6 arguments in favor of vertical childbirth

Most women in our time have not even heard of
such a thing as “vertical childbirth.” For this reason,
various interpretations that this is just another newfangled
trend among obstetricians offering alternative ways
delivery In fact, vertical delivery was still relevant.
since ancient times and have had a number of positive

вертикальные роды

A bit of history

From time immemorial, vertical births were considered natural and
the most convenient way to have children. Women of Central Africa
usually went into the thicket of the forest, where there was a pre-established
pole between the trees. This pole served as a kind of support for them.
time of birth – they held on to him during the fights, alternately
squatting and getting up to reduce pain. Gave birth to
children squatting.

In India, pregnant women gave birth, clinging to
creepers or just tree branches. In Persia, it was customary to rely on
any object that is similar in shape to a brick to
facilitate the attempts. In Europe, for example, in the Netherlands and
Germany, used a special chair for childbirth. Even
there was an interesting wedding tradition – in the dowry of the bride
necessarily included such a chair for childbirth.

In Russia, pregnant women during childbirth until exhaustion went on
heated bath and stepped over low barriers to
provoke uterine contractions. It was thought to be
promoted relaxation of the pelvic muscles and rapid advancement
child’s birth canal. Often, Russian women gave birth, hanging
on the neck of her husband.

�”Fashion” to give birth in a horizontal position only appeared
after the favorite of King of France Louis XIV produced on
the light of his child lying on his back. This happened due to the fact that
the king decided to personally observe the process of childbirth. Mothers
I had to give birth to a child “horizontally”, although at that moment this pose
considered completely uncomfortable, and even unnatural.

The main advantages of “vertical birth”

1. Reducing pain during labor

Vertical delivery implies the active behavior of women in childbirth
the first stage of labor (during labor), when the cervix is ​​only
starts to unfold. Contractions increase, pain while
are intensifying. Therefore, a woman should move more: she can
walk, swim in the pool, make oblique movements
back and forth, take a shower or just sit.

All actions of a pregnant woman are aimed at
instinctively find a comfortable posture and most painlessly move
the next fights. Due to this behavior, very often
dispense with any anesthetic at the first stage of labor.

2. Prevention of oxygen deficiency (hypoxia)

Матка беременной женщины по мере роста fetus постепенно
stretches and increases in size, so by the time of birth
its weight (together with the baby’s weight and amniotic fluid) reaches
sometimes six kilograms. When a woman gives birth on her back, the main
the load due to the weight of the uterus falls on the blood vessels along the line
her spinal column, exerting pressure on the aorta and lower hollow

For this reason, the blood circulation in the body is disturbed.
a pregnant woman, and this, in turn, causes a shortage
кислорода у fetus. Then various stimulating and
pain killers that negatively affect health
newborn baby.

With vertical birth, a woman in labor can become any
position – on his knees, on his haunches or on all fours. These poses
allow you to transfer all the weight from the spine to the abdominal cavity,
which significantly reduces the pressure on the blood vessels and
предотвращает возникновение гипоксии fetus во время его прохождения
on the birth canal.

3. The birth process is much faster.

If a woman endures contractions in an upright position, she
самым способствует более эффективному продвижению fetus по родовым
ways. Baby’s head and amniotic fluid with all its weight
put pressure on the cervix, which accelerates the natural process of her

Due to this pose, the period of contractions is reduced and, on average,
lasts no more than 2-4 hours. Pregnant woman does not have to
мучиться от боли на протяжении многих часов, а ее ребенок не
suffers from oxygen starvation that can lead
subsequently to hypoxia (during each contraction the fetus is forced
remain without oxygen).

4. Smoothness and naturalness of the process – the key to successful
childbirth without injury

If the process of cervical dilatation and contractions is accelerated during
vertical delivery, while the effort, on the contrary, increases. Fetus
not moving as fast as in a horizontal position
women in labor, but the process itself is most physiological.
It is easier for a woman to relax her pelvic muscles, and
concentrate on the synchronous work of the muscles of the back and abdomen for
pushing baby out. The risk of “clamping” the fruit in this position
is minimal.

