5 questions moms about store baby puree

Your baby is growing rapidly, and it is time for him to enter the feed
in the form of vegetable and fruit puree. Many moms are set
Questions about this store product. What worries


Question number 1. Can the store puree be better than home?

The answer to this question depends on which products you are from.
will be mashed at home. If vegetables are used and
fruits grown in the country, which is located at a disadvantage with
environmental point of view of the area, then the baby is unlikely to benefit
from such mashed potatoes. If food products are purchased
on the market, they also cannot be confidently called useful, because you don’t
know how they were grown, how they were processed, what chemistry
watered. Puree from the store, produced by well-known companies
mandatory passes quality control on several

If we talk about saving the family budget, as well as
time consuming, this is what each family decides for itself
on their own.

Question number 2. Is it always expensive mashed potatoes better cheap?

On the shelves presented a wide range of vegetable and
fruit puree. And the price is different. Applesauce One
the manufacturer costs 35 rubles, the other – 95. What is the product
choose? For the crumbs do not regret any money, just to benefit

However, the buyer should remember that the price affects not only
product quality, but many other factors. Packing: mashed in
jar will be more expensive than in a carton. If a jar with
original design, the price will increase even more. Costs
Product advertising is also included in the price. The more
advertised product at different levels (television, press),
it is more expensive, because the manufacturer must invest
to pay back. Transportation of products: puree foreign manufacturer
will be more expensive than domestic. Therefore, purchasing a product
should pay attention primarily not on the price, but on its
composition, date of manufacture, take into account taste preferences
baby Summary: more expensive is not always better.

Question number 3. What is the best mashed potatoes for crumbs?

Puree for children can be made with one component, so
and consist of several.

Vegetable puree

The first vegetables to give to the child are zucchini,
cauliflower, broccoli. Green vegetables are less likely to cause
allergic reactions. However, one should be careful here too.
If the baby suffers from colic, gas, cabbage puree can
aggravate the situation. Cabbage often causes flatulence.


When green vegetables are mastered, you can try mashed carrots and
pumpkin. And only after that – potato, since it is more
causes allergy symptoms due to its high content

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Puree of fruit is introduced into the diet of the baby after the vegetable.
It should start from pears and apples, which are
low allergenic. Banana and apricot also rarely provoke
development of allergies. Why not tell about the peach, it can cause
allergic dermatitis. There is a rule: first in
lure is introduced mashed fruit that grow in the area,
where does the baby live. And only after that you can offer crumbs
exotic fruits (preferably after a year).



Any berries in the diet of the child should be introduced very carefully,
as they can trigger the development of serious allergic
reactions. The safest in this regard is black currant.
If the child has not had any negative reactions to this berry,
then you can enter blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries. Raspberry and strawberry
– the most allergenic berries, so they are recommended to give
baby when he turns 1 year old.


Mashed potatoes из мяса можно давать деткам с 6-8 months. At first
Introduce your baby to rabbit and turkey puree
low-fat varieties. After that, chicken, beef and

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Fish puree is the most allergenic. It can be entered into
baby diet after a year. In the event that the child had any
allergies, you must first consult
pediatrician. It is recommended to buy low-fat sea fish puree
varieties: pollock, hake, cod.

Unicomponent and multicomponent puree

Single component consists of a single product. This type of mashed potatoes
should be put into the feed first, as it will be easier
identify the manifestation of allergies.

Multicomponent puree consists of several products. TO
for example, meat with vegetables or cereals, berry-fruit combinations,
fruits and berries with cream and milk. This type of mashed potatoes
recommended to give after the baby has already tried a lot
kinds of mashed potatoes, consisting of one ingredient. The best thing
multicomponent puree to enter after 1 year.

Question number 4. What should I look for when buying?

To lure the child only benefit, you must be able to
choose the right products in the store. What should be considered?


  1. The composition of mashed potatoes. In mashed potatoes good quality come in
    vegetables or fruits and water. Nothing else! Salt, sugar, thickeners and
    Vitamin supplements should not be included.
  2. Shelf life. TOачественное пюре для детей
    basically has a shelf life of 2 years. If the composition of the milk or
    cream, the shelf life is reduced. On the label required
    indicates the date of manufacture and shelf life. Never
    purchase expired (albeit not much) products. If a
    jar with mashed potatoes opened, then it should be stored in the refrigerator is not
    more than 24 hours.
  3. Возраст baby When buying mashed potatoes, be
    attentive: it should suit your child by age.
    The manufacturer makes the following marks on the packaging: “+4”, “+6”, etc.
    д. Цифра соответствует месяцу жизни baby
  4. Important information on the packaging. If a на
    the label says “Recommended by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS”, you can
    смело приобретать данное пюре для своего baby Such products
    safe and high quality. There is information on the package and on the degree
    chopped mashed potatoes. Гомогенизированное лучше
    buy for crumbs from 4 to 6 months;
    пюреобразное – для малышей от 7 до 9 месяцев;
    крупноизмельчённое подойдет детям от 9

Вопрос № 5. TOакая упаковка лучше: банка, картон или пауч?

пюре упаковка пауч

Упаковка пауч

Однозначно ответить невозможно. Doubtless plus cans –
environmental friendliness and safety. If a пюре испортилось, вы сразу
understand this by the characteristic absence of cotton when opening.
Through a glass jar is easier to see the appearance of mashed potatoes. But at
transportation glass may crack, and the mash will be ruined. Mashed potatoes
cannot break in a carton, but such a container is easily wrinkled
and is damaged. Pauchi with a screw cap is good to take on
a walk so that the baby can have a snack when he is alone
can keep the packaging. The choice is yours.

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to choose the right baby mash for the child:

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