7 breastfeeding facts you shouldknow every mom

Breast-feeding – ответственный выбор для каждой мамы и
an important period in the development of the baby. Many are preparing for this stage.
advance and start looking for useful information even during
of pregnancy. In this article, we have gathered 7 interesting facts about
breastfeeding, which every mother needs to know. About them
рассказала Ольга Леонидовна Лукоянова, ведущий научный
FGAU NMITS ZD Ministry of Health of Russia.

1. Breast milk – free and healthy food for

Breast milk is the best that a mother can give to a baby. It
provides the baby with all the nutrients that
essential for its healthy growth and development in the early months
of life. According to the results of numerous scientific studies and opinions
World Health Organization (WHO), mother’s milk
формирует иммунитет baby, а также защищает ребенка от инфекций и
chronic diseases. WHO confirms that breastfeeding
can reduce infant mortality from common
childhood infectious diseases. With all its benefits, breast
milk is free – mom does not need to spend money on the mixture to
provide your child the best and healthy diet. Also for
preparing milk for feeding will not have to buy additional
devices – it already has the desired temperature.

Breastfeeding forms a close relationship between mother and baby, between
they make emotional contact and the child feels
calm and protection.

2. Manual pumping is not always effective.

It is believed that decanting manually is much more
effectively than using special devices. So thought
Our mothers, because they did not have high-quality breast pumps.
Pediatricians usually recommend manual decanting technique in
первые сутки жизни baby, считая, что это помогает правильно
�To “strain” the chest from the first days of lactation. However research
confirm that pumping with modern breastpumps
may be no less effective and more physiological, since
reproduces the baby’s natural sucking mechanism.
Modern devices, such as the Philips Avent, imitate two
фазы сосания baby: нагнетание, которое провоцирует прилив молока
to breast, and then sucking. This makes the process of hardware decanting
as close to natural and does not injure the chest

In turn, the manual technique can be very useful.
when mom needs to be massaged and “stretched out” a tight slice
молочной железы  при лактостазе – ведь именно так проще
feel the chest and get rid of discomfort. However, it is worth remembering
that such pumping need to learn, otherwise the process may be

Nowadays, many mothers say that pumping
It becomes more gentle when using a breast pump.
Also, the breast pump is more convenient and effective in the case of
breast milk stocking – individual bank

3. Breastfeeding allows mom to remain mobile and

Many mothers refuse breastfeeding because
считают, что больше не смогут вести активный образ of life. but
it’s not like that at all. Modern breastfeeding accessories
allow you to properly organize this process and stay
mobile under any circumstances.

Today, special devices for breastfeeding
are developed on the basis of clinical data and taking into account the creation
extra comfort for women during pumping.
It is clinically proven that the more relaxed a mother is, the more active
будет приток milk

Modern solutions for breastfeeding make it easy
create a “home” milk bank – it is decanted using
breast pump, and then stored in special containers or
packages. Breast milk stays fresh and keeps all of its own.
useful properties up to 24 hours in the refrigerator and up to 3-6
months of storage in the freezer. Pre-stocked
грудного молока позволит маме обеспечить своего baby всеми
essential nutrients under any circumstances.

4. The baby will not give up on breast feeding

Often moms are afraid that the baby will refuse from the breast, if at least
раз покормить его из bottles. However research доказывают, что
if mom properly organized the process of breastfeeding, then
кратковременные кормления из bottles не изменят привычек baby.
При этом важно учитывать, что кормление из bottles не должно быть
regular and it is necessary to hold it only when necessary: ​​for example,
if you have special medical indications or if mom needs
stay away for a while.

In this case, it is also important to choose the right bottle – you can
обратить внимание на bottles серии Natural от Avent: их широкие
nipples repeat the shape of the female breast.

5. Night breastfeeding is helpful.

At night, the hormone prolactin is actively secreted, which
отвечает за выработку грудного milk That is why mom can
feel hot flashes several times over night. To avoid
lactostasis, it is important not to resist the natural process –
необходимо прикладывать baby к груди и ночью или, если он спит,
to decant For this reason, doctors do not recommend skipping nightly
breastfeeding and not taking breaks at this time more than on
3-4 hours

6. Dummies can be used regularly.

There is a widespread belief that often giving a pacifier to the baby –
is harmful. but врачи утверждают, что в течение первых нескольких
months of life can and even need to offer the baby a dummy. When
lactation is only established, the mother should put the child to
breasts as often as he wants, i.e. at his request.
but беспокойство ребенка не всегда может быть связано с чувством
hunger.  Therefore, if the baby asks for the breast very often or not
it calms down even after feeding, in these cases you can
use dummy on a regular basis. Here the most important
so that mom properly organizes breastfeeding and
чувствовала потребности baby, правильно оценивала его поведение и

7. Кормить baby грудью можно дольше года

Многие считают, что кормить baby грудью нужно только в течение
the first year of life – later the milk becomes “empty” and does not carry
no good Pediatricians give different tips: some offer
feed up to a year, others up to one and a half years and longer. but есть
конкретная рекомендация ВОЗ – кормить baby грудью можно до двух
years old. The European Society of Pediatricians believes that the duration
breastfeeding is determined strictly individually, and a couple
mother-child should decide on this themselves. It is important to know that
milk and in the second year of lactation retains all its beneficial
properties and remains a good source of valuable nutritional

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