6 signs that you are ready to becomeparent

About the so-called biological clock every woman of age
thirty years heard repeatedly. This concept is skillfully operated
relatives, gynecologists and friends when the topic concerns birth
baby Many of the close people are sure that to a certain
All should be ready for age to motherhood. But the arguments that it is time
to start a first-born just because those same hours are ticking, – not
reason to change their position. Is a woman ready to donate
life to a new person, she must decide for herself.

If you already want to start a family and have a child, this fact
talks about your readiness. If you only have ideas about
future pregnancy, and you doubt whether to have a baby,
The following 6 facts will help you figure out your thoughts.

1. You have a need to be

Despite the fact that many modern young people do not decide
to have children, they may need to become parents.
Such a feeling arises by itself, and the person begins
realize that the right time for the birth of a child has come.
How and why this sensation appears cannot be explained.
Awareness comes by chance and cannot be confused with anything.

2. You are well aware of education

If you are ready for a change in your life, you can easily
imagine that you have a child. Fully feel it up
the present appearance of the firstborn is impossible, but the fact that you
clearly imagine how you are raising a baby, says a lot.
Your willingness to acquire your own child will confirm your
emotions in relation to other children. Listen to your
ощущениям, когда держите на руках чужого baby

3. You are not afraid of the future

If you have not yet matured to such a serious step as
parenthood, thinking about the future will be alarming and
concerns. When you calmly imagine yourself as a father or mother,
можно говорить о том, что к появлению baby вы созрели. AT
anticipation of a significant event alarming thoughts are replaced
joyful: you go through the names in your mind for the future children,
Can you imagine what toys and clothes you will buy?



Positive emotions don’t fade even when you realize that
nights can become sleepless. ATсе эти факторы свидетельствуют о том,
that you are ripe for major changes in life.

4. ATы видите в своем партнере потенциал

Один из факторов, которые влияют на готовность иметь baby, —
your confidence in a partner. Потенциал быть хорошим parent может
manifest only after the appearance of the baby, but see the features
характера, которые помогут в воспитании baby, можно уже

5. ATы прекрасно ладите с детьми друзей и

If your nephews, godparents and children of friends are happy with
you communicate and play, and you also enjoy spending time with them,
you are quite prepared to have a baby.

6. ATы финансово независимы

Очень часто молодые люди не торопятся заводить baby из-за
lack of enough money. Parenting without funds
to existence can turn into a real test and
constant stress. Therefore, your financial freedom is one of
the most important factors of readiness for paternity or motherhood.


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