5 useful tips for beginner mom

So that motherhood brings only joy, and family
Remained friendly and strong, mother from the very beginning is competent
allocate your time and effort. Our 5 simple tips will allow
to avoid common mistakes and the resulting problems
decide which is very difficult.

советы молодой маме

  1. Maintain healthy baby skin and prevent diaper rash –
    easy if you take care of it in advance. Collecting a bag for a trip
    in the maternity hospital, put in her diapers for babies weighing from 2 to 5
    kg These diapers are designed specifically for babies.
  2. To restore the body after childbirth and sufficient
    the production of breast milk the first 4-6 weeks mother needs a day
    sleep. Nature itself gives such an opportunity – up to 6-7 weeks baby
    sleeps almost round the clock, and wakes up only for feedings.
    Many moms make a big mistake by spending this precious time.
    on the household and exhausting yourself a lot. Allow yourself
    sleep after lunch. Believe, washing, cleaning and cooking will fail
    these 1.5-2 hours. Yes, and a rested mum is much more important for the crumbs than
    hot cakes and neatly laid out things in the closet.
  3. Well, if you will be helped by dad and grandparents.
    It is only important to discuss everything in advance so that no misunderstandings arise.
    Playing with baby is not helping mom. Walk with a pram or dad
    бабушке тоже смысла нет. Let it do better mom, and
    Relatives waiting for her and the baby are prepared, stroked, cleaned in
  4. Most likely, you will encounter colic, because they are in 70%
    babies. If you and your child are not among the 30%
    lucky people who are not tormented by abdominal pain will have
    be patient Use carminatives for
    relieve colic and choose chemicals instead
    natural fennel based. They are inexpensive, safe for
    baby and effective, so will give long-awaited sleep and peace throughout
  5. Household appliances, kitchen appliances and hygiene products
    greatly facilitate the life of a young mother and care for the crumbs. Ask for
    loved ones do not fill up the baby with toys and baby clothes. Let be
    better they will buy you a new vacuum cleaner or blender. If friends
    ask what to give for the birth of a child, ask for a pack
    diapers. You need it much more than a standard set of
    flowers, cake and toys.

These 5 recommendations will help mom create all conditions for
good rest. It is very important for her to get enough sleep.
себя хорошо и оставаться в прекрасном настроении. Rested
mom is a happy and contented mom, and that’s all it takes to
happiness to a little child.


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