5 rules for choosing a child’s doctorknow every parent

Often parents have to call doctors for children at the house.
Causes weight: children are sick more often, diseases are worse
(usually with high fever), besides the children are in a group
risk of a number of serious infectious diseases because they did not hurt
earlier. An adult can rely on intuition, experience of previous
recovery, but what about children? To the children attitude reverent,
rarely does a parent agree without the doctor’s decision to “feed” the child
tablet of tv ads. A loving parent wants to find a better doctor.
to your child

Specialists of the service of recording patients in private clinics in Moscow and
regions share little secrets, how to correctly and accurately
find a pediatrician doctor on the Internet.

Первое и самое главное правило — ищите не когда
“клюнет жареный петух”, а заearlier. Do not limit your search.
go to the doctor for preventive treatment in order to
познакомиться с доктором и  познакомить доктора с вашим
a child. Ideally, after several preventive visits, you
must exchange contact phone with the doctor, as they say
�”Keep abreast of.”

“When we start to measure a child’s temperature, it’s higher
38 ° C, it is too late to call in pediatrics, in such cases we
We recommend parents contact the ambulance immediately.
We, adults, are accustomed to consume medicine in Russia on demand.
Let’s do something wise about children:
prophylaxis of health, not treatment
director of the service Meds.ru, Kravchenko Artem.

Второе правило — интересуйтесь о профиле врача
until the moment you find yourself in the doctor’s office. Most children
doctors has an adjacent profile and may be immunologists,
virologists, gastroenterologists. It may affect
the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of the child. Specify the cost
reception, if we are talking about the child’s consultation,
and diagnostic capabilities of the clinic. Important fact
the possibility of calling the doctor home. This will save time on
search for a “family doctor”, a doctor who can provide
the widest possible range of diagnostic and pediatric services in
any time. The service team records Meds.ru, for example, indicate in
additional information about the specialist the following – whether
he welcomes patients to leave home and also indicates his adjacent
specialization or profile.

Третье — отзывы вам не помогут! The reason is
that reviews are not written by patients (children), but by their parents
(observers). Here everything is individual, it all depends on the psyche
child, his emotional state, preparing parents for
procedures or examination by a pediatrician. After all, even the promise of purchase
Candy can work a miracle, and the child will not have memories
about the pain when drilling a tooth. Reviews on the admission of children need to be taken
as recommending instructive information: features
preparation before taking a doctor or diagnosis, level of service in
medical facility as a whole.

В-четвертых — ваш ребенок — это ваши гены,
consider this factor, make an amendment to your medical record,
no one knows better than you the list of hereditary and chronic
diseases in the family, from parents. This does not mean that your child
will “continue family traditions”, but the likelihood of throwing back does not
worth it. It is extremely important when making the selection criteria to do
an amendment to the health of parents and grandparents.

Пятое правило — записывая к врачу ребенка,
Remember, you must clearly know what kind of specialist you need, or
begin reception with a pediatrician. Rely on the advice of outsiders
operators and administrators of the clinic is not worth it, you are for them –
�”Spoiled phone”, they can not know for sure how “hurts”
baby Often parents accept a recommendation to start a visit with
pediatrician’s office as an additional way to earn a clinic
misconception, our fear and stereotype.

I am sure that experienced parents have a couple of their own
secrets and have already found excellent doctors for their kids. Described
above the features of recording and searching for a doctor for your offspring is
a look from the side, from the side of modern recording services, which
entered our life and made it more accessible and easier to find the right doctor
to us parents I thank the service Meds.ru, which is happy
responded to the request, share your knowledge and secrets
recording and selecting a “good doctor”.

Andrey Brodsky

journalist, blogger

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