7 harmful parenting advice for parentschildren

All parents want their children to grow up happy
have become successful in life and have avoided many of the problems with which
youth had to face them. It is from the love of mom and dad
make every effort to make the life of their children better, but
most often only harm children without noticing it. Set out below
7 harmful tips for parents, will help many know themselves,
оценить последствия своих действий в воспитании children. So what
Is this bad advice?


1. Daughter – expectant mother and hearth keeper

If you are raising a girl, nothing can be done better than
convince her – in the future she needs to take care of children and
economy, everything else does not matter. She should not be engaged
self-improvement and be interested in something new.

A woman should worry only about her own
привлекательности, содержать дом в чистоте и растить children. the main thing
– find a wealthy man who will earn money, and
so if the relationship with him suddenly goes wrong, you can sue
property division.

2. Do not allow sons to surrender

The son is the pride of the father and mother, which means that he absolutely must
become an intelligent boy who is not fit to fight.
Try to explain to the tomboy that all controversial issues and
Conflicts are easily resolved through diplomacy. If somebody
teases your child, teases or humiliates, even if it hits,
you should calmly discuss everything with the enemy, and not give

To the question of his son about why boys go to judo, deadpan
answer that the sports section is a place for aggressive and rude
children, а не для умных и интеллигентных мальчиков. In doing so, you
you will surely achieve what you want – your son will not be able to stand up for
yourself and your family in the future.

3. The development of the child’s intelligence – the work of teachers



Why strive to give the child more knowledge, to drive it to
educational circles and extra classes? School gives excellent
level of knowledge, children do not need an extra load. Not worth it
spend money and time on tutors, it’s better children
walk in the yard. Hold the opinion that parents should not
беспокоиться об уровне интеллектуального развития своих children – это
the work of teachers and only. Do not forget to scold the child for low
marks, because they are the main criterion for assessing intelligence.

4. Your children are your property.

When a child is born in a family, it automatically becomes
property of parents. They know better what is good for him, and
what is bad, who is he to be friends with, what clothes to wear, what music
give preference. Принимайте решения за своих children во всех
aspects of life, especially when it comes to choosing the second half
and professions, because who such children are – they are your property.

5. Let the children realize the meaning of your life.


In every way inspire your children that their goal is to achieve what
you parents failed in your youth. It does not matter that son
always dreamed of becoming a designer, because you will become proud of him when
he will be a good doctor. Daughter wants to open her own studio
modern dance? And what? the main thing, исполнить желание матери –
Let him become a famous violinist. Let the children not be offended by you,
because they still do not understand that you want the best for them.

6. Удерживайте children около себя

Do not allow children to leave the parental home. What a stupid
a thought occurred to your adult son – to live separately from mom
and dads, rent housing, start self-care. What kind
nonsense – in the house of parents is so comfortable and, moreover, free of charge!
Why create yourself extra problems? Under my mother’s wing,
undoubtedly better. To prevent the children from leaving their native nest, surround
their care and love.

7. Best summer holiday – camp

Send your son and daughter to rest where you yourself spent
summer – camp. This is the perfect place to develop self-reliance,
there is fresh air and an abundance of recreational activities such as
disco. Without the supervision of the parents, the child will learn everything faster
even a little drink. Не поддавайтесь на просьбы children отвезти их
for the summer to the grandmother or the sea.

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