5 valuable life lessons from my mother

�“My mother always worked a lot. Therefore, in childhood I
not too often spent time with her, but she had no opportunity
constantly teach me something. But when I grew up, then suddenly
realized that my mother taught me even more than i could
count! “

1. I did not learn to cook specialties with my mother

Mom didn’t have time to stand at the stove for a long time and
delight us with the masterpieces of culinary art. She taught me
prepare the most simple and fast dishes so that I can always
cook something for lunch. We did not gather at the table with the whole family.
every night because mom had no time.


I didn’t learn to cook with my mother, but I learned to appreciate
what she did for my sister and me. She worked hard and almost
never rested so that we were always in the house

2. I did not learn that my mother was always ready to play
with me

Когда я просила маму поиграть with me или сходить погулять, то в
ответ неизменно слышала: «У меня много работы, поиграй со своей
. Mom didn’t spend all her free time on us, because
that she simply did not have it. But my sister and I became practically
single whole. We always helped each other and came to the rescue,
playing together at home and walking in the street.

mama igraet s rebenkom

I didn’t learn that mom was always ready to play
with me, но зато я поняла, что я не одинока. It is thanks to mom
My sister and I became very close and

3. I did not learn to relax in the summer with the whole family

My mom had almost no holidays, she even worked
summer. From early morning until late at night. Therefore, we did not go to
fascinating travel, did not go all together to the circus or to the park
amusement rides. Instead, my sister and I spent the summer months
together, playing with other children in the yard or sitting at home by
tv set But if mom had a day off, then our
joy knew no bounds. Even when we just walked three to walk in
a park.



I did not learn family summer vacations, but I learned
appreciate the time spent with your mother. And rejoice
ordinary family walk!

4. I have not learned from my mother not to notice difficulties

She did not protect my sister and me from the harsh world around her. She is
always been busy thinking about how to feed us and put on
legs. And its work. We were not protected by her mother’s skirt from all
life difficulties and shocks, but learned how to easily transfer them
and recover faster after failures.


I did not learn optimism from my mother, but I learned to be
stronger. Yes, she could not hide us from cruelty and protect us from
black bars in life, but it helped us transfer it more easily!

5. I have not learned the rules of etiquette from my mother

My mother did not teach my sister all the wisdom of women. I do not
learned from her a sense of impeccable style, did not learn to do
perfect makeup. But for us, she has always been the ideal of a woman
which did not even bend under the burden of everyday life.


I do not научилась у своей матери женственным манерам, но смогла
understand how to become a real woman. My mother gave me a priceless
life experience and simple everyday wisdom!

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with a child and household chores?

For me, my mom has always been a role model. AND
remains to them to this day! Despite all the life she has
she continued to give us her love and care, was worried only about
нашем безоблачном будущем… AND я искренне надеюсь, что когда-то и мой
a child can be just as proud of me!


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