6 best panties – diapers

Absorbing diaper panties all the time
They are improving, delighting parents of babies with their convenience. Palm
superiority in quality and comfort belongs to the Japanese panties
production. Today it is not difficult to find quality products among
relatively inexpensive models.

трусики подгузники

Panty diapers: how to choose

Moms know that the older the child, the more uncomfortable it is to wear
classic diapers. Crawl, jump, run and practice
other children’s affairs kids much more comfortable in absorbing
shorts-diapers. All parents are trying to buy a child
only better. Therefore, it is useful for them to know what are the main criteria
and requirements they should pay attention to when choosing panties –

1. Type of product

Absorbent panties can be disposable and reusable (with
inserts). Of course, fans of the first option are much
more, since such products are more hygienic, practical in
application and familiar to parents. But mothers who rated
reusable diapers, they say that to teach them to grow up
ребенка к горшку намного легче (кстати, возможно заинтересует:
как правильно приучить ребенка к горшку
). Besides, they
very economical.

2. Material

Absolutely all disposable diapers consist of an external,
inner layers and filler between them. First
two layers are usually made of cotton and cellulose, and the filler
consists of absorbents. Poor quality panties contain in their
The composition of the polyethylene, because of which the diapers “do not breathe.”
It is advisable to buy panties with not hard, wide elastic bands.
for fixing in the belt and legs.

3. Additional features

Absorbing panty manufacturers are constantly developing new ones.
�”Chips”. For example, the ability to quickly remove the panties using
torn sidewalls and velcro-clamp for folding products
after use, greatly facilitate the operation of diapers.
The fullness indicator in the form of a bar indicates that
The diaper is full. And this, you see, is very convenient.

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Which panty diaper manufacturers should be trusted?

Who among the producers of the best cares about comfort
our children and about us? Quality leaders among supplier companies
baby absorbent panty considered a company from Japan. it
DoReMi, Fixies, Goo.N, Moony and Merries. Company data not only
use high quality raw materials, but also represent our
attention to the latest developments.

Korean Bosomy rare in our market, Swedish
Naty and Muumy from Finland also have good performance.
And the products of well-known manufacturers of Libero, Pampers and Huggies are not
so perfect compared to the Japanese. Recently, however
Western companies in the production of a number of the latest series try
draw on the experience of their Japanese counterparts. Buyers are reusable
panties for the most part give preference to the company
Blueberry, producing a variety of polyester panties
colors and sizes.

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6 items of the best absorbers
panty diaper


Merries 9-14 kg (L) 30 pcs. – undoubted leader among
panty diaper


Why in the list of the best:

Panties are made of breathable, breathable material.
The product has a very delicate inner layer and is located
over the entire inner surface of an effective absorbent
filler. Also, the diaper is equipped with torn sidewalls,
Velcro for folding and absorbent pad with barriers.
The latter rise when put on and fit comfortably to
crotch baby.


  • the material fits snugly to the baby’s skin and at the same time
  • well absorbs and does not pass liquid;
  • it is equipped with the indicator of filling with moisture;
  • Does not get tough when filled.


  • high price.

Средняя цена от 500 до 1500 руб. You can see here


Goo.N M (9-14 kg) 46 pcs. best suited for
the most active kids


Why in the list of the best:

Goo.N absorbent panties are so light and soft that this
even Merries cannot compare with them. They have a comfortable fit,
so they do not slip and provide comfort when driving and on
walk. The structure of the product is such that its contact area
with a little skin. Therefore, the child’s buttocks remain for a long time.


  • high landing;
  • great for sensitive skin;
  • have good absorbing properties;
  • no strong pungent odor after use.


  • absorb less moisture than other panties;
  • High price;
  • �”Malomeryat.”

Price from 1200 r. You can see here


Moony night 9-14 kg (L) 30 pcs. ideal for “night”
child’s life

Moony ночные

Why in the list of the best:

Moony night “able” to absorb the liquid in large volumes,
and this is exactly what is needed for a quiet, “dry” sleep of a child.
Also, panties perfectly “help out” on the road. Thanks
double fold fold diapers easy put on even
if the baby spins. And to remove them is even easier – enough to break
along the side seams. They are also equipped with a fixing tape for


  • gum protection;
  • enlarged layer for absorption;
  • soft breathable material.


  • decent price.

Price from 1000 r. You can see here


Libero Up&Go 5 (10-14 кг) 48 шт. – budget
good quality option

Libero Up&Go

Why in the list of the best:

Of course, Libero panties are not as comfortable as Japanese counterparts.
However, with their average level of value they are relatively
good quality. Panties can “boast” the presence of
barriers to protect against possible leaks, bursting
боковинами и липучкой для folding. The belt of the panty is soft and


  • democratic price;
  • suitable for both sleep and movement;
  • keep fluid well;
  • in their manufacture does not apply harmful impregnation.


  • harsh;
  • �”Malomerki”.

Price from 300 r. You can see here


Huggies Little Walkers 4 (9-14 kg) 34 pcs. – available
functional panties

Huggies Little Walkers

Why in the list of the best:

Thanks анатомической форме трусики не натирают область между
legs. The manufacturer took care of the boys and girls, arranging
the absorbent layer is higher for the first and center for the second. These
panties differ from similar models in that one movement
they transform into classic diapers (and vice versa). By the
the same reason they are not difficult to shoot.


  • models created specifically for girls and boys;
  • have adhesive fasteners on the sides;
  • inexpensive.


  • not very elastic;
  • the quality of the filler leaves much to be desired.

Price from 400 r. You can see here


Blueberry (1 шт.) – лучшие среди panty diaper


Why in the list of the best:

Panties made of waterproof fabric. Therefore, when contaminated
You can simply wipe and use on. Parents can
regulate the absorbency of the diaper. For this
just insert the required number of inserts.


  • big savings;
  • help to teach the child to the pot;
  • easily washable by hand or in a typewriter;
  • size can be adjusted;
  • original design.


  • Liners must be purchased separately.

Price from 600 r. You can see here

A huge selection of diaper panties can look in
online store obstetrics.ru – panties diapers

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As you can see, the expression “price justifies quality” is fair and
для panty diaper. Therefore, Japanese panties are the best.
choice for your child. However, if finances do not allow
purchase them, relatively high-quality and convenient product
It is possible to find among the models at more affordable prices. the main thing
pick up exactly what suits your baby.

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