5 rules of an ideal mother who are modernMoms question

There are no perfect people. Everybody knows it, but many
parents are sure: “These 5 points must be fulfilled in order to
become a good mother to your child. ” In practice, not everyone has enough
time, patience and ability to fully comply
to these requirements. However, this does not mean that they are bad

идеальная мама

1. Breastfeed as long as possible.

At least up to one year. If there is a possibility, it is worth
continue breastfeeding for another 1-2 years. So a woman
reduced risk of developing breast cancer, and the child is very
is useful.

However, more and more modern moms refuse breastfeeding.
feeding. The reasons are different:

  • you need to get back to work early and express the milk in
    during the day does not work;
  • have to take drugs that are prohibited in the period
  • just do not want to breastfeed, etc.

Some mothers simply do not have milk or it is not enough
so that the baby ate, as a result, thousands of women feed their children
mixtures. Is this a sufficient argument to accuse them
that they are bad mothers?

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nursing mom

2. Keep in touch with the child throughout the day

It is important to comply with the measure. There are some parents who each
an hour inquire about how the baby ate, drew, whether it went
to the toilet. With their increased attention, they risk more
hurt the crumbs than to benefit him.

Modern mothers often call children only on business, and all
The details find out in the evening, when the whole family is going home.
Psychologists support this position because it is much more important
to spend quality time with the child and not to make a certain
number of calls.

3. Stop feeding as early as possible with a spoon

If the child has grown up, but they continue to feed him with a spoon, this
no longer indicates parental care, but a desire not to lose
time and keep clean in the kitchen. It is quite normal, no one
condemn you for that. On the other hand, psychologists recommend with
a very young age to teach the crumb to eat with their own hands, and
it needs to be taken literally. After all, the baby still does not know how to wield
spoon and fork.


If you are a supporter of early development, then allow the child
make mistakes and eat dinner yourself. Let him squeeze in
handles boiled carrots, potatoes, beets, crushes vegetables.
Of course, you need to mentally prepare for the mess in the kitchen and bright
stains on the wallpaper.

Important rule for moms and dads who strictly keep order
and ready to feed the baby with a spoon as much as you need:
if the baby wants to take a spoon with his pen, do not prohibit
he get this experience.
Even if in a bowl of porridge, will
a big mess, but better to tidy up the kitchen than in the future
get a schoolboy who can’t do anything at all.

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baby to spoon (and teach to eat with a spoon)

4. Weekends belong only to children.

Children need to communicate, especially with their parents. Despite
this, many are not ready to spend all free time on weekends
exclusively for a child. Many psychologists think this is right
because one cannot live solely for the sake of the children. The main thing,
that any child needs is for his parents to be

You do not need to sit with your baby at home all weekend just because
you rarely communicate on weekdays. Go to the playground, on a visit. You
You can talk to different people yourself, but at the same time spend
time with a child.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that “all the best is for children.” Can,
someone will call you the perfect parent for that
self-sacrifice. Yet now many are willing to argue with that.
parents, and psychologists.

5. The task of a woman is to enjoy motherhood.

Kids grow up very quickly. It seems that yesterday he was lying in
crib with a rattle in their hands, but today is already going to school.
Of course, it would be nice if a woman received the true
the pleasure of bringing up the crumbs. Only many modern moms don’t
consider motherhood to be their destination. Therefore they spend
A lot of money to pay for the work of the nanny and deliberately refuse
those precious hours of communication with the little ones who are no longer
will repeat.

In this issue, all moms are divided into 2 opposite camps,
each of them considers himself right. Only the perfect solution is not
it happens. Therefore, family psychologists simply advise to find one
option of education crumbs that will be optimal for your

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