5 reasons to refuse to buy a modern dollfor a child

Do you remember your childhood world? He is certainly associated with toys. Have
You had a lot of them, but one was the most favorite one.

The world of childhood in this place has not changed in any way today. Now have
Your daughter has a favorite toy with which she sleeps and plays.
Initially, it is usually necessarily a soft toy in the form
some little animals.


However, the time comes and you notice that the baby is starting
reach for new toys that no longer look like little animals, but
have a human image. And here it is very important to you, parents,
сделать правильный выбор.

Remember! Don’t underestimate the influence of toys.
on the further development of the baby.

Remember your childhood when you first saw your beloved
a doll You instantly tried to give her a certain role: a daughter or
girlfriends in order to further communicate. This doll became
Your friend in seconds. Then you consulted with her,
secretly, played, slept, ate and even went to visit.

Modern dolls have exactly the same influence on the worldview.
Your child and now. That’s just their appearance and insides.
Not at all safe for him.

And for some reason.

First reason: Modern dolls distort perception.


Have you noticed what are the proportions of the body in modern dolls? Each
body element looks bright and written out to the smallest detail. Have каждой
modern doll thin slender legs almost “from the ears”,
wasp waist and beautiful long neck, huge eyes in half face –
a person with such proportions is not to be found. The face is generally drawn like this
what looks like a doll preparing for a photo shoot. Such a presentation of the image introduces
every child is deluded. Baby sees that on one side
the credibility of the image in terms of detail is very large, but
his features are false in relation to reality …


Even if such a doll becomes a girlfriend for a girl, then
she has a violation of mental and sensory perception, and
a false ideal is born.

In life, we adults are friends in order to get in another
support and mutual understanding, we try to find a friend
similar in views and judgments. BUT задумайтесь о чём можно
«разговаривать» с такой a doll? Only about the holiday and entertainment.
�“You just need to smile” – this is written on the face of the doll.

BUT ведь не стоит забывать, что маленькая девочка пока ещё
She looks at everything around her and is only forming
mental perception of the world. She plays various roles
to be? ”,“ What will I be when I grow up? ”And what does she see? Image on
прямую противоположный жизненной reality.

Here the girl suddenly begins to “suspect” about her
�”Imperfection.”  it зёрнышко сомнения подпитывается
daily and growing more and more. She can even start
feel not perfect.

it состояние можно легко заметить в любом возрасте, когда
the child begins to constantly look at himself in the mirror. So
gradually the image of a modern doll begins to form a complex
неполноценности у child

Remember! Crooked image perception
human leads to a violation of the harmonious development of the child, interferes
his physical, mental and intellectual development.

Вторая причина: Материал из которого сделана
modern doll

Modern industry has repeatedly publicly accused
the use of prohibited synthesized materials
которые вредят здоровью детей.

When buying a modern doll, you can already notice
соотношению цена-качество уровень опасности для своего child
it, бесспорно, всегда очень сильный аргумент! Really,
real quality is always worth a lot of money. And then the choice for

Just think what it means when a doll set costs 1

Вот такую «вещичку» изготовили в странах Юго-Восточной BUTзии, а
no one watches quality there.

And in Europe already 75% of toys are made in China. On the market
The share of production of dolls from Vietnam is actively growing.

Всемирноизвестный Институт Роберта Коха в Германии
(Robert-Koch-Institut, RKI), which began its history in 1891
published his current research data. They cannot
leave indifferent a single person. Just think: with
The number of cancers increased by 50% in 1980

In Germany, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also
published the results of his research on the chemical composition
modern toys. BUTнализы показали, что в них содержится опасное
количество канцерогенов. Причём и в резиновых, и в
plastic toys!

Special attention is paid to toys with elastic
parts of the body. For их изготовления в пластмассу добавляется резина.
A more detailed analysis of these plasticizers and softeners showed
that they are capable of causing not only cancer in a child,
but also infertility.

Of course, in the European Union there are certain rules that
strictly determine the amount of poisonous substances in each doll, but
they have not been revised for a long time and are already very outdated. it произошло
due to the active growth of industrial production and inventions
New types of plasticizers.

Scientists have calculated that in one toy can be
plasticizers 1000 times more than … in a car tire. BUT
active communication with such a doll for 1 hour has a girl
carcinogenic effect of a level that equates to two
packs of cigarettes smoked in the room in her presence.

And these are only invisible reasons for refusing to buy your
child modern doll.

BUT вспомните своё ощущения холода от пластмассовой игрушки? And you
understand that the depth of feelings can only be obtained by touch
to wood or wool. Such a warm toy except warm feelings
able to convey to the child the very feeling of history.


Третья причина: Современная кукла ограничивает

All children tend to always come up with something for their flight
fantasy is nothing possible. This is the whole
the beauty of childhood.

When a baby in a second can turn a regular cube – into
a piece of cake, and a chair in the car, a locomotive, or even into the house is all
ему позволяет именно imagination!

