5 tips for choosing a baby toy

When the baby is one month old, he begins
respond to rattles with beeper or watch with your eyes
mobile on the crib. Only, wanting to please the crumb, do not buy
the brightest or voiced toys. Make the right choice for you
help our advice.

игрушки для младенцев

1. Security

Look closely at the toy. It should not be
parts that a baby can chew and accidentally swallow, and
there are also slots where the baby’s finger is stuck. Long ropes
dangerous because they are able to wrap around the neck. Rate it safe
whether to take a toy in your mouth – whether it will bring harm to health? Not
whether the rattle will break, whether its contents wake up outside,
if she knock for a long time? Not издает ли забавная резиновая лягушка
sharp or unpleasant smell? Whether paint is durable – it won’t shake off
if you rub your fingers? If you are eyeing a mobile or suspension,
make sure the toy is firmly attached. Not испугает ли она кроху,
if it falls in the middle of the night? And most importantly – it is better to acquire
children’s products of famous manufacturers: it is important for them to support
good reputation, so they carefully monitor the quality

Pay attention to the marking of the birds you like.
bells, rubber frogs. Marks “0+”, “6+”, “for children from
3 years “- not a simple formality.

2. Hygiene

For a newborn, you should choose an easy-care toy,
which are easy to wash or machine washable. Least,
wipe with a damp cloth.

новорожденный с игрушками

3. Convenience

It is important that the baby can hold the toy itself. Unfortunately, even
Famous companies produce heavy toys that fall out of the hands.
baby If you want to buy a squeaker, choose a product from soft
rubber – karapuz has enough power to press her to hear

4. Sounds and colors

Infants respond better to toys of warm saturated colors,
for some reason, yellow and orange are considered favorites among them.
Remember that acid colors, excessive variegation and sharp, loud
Sounds can perezbudit kid. At first, the child will appear
funny, but later he will cry and play up. Therefore it is better to choose
a toy that publishes a melodic, softly loud ringing or tapping.
Mooing, meowing, electronic barking is best left for kids from 1
of the year. If you pick up a mobile, check that the volume
vending model was regulated.

5. Tactile sensations

The baby should be pleased to touch the toy. Plush and
you should not choose fur products – the crumb after all aspires
try, so the pile can get in your mouth. But special
toys for newborns are made of several types
fabrics that differ by touch: to touch them is both pleasant and
is useful. A great option – a hug toy, or comforter. it
fabric figure with the body in the form of pads that mom needs
wear yourself a bit. On the toy will remain native to the baby
the smell, so when you put it in the crib, the baby will feel
yourself protected.

Be careful with wood toys: let them and
eco-friendly, but can leave splinters.

Telling and showing how we played with the first toys.
(rattles, dolls, crumbs, developing a rug and a mobile). what
was really useful and what may not be useful in one
two and three months baby.

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