5 types of difficult mummies

Every mother for the child is a priori the most expensive and beloved,
but some of them are incredibly complex. So with what mom baby
have a hard time? Let’s hope you are not in this list
will find. Well, if that happens, then at least find out what you need
to fix.

сложный тип мам

1. Anxious Mom

She always and everywhere sees trouble. Her baby she
rolls in a stroller to three or four years old, prohibits him from jumping and
run, constantly holding the hand, is a guard about children
stairs and slides. If an alien baby gets in her field of vision,
�”Armed” with a stick or a ball, she hastily takes her child away
away from the “threat”.

As for the home environment, the floor is covered with such a mother
carpets or mattresses, all angles and are covered with foam rubber or
special nozzles. Kids always wear socks or slippers, and
the windows are closed so as not to miss even the slightest draft. Alcoholic
sprays, antibacterial wipes and a first-aid kit are all
always at her hand.

A teenage child with such a mom should not even dream of
personal freedom. Try to just come home late by at least 5
minutes or not to call as she starts to drip valerian in a glass.
Alas, babies grow too fast, so the treasure of anxious mother
still to face the realities of our world. how
shows practice, break your knees and arms hurt, jump with
slides quite dangerous, the street can go exclusively to
green light and only at a pedestrian crossing. Agree a lot
It’s safer to extend your baby’s freedom from an earlier age.
For example, you can start from the moment when the child becomes

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2. “Iron” mother

Such a mother could easily manage even a regiment. Her voice
always firm and determined. Those who dare to disobey orders,
waits for punishment, while not always it is limited to reprimand.
Living with this mom under the same roof can be compared to
a strict regime colony where any wrong move is bound to
is punished. The child, living in such conditions, does everything possible
so as not to provoke the parent to read the notation,
swearing or cuffing.


Жалости и сопереживания или поцелуев от жесткой mothers ждать
vain (like tender hugs). The child will have to hide from her
many details of his life as he grows up, while
to lie often. But the “iron” mother is not only the authority
for her children, but also for her husband. Her family is always harsh
discipline, and kids shine impeccable behavior.

3. Illogical mom

With such a mother, the child does not know about boredom. She has all 7 of her week
Fridays. Here today it strictly forbids, and tomorrow already without problems
gives the nod to the same. At one point she decided seriously
to bring up the children, punishing offenses, and after a couple
minutes promises him gifts, kisses and hugs.

Such a mother is constantly trying to establish for children certain
rules and frameworks of conduct that itself violates. It is easy
manipulate. Sooner or later, but all the whims of the child will be
fulfilled. Minor disciplinary offenses may remain
with impunity, because an inconsistent mother can
forget some of their own bans. It would seem that could be better.
for a child? Despite all the visible benefits
an inconsistent mommy, it’s hard enough with her because she
does not fulfill promises, as well as completely unpredictable.

4. Mom-idealist

She must have all the best, and children too.
concerns. Kids are always neatly dressed, immaculately brought up and
diversified. They achieve academic success, occupy
prizes at district and city competitions. None
raises the voice. When eating, everyone uses a knife and fork.

If friends gave their child to the section, music school,
on developmental classes or foreign language courses, then
idealistic mother will do the same. With this, the ideal child does not have
rights to the slightest mistake. He is also deprived of the rights to romps, rest
and the expression of their own opinions. It is necessary to justify my mother’s
expectations that it is sometimes difficult to do.

5. Selfish mother

The thoughts of such a mommy are entirely devoted to themselves beloved. Her baby
screaming from boredom, crying from hunger, and she calmly chooses to
store new shoes. A child plays on an asphalt path instead.
specially equipped area, because there the shops are more comfortable and
Internet speed. Such a mother is difficult to enter the baby in your
schedule, so he gets the least attention of the parent. BUT
The most terrible crime of a child is to break Mom’s plans for the day. AND
the punishment will not take long, appearing in ignoring,
imprisonment in the nursery or manege.

If you fall under one of the above types, do not
hurry to classify yourself as abnormal. Abnormality
manifest itself if you leave everything as it is, continuing on
�”Cripple” the child. BUT вот старания все исправить, достойны
respect. Agree, it’s worth trying if not for your own
good then for the sake of the future of children for sure!

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