who have
besides dishes, there is still much to do … So, dishwashers are not needed
only in canteens and restaurants. Choosing a dish washing machine,
pay attention to its functionality, and also by the amount
sets of dishes that can be loaded into it. Minus car
(для маленьких семей) — накопить достаточное количество посуды
for download because This is a prerequisite for the operation of the machine.
However, some machines have a half load function. So
and the plates will wash out faster, and the water with electricity you
will save.



Get along with the slow cooker can even man: cook it very
simply. She is able to cope like cooking porridge or
borscht, and with the task much more difficult, for example, with

It is enough to choose a program and lay all the ingredients, and
further the multicooker takes over. It is good and the presence of a timer
which will not give your dishes the slightest chance to burn or

Of course, the slow cooker does not eliminate such tedious activities as
peeling potatoes or cutting vegetables, but the stove doesn’t stand all day
need: put everything in the bowl, closed it and went about his business.
After it remains only to rinse the bowl of a multicooker with a soft sponge.



Be sure to need to make homemade fruit and vegetable
mashed potatoes for babies, soups, for cooking baby food.
However, some mothers even cut tomatoes for salad. WITH
blender any culinary fantasies are possible, because
now you can do both mashed soups, delicious sauces, and any
Dessert. Of course, you can do it yourself, but the blender gives
huge speed advantage.

Blender может быть стационарный (он более крупногабаритный) и
submersible (more compact). WITHтационарный блендер занимает много
places, and for the family is usually quite submersible




Как только придет время вводить в рацион ребенка
первые соки, вы задумаетесь о покупке соковыжималки.
WITHоковыжималка может быть электрической или механической. Manual
The mechanical juicer is reliable and easy to use, not
requires special care, however you will need to attach
certain physical effort.

Electric juicer can save time and effort: juice
It is made from almost any vegetables, berries or fruits. Minus
— после приготовления сока его необходимо очищать от
accumulated cake.

Baby Monitor and Baby Monitor


WITH ней вы сможете всегда слышать, что происходит в комнате у
child: he woke up or asleep, crying or calm. Microphones
Such devices are very sensitive and capture the most
minor sounds made by the baby. And with a baby monitor you can
and see the child at any time. Due to its compact size
A baby monitor can be taken on the road or vacation.

A baby monitor can be equipped with a thermometer, a night light and even
sing lullabies. Sometimes in the “repertoire” baby monitors are several – on
baby taste. (top 6 models of baby monitors)

Washing vacuum cleaner


As the hero of a cartoon said, children need cleanliness.
Indeed, this is a guarantee of health of the baby, because the first years of life
crumbs the floor will be room for games, the baby will crawl over it,
take the first steps, fall, food will spill on it and
drinks, and also paints and a lot of other things … In any case, the floors
to clean and wash will not even have to every day, but several times in
сутки… Washing vacuum cleaner – настоящее спасение от грязи. Convenient to
that can tirelessly carry out and cleaning wet and dry. You
tired, and the vacuum cleaner – no.



This is not a whim, but the desired device. Дело в том, что часто
the cause of childhood diseases such as cold and allergic
reaction, is the low level of humidity in the apartment (especially
relevant during the heating season). To avoid
dry your baby’s nose and mouth, use
air humidifier.

The humidifier draws in dry air and distills through
water saturated filters. Thanks to this dry air becomes

Но не ставьте увлажнитель у изголовья кроватки малыша:
air should not blow directly on the child. It is not worth this device and
abuse: if the child gets used to the air with a certain
temperature and moisture, it will be easier for him to catch a cold
the street.

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