6 week of pregnancy

6 week of pregnancy означает начало второго календарного
month of the new state of women. It seems that before the appearance of the child
the light is still so far away – more than half a year! However, many women
and think about it once. After all, the future baby is active
develops, and your own body constantly requires attention!

The content of the article

  • 1 Consider the term
  • 2 Mom and baby on the 6th week: what happens?
    • 2.1 Fetal development
    • 2.2 Toxicosis of pregnant women
    • 2.3 Other indicators
    • 2.4 What to look for – abdominal pain and discharge
    • 2.5 Complications
  • 3 Recommendations
    • 3.1 Power
    • 3.2 Mom and baby health
    • 3.3 Special lifestyle
    • 3.4 Who and how to report pregnancy?
  • 4 Видео гид: 6 week of pregnancy: тянет живот, ощущения,
    what is happening that can and cannot


We consider the term

6-неделя-of pregnancy

Medically, the sixth week is a little more.
months from the first day of the last menstruation. This term calculation
called obstetric. There is an embryonic counting method – from
moment of anticipated ovulation. It usually occurs in the middle
cycle. Therefore, the embryonic period lags behind the obstetric by two
of the week. The sixth week from conception (from ovulation) is the eighth
obstetric week.

And if the woman’s menstruation was not regular? This happens
against the cancellation of hormonal contraceptives, some diseases
or individual characteristics of the organism. Then the doctor will
calculate the time otherwise. For example, the size of the fetus (measured at
Ultrasound). Or the first movement of the fetus – if a woman is preparing to become
for the first time, this happens at about 20 weeks (i.e.

Why do doctors need such accuracy? They must calculate the DA.
estimated date of delivery. It will be calculated later on
maternity leave and sick leave.

Details about the timing (how to count) and the DA�

Mom and child on the 6th week: what happens?

Future baby continues to grow rapidly. Sensations
each woman on the 6th obstetric week are individual. In some
In some cases, future mothers will only learn about their new condition.
One feels great, but at the same time worries: where is
toxicosis? The other is already struggling with morning nausea. Depending on the
health and appetite may be a slight weight gain or
his loss.

Confirmation of pregnancy

In determining the new state will help four basic methods.
You can make a pharmacy test, pass a blood test for hCG
(human chorionic gonadotropin) or undergo an ultrasound.

снимок узи на шестой неделе of pregnancy

The test will certainly show two bars. HCG is one of
pregnancy hormones, so its high blood levels –
unequivocal confirmation. Ultrasound scanner will show tiny
embryo. It will look like a bright dot or comma on a dark
background uterine cavity.

A gynecological examination will also say its “yes”. On the sixth
obstetric week, the doctor will definitely feel a slightly grown uterus, in
which little life is developing intensively.

However, the future mother’s belly looks the same. Barely noticeable
thickening can be seen only in very thin women or in those who
recently a little plump.

Fetal development

Your baby is like


What does the next baby look like?


The largest parts of the body are the head and torso. Pens and feet
– tiny processes with tubercles-fingers. Fetal size (more precisely,
эмбриона) на 6-й акушерской неделе доходит до 4 мм, вес – до
2 г. BUT вот как идёт его развитие:

  • limbs gradually lengthened, outlined knee and elbow
  • fingers grow a little;
  • cartilaginous structures develop, that is, future bones;
  • formation of the brain begins, the bone marrow stays
    in its infancy;
  • the external genitalia are barely marked;
  • the inner ear begins to develop;
  • the thymus (thymus gland) is formed, the most important organ
  • lungs, heart, liver, stomach and pancreas
    continue their development;
  • the neural tube becomes the embryonic nervous system;
  • muscle tissue is still developing rapidly.

The tiny heart regularly counts about 140 beats per minute.
Is it a lot or a little? There is such a law in nature – the less
the size of the heart of a living being, the faster it beats. therefore
such a “pulse” in the embryo is in the order of things. Determine the heartbeat
only an expert during an ultrasound can.

By the way, the baby has a tiny tail. It’s like
a reminder that we are all children of Nature (after all, there are tails
many creatures on Earth). A little later, the tail is drawn inside.
and will be the tip of the spine.

And here is a new miracle – the placenta is developing, the umbilical cord is being formed.
The baby is no longer pressed closely to the wall of the ovum. He is free
swims in the amniotic fluid and makes its first movements. But
Mom still very soon be able to feel it. But she feels
much more.

