5 things that pregnant women do NOT do. BUTin vain …

Many future mothers make a mistake: they think less of themselves about themselves,
often do not count strength, try to keep everything up before the birth of the crumbs.
Today you will learn how to warn some common
mistakes pregnant.

It is a pity that nothing can be foreseen in advance. Then for sure
most people would not make mistakes and not regret what they did
something was wrong or not done at all, although they could … If you have
the opportunity to fix something, act and leave everything in the past
NOT unnecessary.

беременная женщина

Do not leave time for proper rest

Nobody argues: there are really very, very many cases. AND
home life, and tests, and doctors, and buying dowry for the future
крохи, и … BUT у некоторых будущих мам еще и синдром гнездования
appeared: and you want to cook goodies, and in the apartment to upgrade
interior, and at work everything is in time. But not too much for
pregnant? Doing everything, you can get no sense of satisfaction,
but an endless feeling of fatigue.

DO NOT rejoice yourself

Honestly, please yourself, my love, in an interesting position
not so easy. You can not visit spas, travel – under
a big question, buying clothes is minimal (why
spend money on things that are not in a few months
will you dress?). As for food, the doctors recommend sweet
to limit, so you can’t indulge yourself with cake, sushi is also impossible …
and much more is impossible (Top 6 harmful products for pregnant women) …
But … With the birth of the baby, there will be more restrictions and restrictions.
There is an exit! Think carefully and make a list of what
will cheer you up. Can’t buy a fashionable skirt? So after all
You can any accessory, for example, a scarf or bracelet.
Trips, excursions are taboo, but visiting a theater or exhibition
possible (by well-being). AND последнее — не отказывайте себе в
communicating with family and friends. Invite them to visit or
go yourself while you have the opportunity.

Do not ignore the opinions of others

беременная женщина мнение окружающих


Kids decided to call Egor? What did you come up with? Now –
Alone Egor and Danila. Do you want to give birth with epidural anesthesia?
How did you think of this? Our grandmothers in general gave birth in the field, at best
case – at home with the midwives! BUT мужу в родзале что делать? This
the process is not for men’s eyes, our grandfathers bypassed the kilometer!
Amazing fact: it turns out that your pregnancy does not concern
only you and my husband, but also a large number of people. This is true
called, a joint project in which they actively participate
not only relatives and close people, but also colleagues, girlfriends, acquaintances,
neighbors. AND что интересно: у них всех есть четкое мнение по поводу
what is good for mother and baby, and what is bad, how and what is needed
make pregnant. You strongly disagree and did not ask
advice? Начинаете спорить, злиться, переубеждать,  доказывать,
even worse – cry? BUT зачем такие жертвы? Give up and forget, and
do not even try to pick a bitter-joking answers.

We do not control the purchase of children’s things

Every mother wants for the baby to get all the best and
preferably more. How to miss the moment when there is a sale,
and in another store – chic discounts. Stop! The most important thing –
time to stop! Why? It’s very simple: with the size you can not
guess, because it is not known how fast your baby will grow. To that
same, you, for sure, will give and give a bunch of things relatives and
friends. BUT если и не хватит чего-то, то можно приобрести потом, ведь
children’s clothing stores offer a wide range of different
prosperity, moreover, the time of shortage has long passed. Can do
order and in the online store, without leaving home, courier delivery
works almost everywhere.

Do not take pictures

беременность фотосессия дома

There are many reasons for this. Someone does not have time – then one, then
another … Someone is not satisfied with their appearance: I do not want to
photos were visible swelling, circles under the eyes or strongly
rounded tummy. Someone just despises the very idea of ​​pregnant
photo shoots – tired of these identical photos in a dress in the floor and belly in
wall. Why capture all this? However, after a while you
you may regret not having saved this moment in history
your life, and time will not return. ANDмеет смысл все же
take a few photos at different stages of pregnancy. If not
like, you can put it in the “far folder”. But it can happen
so that you look at this period with very different eyes and through
some time hang a photo in a frame on the wall!


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