With a vertical birth, the birth of a baby is also
contributes to its own weight, which is under the power of the earth
attraction “pushes” him towards the open neck

Of course, time for attempts at vertical childbirth goes to
20-30 minutes more, but the probability of injury is reduced,
как для роженицы, так и для fetus. Birth canal adapt
under the size of the head of the child and as needed stretched.
This reduces the possibility of damage and tearing of soft tissues.
The need to cut the crotch of the mother or use
специальные щипцы для извлечения fetus случается крайне редко.

5. Больше возможности для маневра fetus

When a woman gives birth on her back, her fetus has to pass by
narrow and curved space of the birth canal. Push in this
position, without the aid of gravity, it is also quite difficult. What
can not be said about vertical birth when space for
прохождения fetus становится больше.

Even женщины с некрупным тазом могут обойтись без хирургического
interventions and give birth to yourself. Vertical delivery also
recommended for women who are expected to have a large fruit.

6. Reduction of physiological blood loss.

Процесс вертикальных родов

It has been established that during the final stage of labor the placenta
fetus и его послед отделяется лучше и быстрее, если женщина рожает
standing or sitting. The loss of blood in this position is not more
100-150 ml, which is acceptable and completely harmless.

It can be argued that the benefits of vertical childbirth are seen.
in all periods of labor: the duration of contractions is reduced, the weight
the period is slower and not so painful, and the exit of the placenta is not
accompanied by heavy blood loss. It also reduces the likelihood
инфицирования uterus.

Researchers have revealed an interesting pattern: children born
�”Vertically” have higher vital signs (on a scale
Apgar), quickly gaining weight after birth, and various
neurological complications are less common than in children
born horizontally.

Remember, vertical childbirth did not appear today or
yesterday. Modern official medicine recognized their right to
Existence. Now every woman, if she wishes, can
take advantage of the method experienced by many generations and
Dignity appreciate all its charm.

That’s what moms write on the forums

Helen: Я бы не прочь, если мы конечно с мужем решимся
giving birth to a second, it turns out that the lying position is convenient for the doctor,
and not like for mother and child, plus everything for vertical birth
the uterus does not press down so on the blood vessels and they better supply the mother and
child oxygen, preventing oxygen starvation.

aleksandra alekseenko: I gave birth for free and at the same time
upright, I had a very difficult childbirth because the baby was
Transferred as much as 2.5 weeks, and if I gave birth lying down then
I would have to do a cesarean or pull a child in vacuum, but I
lucky with the doctor, she took my childbirth when I sat on
squatting! and the most amazing thing is that everything went easy and fast! 2nd
I also want to give birth to a child upright and not to suffer!

Lina: Now almost all maternity hospitals practice vertical
childbirth, and since we agreed with the doctor beforehand – then
In general, the attitude towards me was just super. I kept on going
rodzalu (I just could not lie!), stood, jumped on the ball,
but if it were not for the wall – I would not be able to give birth to myself (it was
craniofacial presentation, the head of the child did not prolazila, in
such cases are often Caesaric). During the attempts I squatted
for the bottom step of the wall and with all my strength I was straining, then I got up
and all over again … When the head appeared, I lay down on the bed and through
three attempts gave birth. So the main thing is to choose a good hospital with
modern views on childbirth, agree with the doctor who
If you want to give birth, well, my husband helped and helped me a lot. So that
good luck

н т: Свою любимую дочуру родила вертикальными родами,
Compare is what it is the second child. Very convenient to give birth to
fours is also vertical childbirth. After all, the animal world makes
it is just like that. I gave birth quickly in 4 hours and without a single break. And in
ward from the genus the hall went out with their feet, unlike the first
childbirth. When carried on a gurney. Of course a lot depends on the situation in
kind of the hall. I came across a very attentive and joking team.
Maybe because I was comfortable that I did not panic because experience
has been? In short, from the height of his age. I gave birth to a daughter at 39 years old now
already 2 years. I advise go for it.

�“Vertical delivery” (program with Elena Malysheva

The program “What is our birth”

Vertical delivery: advantages and disadvantages. What kind
giving birth is better: lying or standing? Horizontal or vertical? true
Is vertical labor less painful?

Приглашенные эксперты: Ольга Шарапова, доктор
medical sciences, professor, chief physician of the city clinical
больницы № 64 (роддом №4;
Sursyakov, obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences
Specialist Center for Family Planning and

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