6 tips on how to avoid children’s tantrums ingrocery store

�“Give, give, give !!! Buy, buy, buy !!! “Aaaaaa !!!!!
I want, I want, I want this candyuuuuuuuu !. What do you feel when
Is the child starting to ask for something in the store? And, sometimes, just
hysteria? How to prevent this behavior? What measures
to take if the child is not inferior?

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I had a chance to live in Germany for almost a year in one German family.
в которой воспитывали троих детей — полутора, четырех и семи
years old. Their mother managed to build relationships with children in such a way that
became for me a model for solving many educational processes,
connected with my own babies.

We often went shopping all together, but I never
I had a chance to witness not a single child’s hysteria in the store.
The girls behaved calmly and politely and always helped mom with

During this year I managed to get acquainted with some simple
ways of raising children mom from Germany. I think a few
strategic lessons from an experienced mom will help you.

A hysterical child in the middle of a store: 6 tips to prevent

1. Do not go shopping hungry

�”You are not yourself when you’re hungry”. When a child is hungry, it is difficult for him
explain why you do not need to buy this chocolate or chips: these
Products are not classified as healthy foods. Baby wants to eat
and becomes capricious, whining. Adults act on the same
principle: the more hungry they go to the store, the more harmful
food put in the cart.

Going to shopping full, the decision to purchase one or another
product become deliberate.

2. Buy products strictly by

Going shopping, ahead with your child make
list of required products. Compose it together by listening
to the advice of the baby. Ask him what is best to buy: simple cabbage
or broccoli?

Покупки по составленному заранее list экономят время в
store and help explain to the child why not put in
магазинную тележку незапланированную упаковку с чипсами —
the list was made together, and there are no chips in this list.

The child, who was entrusted with his mother to make a plan
shopping, more will be serious about keeping it.

3. Take a snack on the road

If you have to go to the store for quite a long time,
the kid can get hungry and play a little water.


Let mom in her purse have something tasty, healthy,
the so-called snack. That the child really like. For example,
apple or nuts. Maybe the kid likes other fruits or
vegetables. It will be an excellent replacement for the proposed shopping centers.
fast foods.

If the child is still small, cut the fruits and vegetables into slices,
to make it easier for him to eat. Do not forget to take with you
trip water.

4. Get the child involved in the selection.

Ask your child to choose the most healthy, fresh and tasty.
product. Let him consider the product label. If you can read,
pay attention to shelf life.

Often in kindergartens, educators talk about the right
nutrition, expired products, that you can not eat old and
spoiled. The kid will gladly apply his knowledge for good

Thus, you teach your baby to choose the right products.
The man who was given such adult responsibility
will be very serious about her.

5. Make going to the store fun.

In the store you can arrange a variety of games that will distract
your child from possible moods. Play with the baby.
For example, составьте заранее карту тех отделов, которые
scheduled to visit and hand her baby. Let him lead you.

Ask your baby to find the most beautiful packaging in the store.
pasta. Or собрать несколько products одного цвета. Or show
the funniest vegetable or fruit.

6. The child made a tantrum in the store

In a situation where, contrary to all your efforts, hysterical
child still happened, count about ten to yourself. Or
remember Carlson’s favorite expression: “calm, only
calm! ”and try to hold on.

Do not agree to fulfill the set
baby condition: buy me this chocolate, then I get up from the floor
and stop crying. If you once refused to buy the baby
chocolates or packs of biscuits, stand firm.

Give in to a child’s tantrum just once, and he will
feel that he can always achieve what he wants. Let be
today you are in a difficult and unpleasant position, let him see
condemning the views of others, remain firm in their decision.
Then you thank yourself for it.

Home, in a relaxed atmosphere, be sure to
explain to the child how such tantrums are unacceptable in
further. Tell us how ugly it looks from the outside. AND
how this behavior grieves mom.


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