5 problems after childbirth

After giving birth, many mothers are faced with such
problems like: hair loss, overweight, deterioration
skin problems with gums.  Today I will tell you what helped me.
cope with them.


Hair loss

After giving birth, hair falls out due to low estrogen levels,
stress, lack of vitamins, sleep and rest. To recover
health of hair, eat more vegetables and fruits, take complex
of vitamins. And also give up the gums, pins and ploek.

Once a week I make a simple but effective mask for
strengthen hair. Mix two tablespoons of dry mustard, two
spoons of burdock oil, a spoonful of sugar and yolk. Stir and apply on
wet hair for 5-10 minutes.

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Gum disease

Another nuisance is the sensitivity and bleeding of the gums.
Special care helped me make them healthy: pasta and
rinse with natural ingredients such as chamomile.
Such care acts in a comprehensive manner on the entire oral cavity, strengthens
gums, protects teeth from caries and refreshes breath.

Weight gain

I got in shape after giving birth in a few months thanks to
daily physical activity, exercise and walks in the fresh
air and healthy eating. Do not rush to lose weight too
quickly, remember that the optimal weight loss for a young mother –
200-400 grams per week. It’s enough to use on
300-500 kilocalories less than the daily norm, which, when inactive
Lifestyle is 2000 kilocalories.

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Stretch marks

Unfortunately, you cannot completely remove stretch marks. However do
their less visible is quite real. This can help coffee
scrub. To make it, mix one spoon and one tablespoon.
medium coffee, one tablespoon of sugar and three tablespoons
spoons of coconut oil. Apply a scrub in a massaging motion.
problem areas after the bath.

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Skin condition

After pregnancy I had skin problems: she became
dull and dry, began to peel off. To refresh and moisturize
skin, I make this mask: one tablespoon of oatmeal
mix with a bit of natural yogurt to
formed of thick slurry, then add one tea
a spoonful of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. I hold the mask 15
minutes and wash my face.

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