7 examples of how parents encourage badchildren’s behavior

Детям порой свойственны шалости и баловство. But
if for some such behavior is rare, then there are children
who rather rarely behave well and very often indulge in
brings a lot of concern to parents, who often themselves
are provocateurs of child disobedience. Here are 7 main reasons
bad child behavior.


1. Unfulfilled promised punishment

Any parent is familiar with this situation: the child is very indulgent.
To stop mischief, punishment is applied, for example, in the form
ban on watching TV or walking. However, after a while
anger gives way to mercy, and the promised punishment is successful
is forgotten.

In the future, such parental behavior will lead to
the child will completely ignore the requests of the parents, because
punishment is still not enforced.

2. Bullying

One of the most undesirable and ineffective ways
punishment. According to the research, children who are
threatened for lying, lying more often.

3. Scream

By raising the voice, the words will not be clearer, but
the child will not immediately begin to fulfill the voiced requests.
On the contrary, it is possible to significantly worsen the relationship.

4. Body punishments



Children’s psyche is very sensitive. Beating as a means
punishments, strongly “deform” it, which provokes
child occurrence of the following manifestations:

  • irritability;
  • isolation;
  • aggression.

Self-esteem also suffers, and people’s trust is lost.
Most likely, the child will look for ways to avoid pain than
correcting bad behavior.

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5. Inconsistency

Consider an example: the child was forbidden to eat until the end of the day.
sweet or watch cartoons until he sleeps. However, when
the outbreak of children’s hysteria (how to deal with children’s hysteria: tips
psychologist) sweets and cartoons are used by parents as
means of sedation. In other words, the forbidden becomes available.
As a result – the child begins to realize that hysteria –
Great way to get what you want. Parents for the child are
subject to manipulation.

6. Constant excuses

Do not expect constant good behavior from children.
Periodic self-indulgence on their part is normal. AT
especially when it comes to an early age when babies are not yet
tend to control your emotions and give them definitions.
Also not an exception – high school students who may be
quite stubborn. However, if from the mouth of the parents constantly
phrases are pronounced: “He is very tired,” “She just wants to eat,” and
similar, this is a clear sign of constant
justifying your offspring. It is worth thinking about.

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7. Affection for a child’s bad behavior

Rocking on a chair in a cafe, running around the store,
eating food with hands and then licking fingers and others
manifestations of ill-mannered child behavior may seem
parents are “pretty” enough and only have a smile on them
face, desire to admire. However, surrounding people who are
at such moments nearby, this behavior is unlikely to cause
affection To avoid such “ugly habits”, parents
need to tell your child about the rules of behavior.

Of course, age is important. Still quite
It’s impossible or difficult for young children to understand what is bad and
good behavior. However, they all feel and absorb on
subconscious level. For this reason, it is advisable to
младенческих лет приучать children понимать и прислушиваться к
parents than later

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