5 phrases that destroy your psychebaby

What phrases in no case can not tell your baby to
Do not traumatize his psyche. 5 forbidden phrases that are under
TABOO for any parent.

Though children are flowers of life, and their upbringing is incredible.
fascinating process, not always everything goes smoothly. Then all that
boiling over, trying to get out. At that moment you need
recall that even a few vicious words from the most native
people can be hurt forever by the tender baby heart and become
cause a lot of mental problems in the future. Always needed
remember words that can be dangerous for children’s perception.
Even if the anger knocks in the temples.

какие слова нельзя говорить детям

1. Get off! Most children, like tails
follow mommy without giving her a single minute of solitude, they all
ask, tell their observations, generously curling everything
this is a continuous stream of “Mom, oh mom, mom.” Even if you want
sit in the toilet alone, and the children climb into the door, then I feel like it
roar “Leave me alone!” In no case do not say these cruel
the words. It is forbidden to do this. That is simply forbidden. If a person
pushes the closest and dear, then what to talk about others.
The world around us is huge and hostile, precisely in the fact that you are near
baby looking for their safety and comfort. Mother is the most dear
man, she should be associated with safety and comfort. Not
it is important how cold the world around us should be
good and reliable.


2. Bringing a heart attack! It would seem that,
a simple metaphor, and for a kid – a terrible truth, which
be sure to happen because of him! What child will be calm,
knowing that he can cause illness or the death of a loved one
person Such phrases will help to grow a neurasthenic, with increased
anxiety, and deeply hidden fears. Who needs this

3. Not трогай! Trying to protect your
отпрыска от любых опасностей, или запрещая ребенку что-то
too often, you can achieve the opposite result – the child does not
will recognize truly unsafe things or vice versa
will look for the source of adrenaline. Most often the child grows up
apathetic, has no interests, or another extreme, which is also not
add your nerves.

4. Brainless! Critical assessment of any
characteristics of the crumbs, especially mental abilities, are very hurt
young heart. You need to learn from an early age to fight, to go all the way, not
fearing defeat and error. We must fight, get up from his knees and
catch up, strive for your goal or dream, try to do
something again until it works out. And such phrases do not contribute
fostering self-reliance. It is important to build confidence
their strengths

5. Behaving like a child! I will reveal a secret – he
and there is a child, small, inept. Even if the family already has
smaller children, this child also needs loving parents, he does not
becomes an adult, if it helps you raise the baby.
Notкоторые вещи он физически не способен осилить – развитие мозга
not yet at that level. Not стоит забывать, что детство – время для
entertainment and growth, responsible for their actions, he can only
conditionally. Be close and enjoy every minute of their childhood, because
these moments are priceless, as are the small victories of little people.

Most children love to listen to fairy tales, but not always with their parents.
there are opportunities to read a child a fairy tale, in this situation you
will help audio fairy tales. Listening to an audio fairy will deliver a lot
Joy for little ones who can’t read books yet
on their own.

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