6 ways to piss off pregnanta woman

Any woman who wore a child’s heart knows
how hard it is to cope with hormones. But the surrounding is completely
do not want to understand her feelings. Need to learn to perceive
pregnant as a normal person who may be unpleasant
constant touch and lisping. Remember this is not easy
vessel for the child, and all the same person. Here are six comments.
that will help you realize that annoying pregnant


1. Touching the belly

The belly of a pregnant woman is not at all wealth
the public.
Therefore, she is not very pleased with the attempts of everyone.
an oncoming friend to touch her. Many can not tolerate
touches of people who are not used to. And because they are
got stomachs, this character trait has not changed at all.

Therefore, even if you are a relative, do not forget
ask permission. And if she politely refuses, do not think
take offense. And strangers better to pass by, whatever
Affection a pregnant woman did not cause. Some women even
body contact with clothes during pregnancy is unpleasant, not
what with human hands.


2. Questions about the duration of pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, each month of the term matters. Her
baby grows, develops, and she is already starting to feel
mother. But others often become interested in health and
development of the child only when they hear about a period of at least six
months. Three months does not seem to them something important. Showing
your disinterest in a shorter period, you like
tell the mother that her child is not even human yet
not this way.


If you have already asked such a question, then follow your follow
reaction. Remember that a pregnant woman has something to share on
whatever term it was. So ask questions and rejoice.
every little progress in the development of her baby.

3. Talk about how she got better or lost weight.

Any woman is unpleasant talk about the fact that she gained weight,
and all the more pregnant. Yes, it’s all natural, but who told you
what does she want to hear about it? Some very hard to worry
weight changes. After pregnancy, many will have to
restore the former form. So if you do not see
that the woman herself calmly jokes over her weight, then do not lift
this topic.

4. Comments on character changes.

Every woman has a different pregnancy. Some
she comes quietly without much change in character, while others
hormones are played out in earnest. No need to compare different
cases. А также не стоит обвинять a woman, думая, что она ведет
yourself differently specifically to get attention. Such
allegations upset a pregnant woman who can’t do anything
with mood swings and pissed off.

5. Permanent bans

Pregnant women really can not be much. But do not need
reach the point of absurdity. You shouldn’t pull a glass of wine out of a woman’s hands,
if she wanted to try a sip and then read to her
notation. The same goes for coffee. Do not look into your mouth
to another person. If a pregnant woman wanted to eat potatoes
fr do not look at her as the most terrible person in all
the world. Give her the most care for her body. And lecturing her
can read and doctor. vrednaia-eda-beremennost`

6. Attitude to a woman as a vessel for a child

Pregnancy является для женщины очень важным событием. She is
will talk a lot about it, read, ask for advice. But you
sure that in these nine months she should forget about herself? Have
pregnant women still have their own interests, thoughts, desires and dreams,
which she wants to discuss. Stop reading medical
recommendations and say what a woman can not. Don’t need any topic
reduce to the child. Remember that before you

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