7 facts about critical days that shouldknow every woman

Every woman has a menstruation, and a small
�”Respite” from them is only during pregnancy. Are you thinking
why do we need these “red calendar days” and do we know everything about them?
The basic facts that characterize the menstruation period are described in


Approximately in the middle of each menstrual cycle that lasts
21-32 days, the woman ovulation occurs – the release of the egg,
which is ready for conception. In the absence of the merger of female genital
cells with the male menstrual cycle is completed monthly. They
caused by detachment of the inner surface layer of the mucous
the lining of the uterus and reduced to bleeding from the genital tract. Uterus in
this time is preparing for a new cycle, and everything repeats the same
in a way. About menstruation and the menstrual cycle every woman should
know the following facts.

1. Первые месячные (менархе) начинаются в 11-14
years (sometimes earlier or later), and the regularity of the cycle acquires only
in two years. If the cycle has not stabilized beyond the specified
term, it is worth to consult a doctor.
Perhaps this is a signal of
trouble in the reproductive system of the girl, a sign of violation
ovarian activity, pituitary gland or even a symptom of infertility. Doctor
assign the necessary examinations and help normalize the cycle.

2. У многих женщин наблюдаются болезненность
menstruation, but the causes of this phenomenon (algomenorrhea, or
dysmenorrhea) can be varied. More often it is features
organism and structure of the reproductive system, inflammatory process, less often
– more serious pathologies, which are reflected similar
symptomatology.  If the disease is not detected, the doctor may
advise treatment of dysmenorrhea – as a rule, it is non-steroid
anti-inflammatory drugs that need to be taken for a week
before the start and 2-3 days after.


3. Ежемесячные овуляции – знак того, что
the main purpose of the reproductive system is conception,
procreation But, it turns out, there are “idle” cycles when
ovulation does not occur, even in healthy women. Prerequisites for
these are:

  • Age up to 18 years or after 40 years;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Pathology of the uterus and reproductive system;
  • Stress.

4. Нарушения цикла чаще всего бывают у тех, кто
abuses starving diets or eating unbalanced.
Asthenic, thin women often become patients.
gynecologist complaining about the inability to conceive. Overwhelming
most of them after normalization can
get pregnant and have healthy offspring in 1-2 years. But too
high weight, obesity is another extreme at which ovulation
may be absent due to hormonal disorders
look for a middle ground.

5. За 24 часа до месячных происходит сильное
vasoconstriction of the uterus, as a result, its blood supply is reduced.
The result is the exfoliation of the upper mucous layer –
endometrium. Many women have a detachment
pain syndrome of different intensity, the so-called “precursors”
menstruation, and this is the norm.

6. За период критических дней у женщины
no more than 80 ml of blood are excreted, and the average figure is even less
30-50 ml. Blood during menstruation is not clean, it has clots of mucus
– кусочки endometrium. With increasing age of a woman, the number
mucous clots becomes higher. In addition, clots can
appear when an unsuccessful artificial pregnancy, if injected
the fertilized egg has not joined the wall

7. Существует определенный запас женских
germ cells that are “consumed” by the body in each or almost
every menstrual cycle. After 40 years amount
ovulation decreases as the ovarian reserve goes up to
the end of
Full completion of menstruation occurs at the end.
reproductive period when menopause occurs, and a woman is more
can not conceive. Menopause usually begins at 45-50 years of age, but this
depends on heredity and hormonal characteristics. AT
the premenopausal period in women is scanty and irregular
monthly, which signals about their imminent end.

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