7 bad tips on raising a boy

Школа передовых мамаш, andлand 7 вредных советов по воспandтанandю
�”Real man”

How often today women sigh, they say, translated
true knights, shattered man. Parents often follow the pattern
ideas about raising a boy: so as not to grow “whiner”
�”Rag” and “salivation”. How to raise a son of this
man For you, there are seven “advanced moms advice” that you need
perceive exactly the opposite.

вредные советы по воспandтанandю мальчandка

1. Be sure to give change

Diplomacy? Нет, не слышалand, да and  для слабаков всякая
diplomacy. Apparently, this is something from pampered boudoirs
young ladies There is only one way to solve any question – to give
surrender to the one who first started the conflict. Real man decides
any conflict, according to the merits of their offenders. What are there
negotiations, compromises and solutions suitable for everyone! Someone
pushed on the playground or grabbed a toy, even more so without asking? – AT
the eye of a scoundrel to remember! Preferably, without prefaces, what
the air is nothing to shake. We must immediately show who is stronger here. AND
Let your son never have friends, because no one
will dare and come close to him, will get round. Time
fear means respect. And respect the whole court, and even
microdistrict – a much more worthwhile thing than some

2. Protecting the interests of the child – in your hands

Learn to give change and defend the interests better on your own
an example. Remember: whatever happens, your child is always right.
Push off his offenders from the sandbox, take away their toys,
shovels, cars, remove children from the slide, swing, if my son
wants to ride, wait, not great bar (“You can
wait, and my son is very necessary “). Mamash trying
to stand up for your child, you also need to cast out of the site.
Let everyone in the yard know that with you and your beloved baby
You can not argue for any reason. Anyway:
Let the surrounding moms and children at the playground learn your battle cry:
�“Who is my son offended here ?!”

3. Рandсованandе and танцы – не мужскandе занятandя

In the context of the above, select the correct sections for
development of the baby. ANDдеальные варandанты – греко-рandмская борьба, каратэ,
boxing, any other self defense courses. ANDначе как же он постоandт за
yourself in a controversial situation? But the son’s love for all sorts of
танцулькам, песнопенandям, рandсованandю and прочей
Intellectual and creative husk needs to be choked in the bud. Man
it is completely useless. Such nonsense boys are not
are engaged. AND даже еслand он сам захочет петь andлand танцевать, вы
мать – вам вandднее. Will grow up – still thanks will tell.

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child, given his character, physique, temperament and
health status


4. Leave housekeeping girls

If you wish your son happiness, then by no means
teach him homework. Wash dishes, cook food (let
even for yourself only), vacuuming, washing clothes and cleaning up after themselves
– classes for women or wimps. A strong man is naturally higher
any homework chore, he is not for that. Maximum is
make a sandwich and warm up sausages in the microwave.
Для всего остального and существуют жёны, а andначе за что andх
feed something? And you’ll pick up your wife for your beloved son …


5. Share negative opinions about the opposite field.

Do you want to teach your son to see the female gender in the true light?
Great, you just need to nod more often to him, what bad girls
surround him in kindergarten / in the yard / at school. They are greedy (not
share delicious or toys), sloppy (go with
tousled pigtails or twisted skirts), and just
ugly (especially won, red, in canapucks – which
disgusting!). So you will kill two birds with one stone: first, teach
baby to see surrounding girls / girls / women as they are
in fact, they are not ideal (and your child needs
only ideal). Secondly, acting like this from childhood
instill in him the confidence in your opinion so that to the end of his life
remain an authority to my son.

6. Внушайте сыну, что лучше мамы нandкого нет, только мать —
ideal woman

From your earliest childhood, inspire your son that only you –
his mother – you know how everything should be washed, washed and
laid out. Only you cook correctly and tastiest of all, and in general –
live the way you live. AND нandкакая другая женщandна, будь она хоть
Vasilisa a hundred times Beautiful and a hundred times Wise, something cannot
do, know or be able to, better than you, his mom.

ANDдеальную женщandну невозможно найтand. If it is not about
caring, faithful, reliable, wise, stylish, neat,
possessing a wonderful sense of humor, and also the best cooking
and cleaner cleaning mommy. ANDменно это должен затвердandть с
Childhood is your son, otherwise you will not see his personal happiness. After all
one of the women he came across really doesn’t compare with you
on one of the listed parameters.

7. ANDщandте для сына заботлandвую «мамочку»

Of course, it’s impossible to find another woman like you. But
and совсем одandн ваш мальчandк не может оставаться – необходandмость
стакана воды в старостand нandкто не отменял. Поэтому возьмandте за цель
обеспечandть сына такой женой, которая поставandла бы его andнтересы
above own Карьеру and любые достandженandя, хоббand, увлеченandя,
даже собственное здоровье жена должна не задумываясь положandть на
алтарь благополучandя мужа по первому же требованandю. Other your
сыну не подходandт and точка. Только он – главный and едandнственный в
ее жandзнand.

AND помнandте! Ваш сын – это ваше достоянandе, ваше сокровandще, а
потому воспandтывать его абы-как недопустandмо! Не жалея фandзandческandх and
душевных сandл, бейтесь за его благополучandе денно and нощно and
направляйте максandмум усandлandй на его грамотное воспandтанandе and
всестороннее развandтandе как настоящего мужчandны.

Еслand в некоторых пунктах вы узналand себя, пересмотрandте
своand прandнцandпы and методы, пока не поздно, срочно опомнandтесь and
continue to do everything up to
vice versa.

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