5 points to think about beforehow to plan a child

The couple who decided to become happy parents
should approach this responsibly. Parenthood is not
only joy, but also certain difficulties. Therefore it is important not
only pass a physical examination and assess their physical readiness, but also
find out your own motives, make an assessment of your relationship and
financial position.


1. Readiness

Ask yourself the question: “Are we ready to become parents?”, Because
that wanting a child and being ready for it is different
things. Пусть будущие мать и отец  дадут себе честный
answer. You must be aware that the child is not just
wonderful baby, so similar to you, this is a little man who requires
great physical and emotional strength. In addition to boundless love and
affection, you will feel tired, lack of sleep,
irritation. Relationship with the baby is unlike adult relationships,
because at first you get nothing in return. Think whether
you are morally at all, can you, despite everything, be happy and
don’t get depressed.

Your emotional readiness is the key to a successful psychological
development of crumbs.

2. Residential space


Evaluate whether the place where you live is suitable for living with
a child. Clearly determine if you live with your parents or
other relatives, how will the appearance of the baby affect your
relationships and life in general. Being on maternity leave is
permanent stay at home, with the exception of walks and joint
departures. If you have your own, but very small living space,
think about whether you can live comfortably together
here, or it is worth thinking about expanding, remaking an apartment,
repair. Living in a rented apartment can be problematic in
emergency eviction plan, so it’s worthwhile to discuss everything in advance with
the owner of the living space and conclude an appropriate contract.

3. Financial position



Of course, financial issues need to be addressed when planning.
of pregnancy. Weigh your position well. Do you have enough
there will be means to provide yourself and the child with all necessary. Not
It is worth relying on temporary earnings and part-time work, as well as
help of relatives. In this matter, you now need
stability. Estimate the time of the decree and the possibility of the device.
child in kindergarten. Calculate your payouts from
the employer. If in order to buy a child
подгузники, папе придется крутиться на трёх работах, или вы
decide to call on grandma to help out
работу самой, то хорошенько подумайте. Solve financial
questions are better at the planning stage.

4. Who will help

бабушка сидит с грудничком

Assess also the aspect of which of relatives or other relatives
people can help you on maternity leave. While father is at work in the afternoon,
the mother may well need to leave the house,
go to the clinic, to work, etc. If you have a number
caring relatives who will happily accept the baby are excellent.
If not, consider whether you are ready to be tied to the baby.
constantly, without giving time to yourself. Help question not
important, but, nevertheless, think about it
worth it. Any help to a young mother is invaluable. If not, just
be prepared for difficulties that, although temporary, are capable
bring to tears even the most stress-resistant woman.

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5. What is a partner from a partner

A woman in a permanent relationship, of course,
thinks about how good her partner can be
father Find out how ready he is to become a parent (How to know
whether your husband wants a child). Not думайте, что ребенок поможет вам
strengthen the relationship, or that after marriage you are bound to have
baby Calmly discuss all the questions together, share
fears and hopes. Discuss all of the above.

Notice how your other half behaves with the kids.
familiar, what emotions a man experiences. Rate your
a man in terms of his psychological readiness, because
�”Big baby” endlessly playing computer games and
dreaming of a radio-controlled helicopter, maybe even emotionally
not ready for paternity.

Life is sometimes very unpredictable, it can change as in
better and worse. But the responsible couple should though
would be in the initial stages of family planning to realize what
will have to face and how to avoid difficulties.

Children are happiness, and no one wants to refuse happiness!
One day you will think how we even lived without this little

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