В жизни imagination ребёнка может быть направлено сразу в разные
parties. So he learns to operate things and quickly replace ones.
objects by others.

Remember! Fantasy in a child must
develop since childhood!

It is the development of fantasy that gives rise to the volitional beginning and
contributes to the formation of the inclinations of self-sufficiency in each

In the Waldorf doll, for example, no eyes are decorated. it
done to ensure that the child completes the image
character in his fantasy depending on the conditions of the game. For
It is important to fully develop the feelings of the child’s personality.
each character in a plot-role situation. When on the face of the toy
already captured some emotions, it ceases to be flexible
tool for the game. Then the child is difficult in the role-playing game,
which he leads, turn a doll with laughing eyes into a doll with
offended eyes.


BUT вот, чтобы играть с современной a doll ребёнку предлагается в
дополнение всё сразу в готовом виде: определённый стиль
clothes, accessories, you can even buy already thought out to the smallest detail
the situation in the room and the whole social circle – girlfriend, small
kid or ready guy.

При таком разнообразии imagination самой девочки вообще не

Agree, it’s not at all simple to the painted smile.
modern doll face try on the state of offense,
thoughtfulness or sadness.

Четвёртая причина: Закладывается основа прямого

it происходит, когда совершенно не развивается фантазия и
imagination самого ребёнка, а всё в наборе сразу продаётся в
addition to the modern doll: clothes, accessories and even a house, and


The use of ready-made models does not allow the child to develop imagination.
and it accelerates the feeling of consumption. He gets used to that here
the dress can be put on the doll only at the ball, but this one is only for
schools … when we give a little man a frame, he can’t
develop creatively. It is important to give him space for free
games until at least 9 years old so that in the future he can give the world maximum
its potential.

This approach teaches from childhood not to think, but only

Remember! It is very important not to miss the moment.
growing up to 9 years old when a creative child is laid in a child
potential for his successful future and he learns to build his
�”Adult” life.

Пятая причина: Быстрое насыщение от общения с современной
a doll

Have you noticed that in the appearance of modern dolls
производители используют яркие кислотно-розовые, зелёные,
yellow colors? After all, this selection of colors is designed for fast
saturation with the toy itself. Such an approach is inevitable in the future.
leads to the acquisition of a new toy because the kid just
vital world of bright colors.


He wants to once again experience that moment of delight and joy in the new
a toy. The feeling is quite understandable and very necessary for everyone.
Indeed, in a state of spiritual joy at the crumb liberated
positive emotions and create a sense of celebration. BUT это чувство
learns to enjoy life!

Only then the holiday ends, the colors fade and how,
As a rule, something in the doll breaks or necessarily breaks. But baby
this situation does not suit and she again requires a continuation
holiday! How many such scenes have you seen around the store
children’s toys?

You now understand that so artificially manufacturers
modern dolls, with the help of parents in children formed a complex
a situation consisting of a real dependence on a bright child
combinations of colors and at the same time the formation of inability
enjoy the subtlety of colors, feelings, details. Already in advance
продумано, что после общения с такой a doll ребёнку обязательно
вспомнится, что в магазине есть ещё какая-то новая, яркая
modern doll, которая снова вернёт чувство праздника. it
desire will grow in baby every day, there will be demands and
can reach even children’s tears and tantrums.

Only you can stop this circle of useless and even
dangerous purchases. BUT ещё лучше вообще не buy such modern
dolls to your child!

Remember your childhood! After all, how many plans for further action
You built, how many interesting things were invented for improvement.
the image of your favorite doll!

Do not deprive your child of these opportunities!

Remember that there are time-tested dolls that are in the game.
nothing inferior to modern. Именно они могут  помочь Вашему
child grow harmonious and comprehensive personality. Today can
choose a modern handmade doll from natural materials –
wool and wood that are truly close to human

Since the last century, Waldorf pedagogy has recommended
yourself as closest to the inner world of children.

Waldorf educators recommend parents not to buy at all.
children toys in which all the details have been worked out and thought out, and
recommend to teach your child to create and fantasize from an assistant
material all kinds of plot-role-playing games.

The Waldorf doll itself for children under 3 years old has no eyes at all.
– it is faceless, than very much reminds national. It is very convenient with her
sleep. She also comes with painted eyes closed.

For игры днём существует более усложнённая вольдорфская кукла с
open eyes that are drawn by small dots, and
mouth – crescent. When a child grows older than 3 years
Woldorf dolls are already more clearly defined certain features
faces: nose, embroidered eyes and mouth, and on the arm also begins
stand out thumb.

For такой куклы каждой девочке будет интересно не просто
invent clothes, but also sew on a button, tie a handkerchief, put on
or take off the dress and even braid braids, and can create unusual
beads or even sew clothes according to your own idea!

This approach allows the child to exercise their fantasies in
different game situations during any roleplaying

As you can see – there is always a choice! You only need
совсем чуть-чуть — сделать ПРBUTВИЛЬНЫЙ выбор.

Dolls rule fashion

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