5 types of moms who annoy everyone inthe internet

If you are a mother, you will definitely recognize the characters that
will be discussed in this article. Surely you have met them more than once in
different online communities. Yet we will remind you about the people, the conversation
with which causes one desire – to run away, never
don’t meet them again. We sincerely hope that in these types you
don’t recognize yourself.

1. Mom, who knows everything

You can start a conversation on any topic, but this mom always
There is something to say. She will fill you with dozens of tips and will
convince that he knows exactly how to raise a child, as well as
what to feed him, what medicines to give for colds, how much
time to walk, to what age to breastfeed and with what
moment to start learning to read.

All recommendations mother-know-it only reinforces the facts
from her life, and other authorities, besides herself, in nature
no, it was not and never will be.
In exceptional cases
She can bring the story from the personal experience of her grandmother or aunt.
Mind, refer to the expert opinions of pediatricians and children
psychologists useless – do not even try. You will be sharp in response
it is said that all doctors only think how to deflate patients
more money. Psychologists are rogues and lazy people who don’t
able to master the normal profession. Having met such a mom on
any forum, stop talking and don’t even try
argue. For each of your cue you only get a ton of verbal

2. Overly active mom

In every community there are such moms. They are very active,
therefore, excellent organizers come out of them. Only need to manage
channel this energy into a peaceful course. Starting with small steps such
mothers often bring the situation to the point of absurdity. They write messages to
the city administration, demanding to replace the dangerous swing in the yard,
collect signatures on petitions against dog lovers, at the same time
try to attach puppies in good hands or urge to donate
money for the treatment of a seriously ill child who, if you believe
google does not exist at all. Very quickly socially important
initiatives clog your entire tape. As sung in a popular song,
�”It would be better to take out the garbage.”


3. Mama Gossip Girl

In your small and cozy chat, she knows everything about everyone. If a
she doesn’t know something, she thinks it out successfully, and then
sure to tell in private messages. And she will share
This information is not only with you, although the interlocutor will
claim it is a secret. In principle, in dealing with
Gossip mom is not bad, but do not invite her to
private discussions where they talk about something personal
близких друзей
. You do not want your secrets to become
are known throughout the internet?

4. Mom-victim

This is a mom whose everything is always very, very bad. Everyone has
there are periods of sleepless nights, while the children are very small, all
children sometimes get sick, suffer from colic in the stomach, play around, fight
in kindergarten and boycotted, and at school they periodically receive
twos. Only the mother-victim of any event makes the universal
tragedy, and all interlocutors should feel sorry for her – for a long time and every
day. Just don’t try to clarify what happened to her.
terrible, which did not happen to others. In response, you will find out that you
cruel, heartless man and not able to feel the thin
nature Of course, and this will be a tragedy, only to sympathize with
not at all.

5. Mom is the best baby on earth

To learn this mom is easy. She puts hundreds of photos of her
beloved prince or princess. At the same time everything that does
child, described as detailed as possible: here is a crumb sitting on
pot, and here he is already eating porridge, and how cute he is smiling!
Of course, all parents are proud of their children, they are happy to share
their achievements with other people. Only everything has its own

In life with mothers of the best children in the world is also not easy. They demand,
for their babies to be the first in any situation – they must play
leading roles in New Year’s performances, solo in the school choir.
The rest of the children just let them create the background, and their parents are touched,
nod their heads and agree that their children never
achieve such perfection.

In life it is not always possible to avoid unwanted communication, but in
the internet проблема решается простым добавлением в черный список.
Send there mom, who extols her child to heaven, –
correct solution.

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