7 harmful tips for raising girls

It’s time to learn some harmful tips about
bringing up girls who can’t be followed exactly. it
common mistakes. Read the wrong recommendations – and neither
do not follow them. Then your daughter will grow up happy
will be in the future a successful woman, will be able to
self-actualize. In this article we will talk about how
не надо воспитывать девочку, если вы желаете ей

воспитываем дочь вредные советы

1. Appearance and outfits – the main advantage

The most important rule is to always look perfect. Need constantly
to convince my daughter that it is in her beauty and good clothes that lurks
main force. It all depends on feminine charm and charm, thin
taste! Let her daughter constantly show everyone what she is beautiful,
how cute she can smile. Right from preschool age teach her
to ensure that she demonstrates to everyone, always and everywhere
beautiful dress (preferably new), which blouse, which hairstyle
и какая она сама – вся чудесная и распрекрасная.

дочь принцесса

It is not so important that your daughter could not cope with home
assignment and did not learn the poem to the lesson. The main thing is that her
the dress was the most beautiful and everything was chained to her
looks! True, it is worth remembering another secret: the appearance
the girl should take care constantly, think about it literally
every second. Если у нее растрепалась косичка или оказались
specks on the dress, you have to scold her well. Need to look
perfect. Is always.

2. The power of a woman in her tears

Внушите вашей дочери, что именно в ее слезах – main force.
Let her know: emotionally and psychologically suppress a man
tantrums, scandals – simple and easy! It’s so nice –
achieve all desired endless tantrums. Teach daughter
cry a little something, make trouble and make tantrums. Your daughter is like that
tender, vulnerable and sensitive. Она реагирует на все –
weather, unflattering comment, cheap gift. And let the future
the spouse of your daughter turns gradually into an exhausted and
neurasthenic henpecked. But it will go on the string,
fearing another drama because of a cheap gift or a bucket with
trash that forgot to endure! And there is no need to explain to the girl that
it is important to be able to listen to another person, find a compromise and
find a solution. After all, any problem can be solved
instantly, if you turn on your acting skills and “add
sound”. Tears and scandals are all that a woman needs to be able to
achieve the desired. Let your daughter know this. She will come in handy.

3. Your daughter deserves only the perfect man.

Obviously, for your daughter prepared some special
spouse, has absolutely all the virtues, and for this you need
teach her to notice the flaws in those boys, boys and men,
which she will meet in life. Start right from preschool
age Just tell your daughter that this boy is not beautiful, this
– stupid, this toy has some kind of wrong, this one –

In adulthood, these skills will definitely be useful for your daughter, she
will be able to see the flaws in each. After all, you can not seriously pay
attention to men with a modest salary, not having deep
knowledge of art (Monet from Manet, and Roerich from Zurich to distinguish not
can), not ready to carry his wife abroad every year, or pay
внимание на мужчину, который ест некрасиво, а у
этого родители простые учителя в школе… Тут все важно. After all
you only need an ideal!


4. Главная цель – удачно выйти замуж

Instill in your daughter that besides marriage and the birth of children
there can be no interests or goals in life. Everything
must obey only one aspiration: as best as possible and
quicker get married! Of course, self-interest
preferences, self-realization will have to sacrifice.


Образование, работа, карьера – это все не для вашей дочки и
too much time and effort to spend on school, and even more so on
a career is not worth it. After all на жизнь вынуждены зарабатывать только
women failures who could not marry successfully and whom
husbands are not able to contain. It is clear that your daughter does not

5. Everything should be done only for the family – nothing for yourself.

When the daughter met the perfect man, successfully
вышла замуж, родила ребенка, приходит время для реализации
The next plan – everything for the family! Encourage your daughter to think that
самый главный в семье – это мужчина, а потом дети, а
потом уже (если останутся силы) – это она сама.

Покупать себе новую одежду, шоколадку или книгу – это
profligacy. Better something for a husband, for children, at the skinny
конец – просто в дом.

6. Daughter must be ideal

To achieve this, you have to constantly pay attention
daughter on her mistakes, any flaws, even minor ones. Everything
must be flawless! Who, except for you, the closest and dear
person will indicate to her all her shortcomings and that she does everything
not so – not so prepared, not so cleaned, not so dressed, not so
made up, not so live.

it чужие люди буду ей льстить и хвалить по всяким разным
invented reasons, and you should speak to her only
правду, ведь именно этой правды она от вас и ждет. AND
Be sure to tell her that with such mistakes as she makes, with
no one will ever marry her with such a character and figure.

7. No secrets and secrets from mother

What is personal space? it только для тех, у кого в
family no warm and close relationship! And you are native people and a friend.
to a friend are not indifferent. Therefore: no secrets, no private
life, everything is open, everything in sight. Read personal diaries, correspondence
in social networks and phone. It is possible, if very necessary, even to follow
дочкой, чтобы наверняка удостовериться в том, что она от
you just do not hide anything.

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