5 things that will simplify the life of pregnant

Maternity leave is very different from real vacation. Before
his life began a woman who is preparing to become a mother
It changes dramatically and does not always look like a fairy tale. AT
this article we offer a selection of things that will help you
feel comfortable in a wonderful, but such a difficult period
of pregnancy. Do not save on yourself, because of your health and
good mood depends on the future of the baby, which will soon appear
to the light.


1. Special underwear, clothes and shoes

Perhaps only during pregnancy a woman’s body can so much
change in a short time. No wonder that pick up
clothes become even harder than before. ATедь беременной нужно
finding not just a beautiful dress, blouse or jacket is also a thing
should fit a rounded belly.

AT поисках одежды и обуви необязательно идти в специализированный
store for pregnant women. You just need to follow the recommendations:
choose dresses, sweaters, T-shirts, wide-cut, which is now
just in fashion, and shoes and shoes – low-heeled, suitable and
for walks with baby.

As for jeans, pants and tights, they still have to
be special. Products that sew for pregnant women differ
special cut, due to what does not put pressure on the stomach. The following things are 2 in
1, that is, suitable for both pregnant and nursing moms:
cotton panties and bras on wide straps, T-shirts and sweaters with
comfortable wide cuts.

2. Bandage

When the stomach grows up, gynecologists recommend a woman to wear
bandage. At a late stage of pregnancy, he becomes altogether for
many indispensable accessory. The bandage performs 2 useful at once.
functions – helps to support the stomach and relieves part of the load

бандаж для pregnant

Bandages that are used during pregnancy are divided into
2 species. The reinforced version is a lightweight belt.
panties. The bandage will be invaluable to the expectant mother if she has
weak abdominals. The main thing is to put it on correctly. Doing so
need in the morning after waking up, lying in bed.

3. Fitball

Gymnastic ball will allow pregnant women to comfortably do
exercises to strengthen the muscles that are used during
childbirth. More importantly, the fitball helps expectant mothers to relax
back, and the load on her because of the rounded abdomen is very high.
In addition, making simple spring movements soothes –
it is a kind of meditation.


фитбол для pregnant

Гимнастический мяч окажется полезным и после childbirth. It can
will use to rock the baby or do exercises,
which will help with infant colic.

4. Special pillow for sleep

Pregnant women often complain of insomnia. Not only is the future
Mother cares about the upcoming changes in life, so also the stomach is not
always gives to take a comfortable posture for sleep. For such cases
came up with a special pillow in the form of a horseshoe. Its size and shape
allow you to conveniently put it under the belly. When the baby is born
This pillow will serve as an accessory for feeding.

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подушки для pregnant

5. Cosmetics without fragrances

Sometimes, due to toxicosis, the life of the future mother is literally
turns upside down: all the smells and tastes that
the woman used to love, start to cause disgust, arises
allergic to something that never caused such reactions. Salvation
for a pregnant woman suffering from toxemia, cosmetics without

Odorants are substances that are used to silence.
odorless cosmetic base or to create a new, more
pronounced and persistent aroma. Previously used for these purposes
only natural ingredients, in the worst case – with the addition of
synthetic. However, modern cosmetics manufacturers
synthetic fragrances are commonly used, and they are
potential allergens. Therefore, expectant mothers should do
выбор в пользу средств без perfumes. Especially now released
косметику специально для pregnant — шампуни, крема, бальзамы и
much more.

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Мои Must Have на Pregnancy

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