6-month-old baby daily routine


  1. During the wakefulness of the game
  2. Bathing
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Massage

The baby is 6 months old. Time flew by unnoticed worries and worries. 6 months is a certain milestone in development person.

The adaptation period is over, the baby already has its own character, its own a certain attitude to the environment. There comes a period of innovation. The kid is already quite free to observe the daily routine, eats and sleeps at the same time, can already sleep quite freely all night without waking up.

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The regimen moments of a six-month-old baby are:

  • Sleep 14 – 15 hours a day, 9 – 10 hours falls on a night’s sleep and three times a day, and possibly already two times a day, sleep of 1.5 – 2 hours;
  • 5 single feeding;
  • Hygienic procedures
  • Massage and gymnastics;
  • Walks in the open air.

We continue to acquaint the baby with new tastes and new food. New meals are best served in the morning to it was better to observe the body’s reaction to the product over of the day.

Six months is just the time when you can enter the diet is the first lure, and it’s best to start with juices, compotes, vegetable and fruit purees. Not in one day give several types of new products.

Phasing and sluggishness during the introduction of complementary foods – guarantee of healthy digestion of the child without stress for gastrointestinal tract. If the baby is breast milk, Be sure to continue to feed, as long as possible! Even if it only 1 time per day, do not stop feeding, the benefits of breast milk priceless!

During the wakefulness of the game

The regimen of the day of babies at 6 monthsSix month baby free picks up toys and plays with them for their intended purpose: shakes a tumbler, rattles a rattle, turns pages toy books with dense pages, presses buttons, knocks a hammer. Learns to understand the logical relationship of action and result.

We complicate the toys, offer the baby pyramids, cubes, button and keyboard development games, with strings, cords, large beads.


It is imperative to revise toys, remove small and toys with parts easily detachable from the general construction. Baby Safety First and foremost, the baby pulls everything in his mouth and it can easily choke on a small detail.

It is important that the toys are clean, periodically wash them in soap solution. It’s best to store them in special boxes, dividing as intended. Joint game with an adult delivers special joy to the baby, voice the name of the toy, show possible actions with a toy, read baby books.

Active periods of games, walks, physical education and massage alternate with a good night’s sleep. If the child falls asleep badly and restlessly asleep, review the structure of the wakeful period, nothing it happens just like that. You will definitely find the reason by carefully analyzing the whole day. We protect the nervous system of the baby. Calm happy the atmosphere prevailing in the family is the key to a calm, happy baby.


Bathing remains one of the favorite entertainment for the child. is he can freely sit in the bathroom with the help of special seats, attached by suction cups to the bottom of the bath, and play with some water. Neither for a second you can not leave the baby unattended in quickly wean the baby to suck a finger – find out how do it right.

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The regimen of the day of babies at 6 monthsAt six months of age introduce the baby to a toothbrush. It is at this age that most babies have their first tooth.

Choose a comfortable baby brush with a soft bristle, show and We tell the baby the principle of use, toothpaste is not needed. This is not a real brushing, just a game, but it helps develop a good and proper habit.

Sentence nursery rhymes on this subject:

There are upper teeth, there are lower teeth. All they are different, but very necessary! *** And Sonya has a tooth the second grew like a house, And she nibbles Now Everything is in a row, like a rabbit!


We continue physical exercises, massage. Muscle baby strengthened so much so that the baby flips freely in any direction, creeps while still on his stomach, helping himself with his legs and arms, but to the end of the month may already crawl on all fours. There are many ways to crawl, baby yourself chooses a method convenient for him. There are children who do not crawl, and immediately try to stand on their feet.

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