6 life moments when the baby changes youra life

То, что с появлением ребенка в доме, a life семьи заметно
change, every parent understands. And along with the joyful expectation
the presence of a latent alarm and timid
doubt. Now you are responsible for this tiny screaming happiness. Your
Кроха наполнит a life новым смыслом и заставит торжествовать его
first victories. Your Кроха изведет вас несносными капризами и изнурит
sleepless nights. Your Кроха щедро одарит вас своей любовью и
delighted, demanding in return your attention, effort and time. You
will have to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, fall asleep while sitting or
стоя, в редкие минуты тишины, и сохранять невозмутимость, когда Your
the pussy will cry hysterically at the supermarket stand, begging for
candy or ice cream.

мама и ребенок

We present to your attention 6 life moments with the help
которых Your Кроха сможет изменить вашу a life.

1. Have to think about food in a new way.

You can surely forget about neglect and neglect
healthy food. Humble yourself. Ahead are strict feeding schedules and
sophisticated ways of convincing a stubborn one that nothing tastes better
greens, soup and vegetables. Without a personal example can not do.
You have to carefully think through the menu each time, armed
recommendations pediatricians and nutritionists. Do not relax. Highly
soon it will become the usual norm. All the more, that in gains
will be all. Agree that a healthy diet habit is a bonus
for the whole family.

2. The baby will be with you everywhere

You была знакома досадная скука одиночества? Trust your
child, he successfully rid you of such nonsense. Now lonely
a walk through the city or a lonely dream on the couch will be yours
most reverent desires. Dreams that are easy to dispel
an annoying whine or joyful cry of a beloved offspring. What to do?
But now you have opened the whole depth of enjoyment of the opportunity to be
alone with myself. Appreciate.

3. He will teach you to wake up early

Who gets up early, is ensured that the whirl of affairs and worries from the very
in the morning. Now it’s about you. How long have you been up at sunrise? WITH
the appearance of the crumbs you will get used to the early ascents.
benefiting from these early ascents. After all, these are extra hours of life.
This is another cup of coffee and a morning walk. This is an opportunity
optimally plan and usefully spend the day with

ребенок будит маму


4. You will become his main game partner.

Get ready for the virtual world of social networking to move to
far corner of your interests. The first plan will take a lively and
restless world of fantasy and children’s fun. Delight of carelessness of the game,
a riot of imagination, carefree joy. Instead of
check your email or instagram ten times an hour, you
you will build a house of cubes, collect Lego, draw fish,
pretend to be a plane or a zoo. And your baby will be
have fun laughing at you. Share this world with a child: raise
and pull locks from cubes, draw and sing, turn into
airplane, horse, elephant. Baby will be happy. And in your heart
there will be a casual ease of childishness.

5. He will teach you important life lessons.

The adult world in the eyes of the kid looks absurd and ridiculous.
Why not shout and laugh when you want? Fun spank
puddles? WITHмести с полок игрушки в магазине? Crumb, unlike
you live here and now. Therefore he will sob in grocery
scream during a dinner party or laugh during
the business meeting you took him to because you don’t
were able to find a babysitter. He knows nothing about the dates and the schedule, and he
it is not necessary. It is he who will teach you to go with the flow and nowhere

Education – the process of complying with prohibitions and restrictions. Everything
Difficulties you have to overcome with your child. He more than once
baffle you with your actions. And do not avoid awkward
situations. Don’t let that bother you. Teaching and instructing, learn
see the world through the eyes of a baby. Together find the answers.

6. Yourа шкала ценностей преобразится


WITHвоей любовью ребенок изменит все ваши приоритеты в этом мире.
Your baby doesn’t care about your appearance, your status or what they think about you.
others. Children’s love is always sincere and selfless. She doesn’t
requires perfection from you. She is trustful and selfless. AND
Believe me, there is nothing sincere this love!

Now it is the greatest value of your life.

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