5 reasons why you can not lose weight afterchildbirth

Most new moms are worried about the extra
kilograms. After all, it would seem that both pregnancy and
they give birth themselves, but for some reason the extra weight does not go away. Numerous diets and
sports exercises do not help to achieve past physical forms. AT
what is the cause of such an injustice and how can you return the old

похудеть после childbirth

The gestation period and the first few months of the baby’s life –
This is the time when a woman practically does not belong to herself.
Infinite cares for the child are forced to move to the second (or
tenth) plan the beauty of hair, manicure, as well as the condition of the figure.
But it is necessary to improve life, wait for the restoration of hormonal levels
and the menstrual cycle, as thoughts of losing weight reappear. AND
here is young mommies face a variety of

1. Disruption of sleep

После childbirth молодые мамы очень часто испытывают недостаток сна,
for only a few of them can note with satisfaction that their
the baby does not wake up at night. This may cause a slowdown.
metabolism, the constant feeling of hunger during the day and night
raids on the fridge. ATрачи замечают, что именно во сне наш
the body gets rid of excess calories.

What to do?

To counter this problem, experts recommend
fall asleep on any successful occasion. Very often women burst
between the child, household chores and forget about themselves. Putting the baby
in the afternoon, do not rush to arrange a general cleaning or a grand
washing. Make sleep a top priority.

2. Low physical activity

Many women who committed during pregnancy
ежедневные прогулки, после childbirth начинают «выгуливать» младенцев на
balcony or on the playground, sitting on a bench. They firmly
confident that they are busy with household work anyway, and
walks in the fresh air are intended only for kids.

What to do?

Of course, regular exercise at the gym or yoga
often unattainable dream for moms with newborn children. Yes and
Doctors strongly oppose such loads. but
It is quite possible to purchase DVDs with various training
systems for young mothers, buy hula hoop or purposefully
заняться зарядкой (Кстати, посмотрите Методика
weight loss – online course “Mom + baby”). No time for physical
exercise? Put the baby in the stroller and walk, just do not sit
on a bench with friends, and try to get through the day
a few kilometers away Active mom brings up active

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: ATосстановительная гимнастика
после childbirth — 14 простых упражнений

3. ANDзбыток калорий во время кормления

Young mothers, following a variety of tips, while feeding
breastfeeding начинают усиленно питаться, увеличивая калорийность блюд или
portion size. Of course, you should not rush to the other extreme and
искать на просторах ANDнтернета «результативные» диеты, однако
disregard for the number of calories consumed
often leads to extra pounds.


What to do?

Of course, strict diets during breastfeeding specialists
categorically do not accept, but no one forbids a young mother
balance your diet. Avoid fatty, sweet and
fried foods, as they do not contain useful for baby

Also, according to the calculations of doctors, lactating women require 450
kilocalories more than before pregnancy. And this, for example, twenty
grapes in the morning, a quarter cup of nuts in the afternoon and a glass of milk
in the evening. A similar addition to the past diet
will satisfy additional caloric requirements for lactating

4. Breach of diet

With the birth of the baby in women, the diet is often broken. how
as soon as you sit down at the table, the child begins to cry. AND вам
have to snack and run to him. More snacks are dangerous
dinner time. For example, you fed your child, hastily eating a couple
бутербchildbirth. And after you put him to bed, you sit down
for a full dinner. This simple way you every day
consume 100 or more additional kilocalories.

What to do?

Try to adjust your diet to sleep patterns.
your child. You need to arrange a full meal when he
falls asleep. ATо время приема пищи пережевывайте еду очень тщательно.
The best option is to switch to food in small portions.
Such crushing involves three main meals and 2-3
additional. AND, конечно, выбор полезных для мамы и ее отпрыска

5. Послеchildbirthая депрессия

Sleep disorder, irritability, chronic
fatigue, persistent headaches, excessive emotionality and
плаксивость – все это симптомы послеchildbirthой депрессии. Also
young mothers are marked by mood swings, which doctors explain
increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in pregnant women,
responsible for optimal fetal development. At the woman who gave birth
the amount of these hormones decreases, and another is produced –
prolactin. ATот из-за этой перестройки и появляются swings
sentiment and, as a result, depression with which women try
fight with food. Chocolate not only brings a sensation
joy, but also reflected on the scales.

What to do?

AT борьбе с послеchildbirthой депрессией помогают занятия спортом,
regular walks in the fresh air, listening to your favorite music
and just a change of scenery. To depressed mood is not included in
habit, you will need the support of loved ones and the ability to appreciate
pleasant side of motherhood.

Послеchildbirthой психоз

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By the way, doctors do not advise women to think about
losing weight until the menstrual period is fully restored
cycle, hormones and breastfeeding is not over. If a
the child has grown up, hormones and health have returned to normal, and kilograms
Do not leave, take advantage of our advice.

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