5 women’s fears before the decree

The appearance of the child – the event is certainly exciting and
joyful. Every woman with trepidation awaits the birth of a baby, but
often, the decree is afraid of more than the birth itself. New family member
– this is not only a cute baby whom you love so much, but also
a lot of worries and problems. Fear of maternity leave is heated
friends and acquaintances who vividly talk about how they
go crazy and are depressed sitting with the baby

страхи женщин перед декретом

Of course, your life will change a lot, because decree is not
simple rest without haste and anxiety. However, many concerns
modern women are not worth it to spend on themselves and
time. We will understand what fears before the decree are experienced by future
Moms, how to avoid them and tune in a positive way.

1. I can not, fail

None of us is born with a huge store of knowledge about children,
care for them, their health and proper development. All children are different, with
the first days of life they already have their own character, and no matter how you
tried in advance to study the mountains of educational literature,
To predict everything that waits for you with a baby is impossible. Even if you –
the most zealous perfectionist in your new life as a mother
inevitably there will be mistakes and blunders. Children are unpredictable.

No need to set yourself overwhelming tasks, do not try to become
guru in the field of child psychology and pediatrics. Read special
literature, talk to the pediatrician beforehand — the right move,
the main thing is not to make it your mania. Everything will come to you with experience
there will always be people who are ready to help with advice and deed.
Feel free to ask, find out about caring for your baby, avoid
negative influence of people who impose their vision on you
maternity, negatively related to maternity leave.

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2. Affair relationship with partner

Many future mothers fear that there will be no place in their lives.
romance, passion, and relationships change for the worse.
Of course, the appearance of a child in the family is a kind of test of the couple.
for strength. Fatigue, lack of sleep, “Groundhog Day”, lack of attention
each other can result in discontent and quarrels. Important –
to try to prevent a break in relations, to treat with understanding
partner, do not charge the entire burden of responsibility.


Whenever possible, try to spend time with your
man, arrange romantic dinners, allow yourself trips to
cinema, theater, restaurant. Loving grandparents have not been canceled,
if you have real helpers who are happy to sit with
your baby, do not give up on it.

The monotony of life and the repeatability of days cannot be avoided, so
baby care is arranged, try to diversify as much as possible
walk, your classes with baby, go visit each other,
shopping. Avoid depression, because it is one of the first reasons.
relationship problems.

A common alarming thought for young mothers is becoming a conviction
that the figure after the birth of the baby will surely spoil that itself
the woman will look bad and will not have time to follow
by myself. And the beloved man will fall out of love and find another.

In fact, even if you gain extra kilos, no one
will not stop you from getting rid of them. The bulk gained in
gestation period is the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and
etc. After birth, you lose a lot of pounds, and the remaining
surpluses you can remove with the help of simple sports activities and
daily walks. Your desire to become the owner
no one condemns the perfect figure. You can set aside time for yourself.
the period of sleep of the baby, while dad is sitting with him, or
relatives. By coping with excessive anxiety, you will not
overeat. Skin care procedures do not take too much
time, you can generally do them while feeding the baby,
or cooking dinner.

Believe me, if your man really loves you, then
this feeling remains with him and when you are in evening dress, and when in
home clothes.

3. Career will end

Even very smart and successful women are not deprived of disturbing thoughts,
of the type, “on the decree, I will be stupefied”, “for a couple of years in the company everything will change,
I won’t be needed. ” Busy careerists are afraid of a comfortable office change
on diapers and vests, fearing to miss all the opportunities to grow
on the career ladder.



In fact, post-decree women are also in demand.
as candidates, like all others. Have a normal employer in
The priority is always the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the employee, and
not stereotypes about the eternal hospital young mothers.

In order not to feel your incompetence, it is worth
to improve maternity leave. You can learn the language, learn
new skills to develop and learn in their profession. 
Try to draw, do something with your own hands, write,
take pictures, discover new things in yourself.

You fall out of the usual life for a few years, but, at the same
time, plunge into the other, make sure that she also

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the decree

4. Lost friends

Ощущение в the decree, что ты стала неинтересной своим друзьям и
familiar, it appears very often. If you fear that you have
change your social circle, do not think that this is bad. You will learn
ценить time, и будете отдавать его действительно важным и приятным
to people.

In addition, true friends remain with you for any
circumstances And those who disappear from your life as soon as
you become a mom, you may have always been just friends. One people
out of your social circle, others come, bringing their
valuable input. With the advent of new responsibilities and new image
life, there will be people who share your interests and are in
the same situation as you.

Be interesting to people, do not dwell only on
Maternity, develop, learn new.

5. Financial dependence

Monetary dependence on men scares women with active
life position, self-sufficient, self-confident. �”How will I be
beg for money for a new dress, if she does not earn any
a penny “,” And what if the husband will count how much and what I spend on “-
future moms are puzzled. However, in most cases,
a man thinks very differently, by nature, he’s a breadwinner
ready to support the family.

не хватает денег в the decree

Discuss the financial component of your family in advance.
Plan your budget together, because the decree time is, indeed, more
difficult in terms of money. When the baby grows up, you can
try to make money at home depending on your
professional skills.

Even if the money brought by a man is enough, you
You can work remotely for yourself, adding to your knowledge and
earning for small needs.

Well, if you are still at the planning stage of pregnancy, you
partner discuss financial opportunities, understand and accept it
position (5 points that you need to think about before
plan baby).

When life changes dramatically, any person may experience
feeling a dead end. Vital energy and resources to support yourself
and others, to change the situation for the better, everyone has, it is important
– want and strive to change and change.

Believe me, the birth and upbringing of your baby, particles
yourself, unlimited happiness to be near the baby, worth all the anxiety
and difficulties. Approach your life calmly and with

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