7 bad tips on how to raise a victim andloser

All parents want happiness and well-being for their children.
Everyone wants to raise a kind, polite, open child,
but the result is sometimes the opposite. Adults at times
by their own words and actions they underestimate the self-esteem of a son or daughter,
make your child feel guilty and act like
victim. Of course, parents do it unconsciously and not on purpose.
On the contrary, they think they instill cleanliness skills in a child,
Accuracy, teach him to behave friendly to
surrounding. Paradox, but it turns out quite the opposite: while Mom and
dad thinks they give their baby the best
more closed and unadapted to independent living.

воспитать loser

Do you want the child to be uncomfortable in this world, so that he
did not know how to communicate with people, got into unpleasant and risky
situations? Just follow our “bad” recommendations – and the effect
not long in coming.

1. Force sharing

Remember that the crumbs should not have anything of their own. Teach
child to the fact that he is obliged to give his toys to everyone who his
asks for it – especially if the magic word sounds
�”you are welcome”. Even if the toy was just presented to the baby, he
must give it to another child on demand.
Refuses? Then call him greedy.

From the earliest years, teach your crumb to give way to all – children in
backyard, grandmothers, grandfathers, dogs, everything, everything … And it doesn’t matter that you
together with the baby they stood for half an hour in a queue for a slide, but
another child came up and started crying? Sure let him pass
forward. Your baby will wait another half hour – for him, after all, it is
trifle. The main thing is that the alien boy will rejoice, and his
explain that he is very kind and generous. Learn
a child, that in life such trifles as slides are absolutely not important,
swings and generally any entertainment.

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2. Instill crying a shame

Explain to your baby that only the bad and
rude children. Your child is not like that. He is growing personality –
whole, being in harmony with itself and with the world around it.
Such a person should not succumb to negative emotions. Constantly
inspire the crumbs that only dysfunctional people cry and cry
who did not know joy in life.

3. Scold for any mistake

You know that your baby is a future genius, that he is smarter and
smarter than everyone else? Explain it to him. Inspire
child, that he has no right to make mistakes, because he must be
perfect in everything, he is bound to grasp everything on the fly. If baby
something is not able – it is better for him not to take it at all. Жестко и
criticize him unconstructively; don’t bother yourself
arguments and go straight to the individual.

ослик иа


Do not overdo it with praise. Show your baby
approval only when you yourself think that he made
outstanding achievement. A child cannot do something from the first
times? Tell him that he is lazy, stupid, stupid and hopeless.
Compare with other children and do not forget to add that the other
boy or girl is much smarter.

4. Learn, что вежливость — превыше всего

Teach свое чадо к тому, что надо думать, как бы произвести
good impression on adults. Make the kid talk
all the people who turn to him. He must grow
sociable, friendly person whom everyone will love. If a
the child does not want to hug your grandmother, aunt or your best
girlfriend, make him do it. The child has no personal boundaries and
can not be, especially in relation to relatives.

5. Build Guilt

Constantly напоминайте малышу, что у него есть ответственность
in front of you. If a у вас болит голова, он в этом виноват — не
I listened, laughed loudly, so your head ached. If a в
the store you rude saleswoman, again the child is guilty, because he
dabbled and angered others. If a вы проспали, получили выговор
from the authorities, something lost – all your failures and problems
associated with the inappropriate behavior of the crumbs and he should about it
know. Let the baby grow and realize the power of his influence on
this world. He has yet to meet your expectations.

But in front of other people the child does not bear any guilt and
responsibility. Explain and inspire the child, no matter what happens.
in the kindergarten or on the playground, other children are always to blame, but
just not your child. Your child pushed someone or
called? Surely, that child himself is to blame, so let
understand his parents. Your baby is initially the best
the rest. Your baby is so cute, so small, he –
the best!

6. Communicate with your child on an equal footing.

Adult life can be quite harsh, and the baby should advance to
prepare for it, so teach it since childhood. Is always
рассказывайте крохе и держите малыша в курсе всех ваших
problems with money, about their failures at work, about quarrels and
disagreement with the spouse. The child should know what is dangerous around
мир, какие around злые люди, как тяжело приходится маме.

If a родители в разводе, мама должна объяснить сыну, что теперь
it is time for him to grow up, because he was the only and the main
a man in the family and only you can rely on him. Girl
should as soon as possible find out that she is a princess, and her men
not worthy. They only do what they deceive, and also “all of them
need only one.

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7. Impose your opinion

A child is too small to have a point of view. You
as a mother, always know better what your baby needs, how it should
think and act, because you have life experience. Speak
child, that he must always ask your advice, permission and
Agree with your every word. While the baby grows up and at least
something will begin to understand, it will take a long time. Therefore now
all parents must decide for him. When the baby grows up, he is still
will thank them for it.

Many of you probably recognized yourself in places
read this article. Think about it – you yourself would thank parents
for such upbringing?

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