5th grade feed grain is added to the bread,therefore, improvers are required

Update: February 2019

Arkady Zlochevsky, the head of the Grain Union, said that for
bread is often used grain fifth grade, which
used mainly for feeding livestock. Therefore he decided
add it to GOST.

This confirms the fact that the production control system
bread in Russia can not cope with their responsibilities. And this
innovation will only worsen the quality of the bread, which is already
to put it mildly, “not very.” After all, from low-grade grain is impossible
make a quality product.

Such an imaginary production only at the hands of bakeries. After all this
grain is a third cheaper than normal, and the process
cooking speeds up significantly, since you don’t need to withstand
all standards, fermentation occurs more actively. Bread production –
it’s just a business where owners are only interested in profits
and they do not care about the quality of the product. All inexpensive breads
are made with the addition of various improvers and impurities,
which are not listed in the composition, that is, bread today is essentially
is a fake.

Bread with the addition of low-grade flour contains almost no
gluten, due to which it turns fluffy and airy bread,
which people used to use. Therefore, manufacturers simply
it is necessary to apply bread improvers to make it more
appetizing, and it could be eaten. That is, those chemicals
which adversely affect people’s health. However, they
give the necessary form, but still not the same as in this
of bread. Since people eat bread in rather large quantities, this
creates a significant burden on the body.


Let us see what the bread improvers are: [kt, ltkf.n bp rjhvjdjq verb

Gluten (Gluten)

It is a filamentous protein, which makes it possible to add porous to bread.
structure. It is extracted from wheat.

Emulsifiers (stabilizers)

They give bread splendor, with less flour spent on
production. These are classic supplements from the E430 – E436 range and


They are used to accelerate the fermentation process, as they
promote fast processing of proteins and starch. As a result, quality
bread deteriorates, and manufacturers add flavors. During
Enzyme production can be applied GM technology.

To solve this problem, you need to restore the entire system,
which previously controlled and monitored the quality and composition. Now
в пищевой промышленности —  сплошная анархия, отсутствие
proper control.

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