6 worst advice you can give mompostpartum depression

The baby was born. Family and especially mom should be
happy, because the most difficult thing behind. Here are just a woman
faces emotional devastation. Let’s see what
слова не нужно говорить в период postpartum depression (ПД)? how
relatives aggravate the new mother’s condition, wrong
supporting her?

Postpartum depression occurs in about 50% of women.
in 13% it is severe.

Послеродовая депрессия — болезненное состояние
postpartum women, characterized by depressed mood,
crying, reluctance to see your child reversible
mental disorders. In most cases, PD is not expressed.
too hard, however in severe cases the mother may even
there is a desire to kill yourself or a child. So women are required
treatment in special institutions.

Послеродовая депрессия

Что не нужно говорить мамам в postpartum depression: 6 худших

Does a person need support in PD? Indeed, with
time depression passes by itself, but this does not mean that it is required
leave close without attention. Especially not to be perceived.
complaints and mood decay like weakness and nagging like what
observed in adolescents. It is important to understand what is happening normally.
Relatives can only help the young mother, while the body and mind are not
will bounce back.

Attention! A woman during PD can think about
suicide, mad at baby. Some even want to throw
crumbs out the window. After a while, people are horrified by their thoughts. Getting started
consider yourself unworthy of being mothers, which aggravates

Family support is good, but not everyone
knows how to properly render it. Look at the worst phrases
которые не следует говорить женщине в postpartum depression.

1. “Pull yourself together, stop crying, be patient. howая еще
depression? It’s just whims and whim “

Usually, “pull yourself together” advice comes from the older generation.
– moms, mothers-in-law and grandmothers. Like, in their time this was not.
It was, it was! And this crying absurdity, which can be heard from moms and
grandmothers who have gone through the same thing! In fact, they are either just
forget the bad or it’s still so fresh in your mind that
some have a subconscious desire for revenge, working
according to the principle “I had and you must experience.” Like
misunderstanding only strengthens guilt in mom and provokes
the following thoughts: “I am a bad mother”, “I am not capable of anything”.

Запомните: послеродовая депрессия – это не
caprice! This is a powerful hormonal adjustment of the body, the strongest
stress for the psyche caused by the new role – and just like that “take
in hand “will not work.

how правильно? say: “Honey, poor thing, you
so tired, but you are well done. ” Help with cleaning and other home
by deeds.

2. “Do not worry, everything will pass”

Лучше не давать очевидных tips, неспособных помочь человеку.
Imagine the president being told that people live poorly, and he
replies: “Do not worry, everything will pass.” Remember the real phrase,
caused a storm of hatred and is still relevant: “Money
no, but you … ”- it was a big mistake. We can not say
when it is over, why not need not worry, because from so
simple and banal advice does not become easier.

how правильно? Do not touch this topic.
Postpartum depression goes away after 3 or 360 days, because
flows into apathy and melancholy. Even psychics from the TV do not
guess the exact date.


3. “Borrow yourself with something, get distracted. What are you so sad?
Go get better! ”

First, I don’t want to “disperse” at all – constant apathy,
drowsiness somehow does not have to shop with friends. BUT
secondly, pray tell, what other “exits” when on
Are you holding a baby? Get out for an hour and constantly get distracted by
calls of a scared dad left with a baby? BUT потом еще и
listen from your mother-in-law, what kind of “cuckoo” you are – just gave birth and already
walked away.


The new mother feels responsible for the child. She is not
I want to leave the baby. Walking and visiting public places in
alone is excluded, but taking the child with you is unusual, scary.

how правильно? On the street and in the light of a young mother
need to go along with her husband, mother in law, friends. Do not leave
Mother alone is your main task.

4. “Take care of yourself, find a hobby”

That’s really advice so advice. And without that the reflection in the mirror is not
Pleases, and here also the girlfriend hints to sign up in a gym –
it means it’s really bad. You are trying to get into jeans
then sadly go to the fridge – and what to lose,
is asked? This is not a good emotion. It is like
say: “You after birth became so terrible that even cats under
the window stopped singing. There is no reason to suggest finding a hobby either.
as a mother who has just given birth suffering from postpartum depression,
не до этого, хорошо если только вечером удастся причесаться и
wash your face

how правильно? Tell mom she’s good
copes, even better than others. �“You are well done, I admire. Here is
Lenka, Dasha and Zhazgulka didn’t make half of what
do you Don’t wear yourself out, or you’ll be too good.
Mom, and we’ll envy you. “

5. “It is even worse, you are lucky …”

Excellent, now we scared our mom. It turns out tomorrow
may get worse. Let’s finish it to the end by opening the page
medical directory and reading out the symptoms of 0.2%
persons – hallucinations, maniacal ideas, suicidal tendencies.
This should encourage a person, show that he is better than others.

Particularly compassionate friends can talk on the topic of postpartum
depressed couple horror films from the series “one woman in such
able to jump out of the window. ” After such horror stories great
the likelihood of a phobia – a young mother will start to fear that her
also certainly overtake the same fate.

депрессия после родов

how правильно? Женщине в postpartum depression
not to others. She is fixated on her own personality. Any
a negative example is immediately transferred to itself. We speak only
positive, tolerant.

6. “Have a pill, she has helped Masha very well”

Perhaps the most dangerous advice. Never recommend any
drugs, even if they seem like a panacea. BUT также никогда не
принимайте лекарств, поtipsанных знакомыми или вездесущим
By the internet. All medicines are prescribed by a doctor! Joking with
Psychotropic drugs are dangerous: sometimes something that came up to one
to the other

This is the most terrible advice. BUTнтидепрессанты способны
bring to suicide. Therefore, drug treatment is acceptable.
only when prescribed by a doctor.


Uncertainty, self-flagellation, low self-esteem – basic
emotions. We have to work like a good motivation trainer,
speaking only about the positives, as any negative
perceived by mom on your account. The word “Terpy” is excluded from

What helps?

  • Healthy sleep is the most important detail. Need to sleep in any convenient
    a moment to rest too. Laziness is the best friend at this time;
  • The proximity of her husband – a woman feels abandoned and unnecessary.
    It is necessary to prove that this is not the case;
  • Talk with other moms – in life and on sites, its
    a company sharing a common pain understands like no other.

Here is и все, что требуется знать. We note there are no moms who would not
came back to normal after a certain time. See how
beautiful, fit and happy people raising younger
generation. Having recently given birth, you know, you will be the same. If you
Relative, husband or close friend, talk about good things more often,
suspended from the topic of experiences.

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Postpartum Depression: Myth or Reality?

Postpartum depression is really a serious condition of the body and
spirit or just an invention of hysterical mommies who do not know how
keep yourself in hand? В чем причины postpartum depression и как ее
to avoid?

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