6 accessories to make baby bedcozy

To the appearance of the child he is preparing a bed, comfortable
mattress and new bedding. These are basic things, but real
comfort is created with the help of details.

новорожденный в кроватке

A side

A sideи не только защищают младенца от твердых стенок cots,
but also help it develop. They are usually decorated with multicolored
pictures, considering which, the baby trains the sight and
having fun when no one starts a mobile. More bumpers
�”Mute” the light from the lamp, so while adults read the baby
a bedtime story, nothing prevents him from falling asleep.

бортики для детской cots


Canopyы были придуманы для защиты спящих от насекомых. but
people liked them so much that they later became symbols of home comfort
and luxury. Kind of cradle with a canopy thrown over it and the truth
is touching. To prevent it from collecting dust, attach it so that
he acted easily. Also buy another canopy so that you can
It was changed with bed linen.

балдахин для детской cots

Mattress cocoon

For a decade and a half, newborns are not swaddled – instead
In the maternity hospital, the little ones put on a pretty body. Only babes love
sleep in tight spaces. Mattress cocoon напоминает
sleeping bag so that the child in it feels safe under
hidden from a vast and unknown world. Therefore he
less often wakes up at night and does not wake up parents. Another mattress cocoon
provides the child with the most physiological posture that is useful for
his spine.

матрасик кокон


Of course, the blanket for the crib should be textile.
You can pick it up for the color of bed linen or, conversely,
contrast It looks interesting plaid from the rags, which can
Sew especially for your toddler.

Pillows in the form of letters

It is unlikely that with the pillow-letters the baby will be able to read by the age of one.
but такие аксессуары отлично украшают детскую комнату и делают
ее более cozy. When the baby is a little older, then he will start
learn letters.

подушки в виде букв


If you want to entertain your karapuz, buy him a mobile on
crib. Only better to choose it is not in the store.
high-tech toys, and, for example, at the “Fair of Masters”.
Mobiles that glow in different colors, blink, play hundreds
melodies immediately attract attention, but their disadvantage is that they
create too high a load on children’s eyes and nervous
the system. It is better to choose a mobile with toys from wood and textiles – he
Looks cute and interesting. It can also be made
independently from the cheapest model. Just replace the plastic
toys for small and cute figures or family
a photo. We also read: как выбрать
мобиль на кроватку

Video: do-it-yourself mobile

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