6 reasons when parents are guilty of anxietybaby

Now people already live in a furious rhythm – they do not get enough sleep,
often get into stressful situations. No wonder the diagnosis
�“Anxiety disorder” is becoming more common. Parents of course
want their children to be healthy and happy, eager
protect them from negative factors. Only sometimes they do not
notice how mistakes are made in the upbringing, because of which the child
getting alarming.

тревожный ребенок

From this article you will learn why, guided by the good
intentions, it is easy to harm your child. So, 6 mistakes of parents,
из-за которых у baby может развиться тревожное расстройство.

1. Excessive care

В школе у baby так много проблем — часто несправедливое
attitude of teachers, nagging from the older guys, quarrels with
classmates. Hearing about this, parents begin to worry and
show your emotions. Worry for your child – absolutely
fine. Here are just a violent demonstration of their experiences,
probably not worth it. Children react to emotions
parents take them to heart, but in the end they start
worry more that their loved ones are worried.

чрезмерная забота

Parents must be strong for the child to take an example from them.
If he sees adults respond to problems
волнением, он будет расти с уверенностью, что это fine.
Therefore, keep under control feelings and anxiety when dealing with
problems of his offspring. Child needs to feel support
parents, to understand that they will always listen to him carefully,
cheer, help practical advice.

2. Стремление защитить baby от всех бед

Parents consider it their duty to protect children. It is noble
impulse, but it often becomes the cause of increased anxiety in

слишком много защиты

Having learned about problems at school, the first thing I want to do is go
and deal with offenders. It is hardly worth giving in to this impulse,
because in this case the child will receive 2 signals: the first is that he cannot
to be frank with my parents, the second – the closest people think
that he is not able to deal with his problems. therefore
parents need to convince their child that they will protect
him only when he wants it. It is better
help your child find a solution to his problem, which he will embody in
. The only way you can raise
an independent person able to cope with life

3. Compensation of weaknesses

All parents want their child to study well, receive
praise from the teachers and in general was everyone’s favorite. therefore они
Immediately come to the rescue when something is not working out for the child. If a
the child failed the test in algebra, he hired a tutor,
if there was a clash with a school bully – it is recorded on
aikido. It is quite understandable and logical parental desire to tighten the weak
hand children so that they grow up successful people. Need to realize
next: constantly helping the child cope with what he has
It does not work, you focus on the negative.


Gaining confidence in people usually helps not
compensation for the weaknesses of the individual, while focusing on
The secret of happiness is simple: you need to do what you have
good at it, and not take to heart failure. Instead
to inflate tragedy because of one bad mark and
hire a tutor, better deal with the child in what he
shows success. So he will again believe in himself and in his

Фокусируясь на сильных сторонах baby, вы
вырастите его уверенными в себе человеком.


4. Increased focus on strengths

Yes, we just said that you need to focus on strength (and
this is true), and now we endure it with another item.
Фокусироваться на сильных сторонах baby действительно нужно, но
it is important not to overdo it. This is a difficult task – do not go
edge, after which there are high expectations. Showing off
familiar that the son is the future Olympic champion, and the daughter is an excellent pupil
and the best student, parents believe that they encourage children and
help them go to the goal. In fact, such speeches have
сильное давление на психику baby. Praise your children when they
cope with something, but do not demand more from them because of this
of success. Due to high expectations, joyful and positive environment
becomes heavy and anxious. After all, a child wants parents
they were proud, and afraid to upset them.

5. The desire to educate a person with high moral

Perhaps everyone wants their children to grow up highly moral.
by people. The problem is that every age has its own values.
The teenagers are protesting at all, they are all questioning. therefore не
совсем правильно наказывать baby за то, что он не следует вашим
to the rules.


It happens that children commit acts about which later
regret. More than once teenagers have committed suicide because of the reasons
which should never have led to the loss of life. Sometimes children
make the wrong decisions – from posting naked photos online
before watching pornography – and the thought that some member
family learns about their act, looks like a terrible punishment
of death. Убедите своего baby, что, хоть моральные
values ​​and important you understand how many temptations
Otherwise, he will not be able to approach you and talk about
their mistakes because they will be afraid of condemnation and blame.

6. Hush up your own problems

Parents do not want to burden children with their problems. Financial
difficulties, quarrels with the husband, troubles at work are all tough
the realities of the adult world. Зачем вываливать этот негатив на baby,
who is not guilty of anything? Parents think that without telling
their child about adult problems, they guard his peace.
Only children are very receptive, so everyone understands even without
of words. Maybe they don’t know the details, but they see
puzzled faces of parents, feel the tension in the relationship.
A child needs only the feeling that something is not in
okay – and he is already starting to get worried.

Does this mean that you need to charge all your problems on the weak
baby shoulders? Of course not. Yet a little honesty is that
associated with your experiences, does not hurt. Главное — не
just share your problems with the child, but also explain
как вы собираетесь с ними справляться
. So you will model
в сознании baby методы борьбы с тревожностью.

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�”Anxiety disorders in children,” says the psychologist
Anna Budko:

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