7 claims that would have voiced the baby ifcould speak

It may seem to you that babies are content
only food, sleep and cry. Do you think they need nothing more? BUT
everything can be completely different, only to express your wishes and emotions
baby can not. What would they say if they could talk?
Surely he would have a lot of claims even to the most
perfect parents. What would he say? The list would consist of
The following claims:


�“When will you learn to understand me?”

I tried everything: shouted loudly, quietly, high squeaky
voice, bass, whimpering, trying to show on the fingers – but no, not
you understand me and that’s it. I want to not only eat and sleep. I still
I want to hand, I want to swim, talk to you, and you tell me
rattle in the face waving. From food I, of course, not
I refuse, but you’d better be a little more insightful. I have to go
learn to talk!

�“Why do I eat milk alone?”

I see mom crunching cookies, grandmother cleans some
the orange fruit is pleasant in smell, and dad eats chicken wings. You
think I don’t want this all? Maybe I don’t have teeth, but
my grandfather with his three teeth does not drink milk from a bottle like me!
I hope at least 4 months I will try vegetable puree. (article about
complementary foods)

�“Stop ignoring me, I’m actually here!”



I noticed that our cat deserved more respect in the family
than me. When she sits next to you, you do not tell guests how she is
good in the tray went in a big way? BUT когда я рядом, значит и
you can gossip about me and tell about my personal things
details? BUT как папа усами маму щекочет, думает что я не вижу. AND
whispering at night with her when I try to sleep. BUT вы не думали,
maybe I also want to be taken to my bed and a little

�“Why are they constantly shaking or shaking me?”

When I have a bad mood or I am upset – you shake me
and shake. You правда думаете что так решите мои проблемы? You не
Thought that I might want something? Next time mom
ask dad gold earrings for his birthday, I hint to
he shook her a little, and if he starts to cry, then let him shake
a little, maybe then will not want anything!

«You бы сами носили такую одежду?»

Tastes are different in people, I understand that, but you would wear that
Do you wear me? Ruches, colored pompoms, pink tights in
flower. Okay, dressing me up as a hare, a bear cub is in some kind
degree is interesting. But why on Halloween I am a pumpkin, and on New Year
– tree? Will not work!

�”Do not try to deceive me!”


ANDнтересно, это только мои родители меня постоянно обманывают или
is everyone doing this? You думаете я не отличаю мамину грудь от пустышки?
Yes, anyone will understand that nothing flows from there! Come on mom nails
home beauty, why do you need a salon. BUT ты папа, пей чай с сухариками
instead of beer, when you watch football! Do not want? BUT мне каково?

�”I am helpless, but it is temporary!”

You so enjoy using my helplessness! What for
show me the toys that i can’t reach? By
TV turn on what you like, because I’m not the remote
I can use. ANDли переворачиваете меня, как игрушку, на живот,
and make you crawl, still have fun. Here I grow up
a little, and everything, I will switch channels on the TV myself and I will
climb all the sofas and chairs until you see I will play
your things as much as you want!

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