6 tips for moms who are missingof time

How often do we hear from moms the famous phrase “I don’t
успеваю, у меня ребенок», «У меня нет of time ни на что». Really
Is this really the case? In this article we will figure out how to change
situation for the better and make time your best


It’s amazing that people survived, this is truly a miracle :). After all, if
listen to people who are lucky enough to become a parent, you can
hear about their sad fate – lack of sleep, lack of
of time, отсутствие возможности заняться хоть каким-то делом (не
to mention the hobby). And when a child grows up – complain about
ingratitude of the kids and the inability to manage them. All true
so bad? Let’s try to find a way out of
вашей жизни ушло чувство разочарования из-за нехватки of time —
whether it is real or made up.

1. Appreciate your role

Иногда мы преувеличиваем и эмоционально рассказываем о
events, feelings that shook us. Even if not experienced
so essentially, we still exaggerate and hyperbolize for
full sensation. This is not self-deception and no desire to produce
impression. В психологии человека — это нормальное явление.
Тоже касается и нехватки of time. Sometimes we talk about how
трудно с ребенком, чтобы окружающие нас люди стали нас больше


But what seems valuable to you may not produce any
reactions to another person. All people have different problems and
values, so it’s important that you take a sober view of yourself and
what are you doing. Do not compare yourself with other moms who
�”Have a lot of time.” Some people may do one thing, but
some are comfortable with taking on many responsibilities.

2. Acknowledge that you are tired

The human body has limits, and you are no exception.
Allow yourself to be tired, this is natural, because
forces after the rest you will be much more productive to perform their
duties. A tired person will spend on basic things
как минимум раза в два больше of time. Do not try to be omnipotent
super mom, allow yourself to be an ordinary person.

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3. It is not necessary to be perfect in everything.



When you are just starting your way of motherhood – you want to be
perfect mom and hostess, but also have time to be a business woman and
perfect wife. So easy it seems at first, but with
временем нехватка of time даст о себе знать. After all, do
ideally not entirely possible. Do not try to prove something to yourself.
Withкратите список своих обязанностей взятых на себя, или
lower the bar requirements for their execution.

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4. Переоценка ценностей

You used to never accumulate in the sink dirty
crockery and proud of immaculately ironed linens? It,
certainly commendable and admirable. But maybe it is not so
important, as it seems, and there are more pressing things. After all, in your new
living with a small child these values ​​can become kidnappers
of time. Оцените, сколько of time уходит на ваши домашние
responsibilities, try to give up some of them for some


Perhaps now you need to take time to walk, go to the movies with
husband reading interesting literature. In the house with the children to achieve
a perfect order longer than 5 minutes is unrealistic. Maybe worth
Relax and not spend on your usual things so much strength? After all
You will need strength to communicate with your child, husband. Give it to
attention to your parents.

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5. No need to complain

Do you know who likes to complain about their lives? Grandmothers on the bench
near the entrance, which only do this all day and
wash all the bones in the neighborhood. True, it looks ridiculous with
hand this behavior? How are you better when you start complaining?
on your hard parenting life? Similar thinking only
takes power and positive energy, but all does not help
to be in time.

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6. Appreciate yourself, but do not cult

Children can not be perfect, like adults. Kids get sick no
always listen to you, indulge, argue, arrange tantrums. With
sides it seems that other people’s children are more calm, docile. But you
don’t you know what’s going on at home in other families? Hence the conclusion
that “working as a mother” is always difficult, but quite natural.
Appreciate what you highlight (see point 1), but do not build your role
mothers in the cult. After all дети – это прекрасно.


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