5 “terrible” symptoms in babies that arenot really dangerous

All the women who gave birth to their first child are not yet very
Experienced in handling babies. And then endless crying, colic
tummy, as well as other symptoms that seem young mommy
�”Scary.” So long and confused, and most into hysterics.
What to do in this case? Call the ambulance, call mom,
and most drink valerian? Everything is not as scary as draws
your imagination. The most important thing is to observe yourself in any situation.
calm Consider the “terrible” symptoms.


Symptom number 1. Temperature 37.2

Having pressed the little one to you, you felt that he was hot
forehead? The thermometer readings stopped at 37.1 – 37.5. AT
Only one thought to the head: did the baby get sick? What does in such
case scared mom? Of course, taking urgent action.
Relatives help – yes, Internet forums – yes, urgent, very
urgent doctor call – yes!

Температура чуть больше 37 это нормальное явление у
newborns. You just need to watch the baby. If he
is active, his appetite is not disturbed, stool, urination means
нет предпосылок для экстренных мер. Young moms should
know that newborns are not yet fully formed
thermoregulation. Because of this, babies often freeze, which manifests itself
hiccups, cold feet and handles. If you measure the temperature, then
it is often “elevated”, but at the moment
is physiologically normal. But the usual 36.6
set only closer to the year of life of the crumbs.

Naturally, if the child’s behavior changes, he refuses
eat, any other warning signs appear, then
a doctor should be called immediately.

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Симптом № 2. ATысыпания на лице и теле

Only a week has passed – another after childbirth, and the baby has appeared
on the face and head rash. Cause? Mom blames herself all over
probably ate something extra, which is not suitable for crumbs.
The solution is to urgently remove from the diet everything that is dubious and harmful. AT
As a result, the mother goes to a meager diet of buckwheat, chicken
breasts and kefir. However, this does not help. So the baby
allergy? And the process of treatment in the form of creams, ointments from
allergies and drugs for dysbiosis.


The reason lies in the neonatal pustule. It is unpleasant, but
the natural process that one third of all faces
newborns. And the thing is that a woman during pregnancy
gives the baby its own hormones. By the way, this process
The transfer does not end at the time of breastfeeding. This
the baby’s condition requires absolutely no medication
лечения, так как через 1.5 — 3 месяца кожный покров baby
cleaned up by yourself. And you do not need to panic, but simply
hygiene even more carefully. Baby must be washed
in the mornings and evenings, as well as apply chamomile infusion to wipe
little face.

Symptom number 3. The appearance of a cold

Do not assume the worst and start to take
radical measures. Calm This is most likely physiological
runny nose Babies up to 3 months may have discharge from
nose mucous character. This is considered absolutely normal.
process, as the body crumbs adapts to life outside the womb
mothers. Treat this “cold” is not necessary! To help baby in
adaptation period, must be maintained throughout the room (in
first of all, in the nursery) the desired humidity. And also with
If necessary, clean the nozzle with an aspirator. but
it must be remembered that the physiological rhinitis can be easily confused
with viral, bacterial or allergic. But in such a situation to
other symptoms join the common cold. AT любом случае не
Will prevent the consultation of a pediatrician doctor who observes

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Symptom number 4. The child shudders during sleep

And what is special about it? Every person, including
newborn, dream different dreams. This time. Nervous system baby
still weak, and for a whole day he accumulates quite a lot
impressions These are two. ATызвать тревогу мамы могут исключительно те
flinches that occur more than 10 to 15 times per night,
while the baby wakes up and cries. AT данном случае необходима
consultation of the neurologist. If such symptoms are not observed, then
Moms should not panic, but think about milk best,
which can “burn out” due to an unreasonable nervous

Symptom number 5. The child belches after feeding

Moms know that almost all newborns burp after
feeding But when it happens to your own child, questions
sypyatsya one by one. Why so often? Why so much? When
will it end? The mix does not fit? Is breast milk too fatty?
Please calm down! Tell yourself: “Stop!” The reason is
insufficient development of the muscles of the food sphincter, because the baby is only
learns to live without the protection of my mother’s body. Normal
sphincter functioning will begin to the year of the baby’s life. One more
the cause of regurgitation is the air that the baby swallows
feeding time with milk (and this, by the way, is one of the reasons
colic). ATоздух вытесняет пищу из желудка. To decrease
manifestations of regurgitation, should be after feeding to hold the baby on
hands in the “pillar” position for 10 – 15 minutes. Besides
In addition, young moms need to learn how to properly apply
to the baby’s chest. You can also purchase a special pacifier, which
prevent air ingestion.

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