Pregnant toxicosis

At the 6th obstetric week, many are “getting acquainted” with this condition.
The most common symptoms of toxicosis:

  1. Nausea in the morning or during the day. Every future mother can
    to be “your” time.
  2. Vomiting. Not every bout of nausea ends with it. Usually
    the body rejects in this way food. If you drink a lot
    amount of fluid, it can also cause stomach cramps and
    gagging urge.
  3. Changing food addictions. Favorite food suddenly starts
    cause disgust, and some products, by contrast, want to eat and
    there is no end to it. Such quirks can be repeated: today
    �”Pulls” on sauerkraut, and tomorrow you want salted fish. Sometimes
    future mom becomes unbearable caprices, because food
    desires are sometimes intolerable.
  4. A woman can sharply worsen the sense of smell. However, many
    smells cause a feeling of rejection, they can even vomit.

All these signs speak about the strengthened work of hormones.
Pregnant toxicosis – это не болезнь, а особое state. But if
a pregnant woman suffers it with great difficulty, you need to turn
to the doctor. What to look for?

  1. The body rejects any food during the day.
  2. Vomiting occurs not only after eating, but also after drinking.
  3. Vomiting and / or nausea practically do not go away.
  4. Food deficiency develops significant weakness.

Важно помнить – отсутствие токсикоза не
means “bad” or abnormal pregnancy. It is only
indicator that the mother’s body copes with its
work. Worse, if toxicosis was, and then abruptly, suddenly
has stopped. This may mean a fading pregnancy or a threat.
miscarriage. Читаем подробно о токсикозе при
of pregnancy

Other indicators

организм-женщины-на-шестой-неделе-of pregnancy

Even without toxicosis in the 6th obstetric week, the expectant mother is full
various experiences that are associated with her pregnancy.


Physical sensations (excluding toxicosis) and signs /
симптомы of pregnancy могут быть такими:

  • drowsiness at any time of the day;
  • constant feeling of tiredness;
  • frequent inability to concentrate;
  • feeling short of breath;
  • increased sensitivity of the nipples, their darkening;
  • drooling and runny nose without a cold;
  • more urge to urinate;
  • skin may become more loose and problematic (appear
  • swelling and even tingling of the mammary glands.


Some women notice that they have begun to perceive otherwise.
cold or heat. Changes may be different. For example, even in
the light summer heat everything around seems like a hot oven. What if
it is freezing outside, then the future mother is not “warming herself up” in any way – she doesn’t
coldly. It happens the opposite: at any time of the year I always want
wrap yourself up.

Emotional signs:

  • mood swings from euphoria to depression;
  • hypersensitivity (not the most touching movie
    causes a stream of tears);
  • feeling that around conspiracy misunderstanding, feeling

The future mother now and then asks: “Why is this happening?”
Ответ только один: виноваты гормоны of pregnancy. They literally
flooded the female blood and rage there in full force. Their business is
save the future baby, reconcile it with the mother’s body. it
will have to endure. However, there are warning signs. If they
появились, может потребоваться обращение to the doctor.

What to look for – abdominal pain and discharge


  • Pulling belly

Future mothers often note that they have a pulling belly. If a
this feeling is barely noticeable, do not worry. It may be
associated with the gradual internal tension of the uterine ligaments.

И всё же срок of pregnancy 6 недель – время
So the expectant mother needs to be attentive to
yourself to listen. If a живот всё-таки болит по-настоящему и боль
intensified in the evening, there is cause for alarm. Especially if time
from time to time there is a smearing brown discharge. All this can
быть признаками выкидыша или замершей of pregnancy.

If a живот болит не внизу, а выше, справа или слева, врач может
suspect ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the woman should
get expert help as early as possible.

  • Allotment

No obvious cause for concern if spotting
one-time and very minor. They may appear some more.
time. But врач о них должен знать обязательно.

Real bleeding, like menstruation, the most dangerous and
сигнализирует об угрозе miscarriage.

Scant, bright vaginal discharge is safe and mean
normal secretion of mucous membranes. Go to the doctor will have to
several cases:

  • too much mucus;
  • highlighting of pronounced yellow color;
  • it is more likely not about slime, but about “cottage cheese”;
  • the discharge has a foul odor.

Similar symptoms mean possible inflammatory or
infectious processes. They are unfavorable for the future baby,
therefore require monitoring and treatment.


Каждой будущей маме хочется лёгкой of pregnancy и благополучных
childbirth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

  • Выкидыш – это отторжение организмом эмбриона.
    Some of the causes of this complication are genetic and not
    depend on the woman. Sometimes выкидыш может быть следствием небрежности
    future mother – for example, when she goes to the sauna or starts at home
  • Внематочная беременность – это закрепление
    fetus “not in place.” In this case, the only way out is artificial.
    interrupt operationally. Now after such operations
    a woman can still have children, but an attempt is made
    not earlier than six months.
  • Замирание of pregnancy – это прекращение
    development of the embryo without rejection. Then the main medical measures
    will be aimed at ridding the woman of the dead embryo.
    Usually это делается стимулированием маточных сокращений.
  • Искусственное прерывание of pregnancy, или аборт, не
    refers to complications.
    it происходит, если беременность
    unwanted and the woman decides not to have a baby. By
    medical standards is not too late. It is only important that the woman go
    abortion with full awareness of responsibility for their decision.


