7 devices that will release my mother’sarms

Useful devices and devices are so
firmly entered modern life that without some of them became
just impossible to do. Pleases a variety of useful things for
active moms who want to catch a delicious dinner and cook, and
get out of the house and spend as much time as possible with a new member
families. But before you get great “helpers”, you need
understand their functionality and usage nuances, as well as
make sure they really come in handy.


We are going for a walk

Kangaroo Backpack

The appearance of this handy fixture is literally
развяжет молодой маме arms: с рюкзаком возможно не только идти на
walk, but also quietly do household chores, at the same time
enjoying the company of the child and talk with him. Baby always
will be near: he clings tightly to his mother’s stomach or back
back or belly, like a real kangaroo in wildlife. AT
this tender age close contact with mom is extremely important for
harmonious development of the baby. AT рюкзаке он может удобно лежать или
to sit and, without disturbing my mother to perform daily duties, to study
the world.


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ATыбирая рюкзак-кенгуру, отдайте предпочтение добротной
practical model with wide and soft straps. Color is better to choose

The only drawback of the device is
weight: over time it will be quite difficult to move around with
grown up child. Some difficulties may experience mommies,
prone to back pain. It is better for them not to use a backpack more than 2
hours a day.

Ergo backpack

Чем отличается эрго рюкзак от кенгуру

Чем отличается эрго рюкзак от кенгуру

Усовершенствованная модель рюкзака-кенгуру: в нем тело малыша
takes the correct position, and mommy decreases the load on
back. In addition to the usual positions of the baby behind his back or in front of his mother,
There is an option on the side. It’s better not to use ergo backpack
более 4 hours a day.

Baby sling

The idea of ​​a sling originated in India, where the newly-made mother firmly
fetched the child to her body with the help of pleasant to the touch bright
flaps of fabric. The device is different
видов: Май-слинг, Baby sling с кольцами, Baby sling-шарф.


Опытные слинго мамы рекомендуют для непродолжительных
walking and moving around the house use a sling on the rings, and for
longer exits – other options of slings: sling sharf or
May Sling

The only negative – a pronounced load on the shoulders. Exactly
поэтому не рекомендуется носить слинг больше 3 hours a day.

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choose sling



This thing is intended more for dad. ATедь он тоже проводит
a lot of time with the baby. The backpack is quite heavy because of its
metal frame, but suitable for long hikes: in
mountains, forest. The invention is intended for children from
six months and up to 3.5 – 4.5 years, depending on the severity of the baby.

Useful things for home


They can only be used 40 minutes a day. Preferably with
age not less than 6 months. But who, if not a young mother, know
How many household chores can be accommodated in these 40 minutes?


The device is a real magic wand for moms and
прекрасный способ безопасного изучения дома для ребенка. AT них
a baby who has not yet learned to walk can move freely
around the room. Convenient design is equipped with limiters that do not
allow the child to fall or reach for dangerous objects.

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More toy than a useful device, jumpers allow crumbs
fun to jump and sway no worse than on a swing. Sea
Delight and positive emotions guaranteed. Device
safe enough. It is easily mounted on the ceiling or in the door.
doorway If your child is more than six months old, you can safely
acquire a convenient invention.

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Rocking chair

Another popular entertainment invention for the most
little ones. Rocking chair состоят из непосредственно самого кресла
and a mechanism for swinging it. AT качестве приятного бонуса
the device is equipped with all sorts of toys, bright lights and
rattles. Usually also present music in
several options.

детские кресла качалки

The device is designed for children from six months. up to one and a half
years old. At one time you can swing no more than half an hour.
Adventurous parents usually use a swing chair as in
as a toy, and for lulling a baby.

Useful devices will not only facilitate
a rich and responsible mother’s life, but they will bring a lot
pleasant minutes to the child himself. An important function of most of
these devices is the harmonious development of the baby, ensuring
for him safe knowledge of the environment.

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