To experience the joys of future motherhood, a woman needs
follow a set of recommendations. Basic concern nutrition. Also important
attention to your health and life in general.


The main signs of “pregnant” food:

  • benefits for mom and baby;
  • good absorption by the body;
  • availability.

The main nutritional recommendations are as follows:

  1. Meat should not be fat.
  2. Fish, on the contrary, it is desirable to buy fatty varieties – it has
    important food acids.
  3. Approximately a third of the food should consist of fresh vegetables and
    fruits, and also dried fruits.
  4. Dairy and dairy products should be in the diet of the future
    moms every day.
  5. It is advisable to eat porridge daily.
  6. Products should not be “fast.” Groats in bags, noodles in
    boxes and powdered potatoes in jars should remain in
    the past.
  7. If a продуктам требуется тепловая обработка, готовить лучше на
    steamed or baked.
  8. By возможности нужно избегать консервов, копчёностей и острых
  9. Strength and amount of tea and natural coffee will have
    to reduce.

Not every dish will realize all the advantages. Somewhere
will need a compromise. If a зимой захотелось свежих грибов (пункт
on availability), most likely, will have to get frozen. BUT
when an organism with horror “refuses” steam trout and requires
canned tuna, will it be easy to resist?

BUTбсолютный отказ относится только к алкоголю. Even
a small dose of alcohol can cause serious pathologies
embryo development.

With toxicosis, the first morning meal is best done, not
getting out of bed.

Mom and baby health

Taking care of your own health is now especially important for a woman.
Just a few simple rules will help to avoid problems.

  1. Avoid crowds, especially during epidemics.
    viral and other infections.
  2. It is impossible to carry out X-ray examinations.
  3. It is advisable not to use household chemicals with a high content.
    ammonia (ammonia) and chlorine.
  4. Urgently need to quit smoking.
  5. Medications – only allowed for pregnant women and only
    prescribed by a doctor.
  6. It is important to exclude direct contact with pets in order to
    avoid possible infection with toxoplasmosis. Adults can
    transfer this disease and not even notice, but for the embryo it
    extremely dangerous.
  7. It is advisable to visit a doctor, confirm uterine pregnancy and
    pass the first general and specific analyzes. The doctor will prescribe
    urine, vaginal smears, and blood tests
    infections and diseases. In addition, a specialist recommends vitamins.
    for pregnant women and folic acid, which is very important for
    proper development of the future baby.

Special way of life

All actions, all woman’s behavior should take into account her special

  1. With constant fatigue, it is better not to visit and / or
    noisy events.
  2. Emotions – only positive! It is important not to give in to the negative and
    bouts of bad mood.
  3. The sexual life of future parents does not need changes,
    if still brings convenience to both. But if будущую маму
    something is disturbing in intimate life, the problem needs to be solved. Not worth it
    be silent about discomfort and be afraid of offending your partner. Only trust and
    Frankness will help to establish a new sexual rhythm. There is one
    important point: rough, aggressive sex can cause miscarriage.
  4. It is better to refuse to view the bloody movie fighters, drama with
    violent scenes and “horror”. Against the backdrop of hormonal changes
    future mom can survive the most natural stress, and suffer
    при этом embryo. After all, to him through the blood of his mother will come real
    impulse of fear, negativity and hopelessness.
  5. If a раньше женщина не соблюдала режим дня, пора начинать.
    A measured lifestyle will help to overcome chronic fatigue, and

Кому и как сообщить о of pregnancy?

In the next few weeks, the expectant mother will often stand before
question: to whom and when to tell about your new condition? And how about
to report this?

как сообщить мужу о of pregnancy

First on the list will be, of course, the father of the child. Exactly how is he
узнает о наступившей of pregnancy, каждая женщина должна решить
herself. it может быть романтический ужин или почти деловая
situation. In one old film, the artist wife is literally
played out her husband: drew him with a huge “pregnant” belly.
It is only important to remember that the words “oh, you and I flew” give
very frivolous attitude to the future appearance in the family

Perhaps the future father was already aware of the delay in
beloved woman, and therefore he will ask her about the test results
or analyzes.

Older children (if they are already there), potential grandparents
and other relatives let them know everything when the future
parents get ready for this.

The employer should be aware of the employee’s pregnancy as
can be earlier if a woman has harmful and / or difficult working conditions.
She is entitled to a more favorable working environment. But if
there is no hurry, you can wait a bit – the tummy will appear again
not soon.

The sixth week of pregnancy will not be a difficult time if
The future mother will take care of herself and her baby.

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Видео гид: 6 week of pregnancy: тянет живот, ощущения,
what is happening that can and cannot

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